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Loggins and Messina SailingWelcome to the Sports Information Network – the internet’s premier source for gambling information that cannot be found anywhere else. (Unless of course you go look at other websites, by why would you do that?) A literal bounty of information laid out by our network of sports betting professionals who all have at least 10+ years in the online gambling industry. Sticking with the pirate theme, we’re the map that will lead you to the treasure, you’ll just have to grind it out to get to the chest. To be clear, we’re not professional handicappers, we are brokers of +Expected Value (+EV) information for those who want to be advantage sports bettors.

Our network consists of a tight-knit group of pro gamblers, line makers, handicappers, and other miscreants, headed up by the sometimes jovial, mostly malcontented “AnonymousGambler” who ensures that we focus on making the best possible sports wagers. He gathers the information, crunches the numbers, hammers on the algorithms, and eventually comes up with something legitimate.

We’ve won together , we’ve lost together, and we’ve made sure that we’ve always had fun along the way. Some of us are based in North America, some in Costa Rica, and we even a few guys who found their way over to Europe. So when you’re on this website you’re tapping into a global gambling resource the likes of which have never been seen before. This is a very unique situation…

Jacques Tannenbaum ★★

The MountieWhen you close your eyes and think of an old school, chain-smoking gambler who sits in front of multiple televisions receiving random betting tips by telephone, you’re seeing Jacques Tannenbaum in his natural habitat. Gambling for longer than most people in the Sports Information Network have been alive, it’s not known if Jacques has ever held a 9 to 5 job.

He’s barely seen outside of his basement and when he does come out he never talks about himself…or really talks at all. When asked why he never says much he bluntly replied, “Talkin’ will get you in trouble.”

Fuelled by a never-ending thirst for Pepsi, meat sticks, and DuMaurier cigarettes, Jacques was one of the first known gamblers to use algorithms and Excel to create statistical mathematical probabilities to predict the results of individual athletes. Some claim that Jacques paid math students at a certain prestigious American university to build this for him. Others claim that a friend of a friend of a friend used to work in the aerospace industry, got their hands on a prediction model for asteroid patterns, and instinctively knew that it could be applied to sports gambling probabilities. We really don’t care where it came from, all we care is that it works.

Jacques will occasionally give us free NCAA football picks to publish on the website, but he doesn’t like the pressure of “telling others how to gamble” so these picks are few and far between. Just know that if you ever see a freebie for CFB by J.T. you should consider it a solid play, and possibly straight from his guys in Vegas.

Jacques will never be available for media requests. Ever.


Angelo Di Traglia ★★

Brutus the Barber BeefcakeSometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and the story of how Angelo Di Traglia came to be in the Sports Information Network is one of these occurrences that is simply impossible to believe – unless you were there to watch it all unfold. You see, Angelo is AnonymousGamblr’s barber: he literally cuts hair for a living. But, he also has been in love with the NBA since he was five years old and his barbershop is covered with photos of the 1980s Showtime Lakers, (he even has Kurt Rambis up there).

Anyway, after years of getting his hair cut by Angelo, surrounded by Magic, Kareem, and Cooper, AnonymousGamblr finally had the penny drop in the autumn of 2017 when he met his younger brother, Maurizio in the shop: perhaps these guys could help to tweak the NFL prediction algorithm to make it work for the NBA as well. Because he’s been addicted to Daily Fantasy Sports ever since he won $738 in a DraftKings tourney, Angelo immediately understood the information that we were trying to get. He and Maurizio, (who is a statistical savant and Excel Wizard), then went to work. Three weeks later, we’re offering NBA gambling picks on S.I.N. – I guess sometimes it’s just as simple as getting the right guys to do the job.

The weird thing is that now Maurizio is talking about quitting his extremely high-paying job at an airplane manufacturing company while Angelo is on record saying that he will never stop cutting hair no matter how rich he gets gambling on sports. Understanding the Italian culture is hard sometimes.


Liam Mahoney 

Ultimate WarriorIf it wasn’t for betting, Liam would have very little use for sports – he’d rather be playing them than sitting around watching them. But before the advance of analytics he begrudgingly watched as much as he could to make up for the pitiful box scores and write ups that would appear in the next day’s paper. Most of these shmucks would prefer to wax poetic about the pageantry of the event itself instead of taking critical looks at what teams were doing right and why they were winning.

Fortunately, the average sports fan is at least somewhat more enlightened these days to the point where Liam no longer despises discussing it with the proles at the local watering hole. However, they are still missing-chromosome-dumb when it comes to betting on sports. Listening to people discuss hot streaks, recency bias and every other gambler’s fallacy in the book just causes him to drink more than he already does. And folks, there’s not enough whiskey in the world to drown out the average bettor’s collective stupid.

As such, Liam, after much poking and prodding and, well, begging from the Sports Information Network, has finally relented and decided to share his sports betting knowledge with us. He specializes in college basketball and soccer and plans to turn his attention to football as he shores up workshopped algorithms. To this day, the only sport he hasn’t wagered on is Cricket. He hasn’t any idea how it’s played, nor does he wish to find out.


Buster “Blue Moon” Babbitt

Rick Rude FacialHailing from the beautiful state of Florida, Buster “Blue Moon” Babbitt is a value based capper who compares his numbers to market numbers to find advantage plays. Using advanced modeling as well as some old school handicapping he’s been able to take advantage of weak numbers for years.

He is known for getting on the market early in the day to find all of the weak numbers that bookmakers have lazily posted throughout the evening. Buster focuses on sides more than totals because it can be very hard to predict which pitchers are coming out of the pen during a game. “Triple B” is on record as stating that most MLB managers are idiots who shouldn’t be directing traffic, let alone a baseball team, and sometimes predicting incompetence can be hard.


Doc Holloway
Van Vader ScreamingThe newest contributor to SIN is Doc Holloway, a seasoned literary veteran who knows his way around the betting window. Many of you will remember him from such places as “The Best Little Chathouse” on AOL, and posting numerous inflammatory comments in the forums of leading sports gambling websites. Nah just kidding, you won’t remember him from anywhere but that’s neither here nor there.

We have brought him onboard to write high-quality content on topics ranging from gambling to sports to gambling on sports, and everything in between. Perhaps, if the mood strikes, you’ll even be treated to some general lifestyle and advice content as well. Because if there’s one thing that keeps people coming back to a website, it’s getting advice that they didn’t ask for. You’re welcome!

Doc resides in Las Vegas, so if you’re ever in town, stay hydrated, it’s hot out there. For real though, he is happy to provide guidance on where to stay, places to eat and drink, or the best spots to watch the big games. In a previous life he was a chef and still spends most of his time thinking about food and wishing he would take the leap and open his own pizza place because “pizza places never fail”. Until then, he is here to provide a bit of information and frivolity to you, the loyal reader.

Dick Knotts

The Doctor of Style SlickAs a former writer who only occasionally does feature pieces these days, Dick Knotts is a fan favorite due to his honest yet braggadocios style of writing. Originally tasked with writing the weekly NFL recaps, he earned many fans along the way. His unhealthy obsession with eating at lavish restaurants and ordering the most expensive things on the menu seems to have taken over his life. Ultimately it will be his bank accounts and lower intestines that suffer the most.

This “need for greed” stems from Dick’s underprivileged childhood mixed with the cash windfalls he’s now experiencing later on in life. With presumably zero dollars in savings, D.K. loves living life to its fullest and enjoying every gambling dollar that he wins. It’s a simple yet empty life, but to each their own.


Charles Hammer

Kamala PhotoNow we arrive at your friend and humble narrator, me – Charles Hammer. I’m actually the younger brother of Richard Knotts, and if you think the boys don’t love calling me “Little Dick”, you really don’t know how immature this crew can be. I honestly believe the only thing Dick and I have in common is a birth mother and a love for 1980s wrestling, and I’m generally happier when he’s not around.

I was only supposed to help out on this crazy website briefly in the beginning but then I became responsible for editing Dick’s recaps and tons of other “wonderful” things. Now I’m kind of entrenched in this site and write most of the content, and usually control all of the social media accounts. How can you tell whether it’s me or Dick on the S.I.N. Twitter? Simple – if it’s inflammatory or insane, it’s Dick. If it’s informational and pleasant to read, it’s me.

So why do I stick around? I literally get paid in free gambling picks and ridiculously fun nights out on the town, and for now, that’s enough for me. I think…

-The Sports Information Network


Former Members of the Sports Information Network


AnonymousGamblr: 2017-2018

Million Dollar ManThe man of a million insults, AnonymousGamblr loves to win…almost as much as he loves being right. He enjoys beating the numbers at sportsbooks and making them pay for setting weak lines. With over 10 years of full time gambling experience and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in bets made, he is one of only a few truly elite minds in the sports betting industry.

He has been tapping into his (sometimes seedy) network of sports gambling connections for years to become a premium advantage bettor. The system is based on statistics, mathematical equations, spread sheets, and algorithms that took years to refine and perfect. Since his online sportsbook accounts usually get shut down after only a few sharp bets he decided that the only way to truly beat the house is to sell the numbers that he uses to others so they can take advantage of his hard work. (Of course he still gets down his own bets whenever he can.)

From September to June, “the betting season”, AnonymousGamblr is basically glued to laptops, cell phones, land lines, and any other communication device that can give him gambling information. During the summer months you can find A.G. in his rocket boat blasting up and down the rivers of the province of Quebec, throwing massive catered parties, or arguing with strangers on the internet.

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