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Expos SmilingAs promised a few weeks ago on this very website, we are attempting to expand operations to bring more than NFL and NBA, so we are very pleased to announce the Sports Information Network will now offer free MLB gambling picks. These baseball plays come courtesy of Buster “Blue Moon” Babbitt direct from the sunny state of Florida, where he’s already retired, 30 years earlier than most.

Like other new touts brought onto the site, a “trial by fire” of Buster and his prediction model shall occur, with a public record of every free pick. If the system works you can look forward to eventually having to pay for plays, just like all other paid sports gambling packages our members feast on. To confirm, neither Jacques Tannenbaum, Angelo Di Traglia, nor Liam Mahoney are involved in this model – this is going to be 100% Blue Moon. We’ll all be watching closely because we really need a good source for MLB picks to make summer a little more interesting.

Simply stated, Buster is a value-based capper who compares his numbers to the market to find advantage plays. He has perfected a baseball prediction model revealing a starting point and from there he applies traditional handicapping methods to identify incorrect numbers at online sportsbooks. And yes, he’s been doing this for years…five to be exact. So for the rest of the 2018 season he will be providing SIN with his MLB plays for your degen pleasure. 

His methods are straightforward: numbers are run early in the day through a computer in an attempt to predict starting line ups, then once happy, he correlates prices. If finding a market price with an edge, Blue Moon jumps on it like a gator on a drunken Tampa teen.

For those who like knowing details, his model is updated weekly with advanced statistics as well as proprietary statistics to help separate performance from luck. When asked how he knows when to get money down he responded,

The model is run each morning and then I pour over the results at length while comparing them to market numbers. When a number falls into range I hit it, regardless of if it was steamed down or already steamed up – if it’s still in range it gets played. The bets aren’t flat and reflect the strength of the edge found.

He finished off by cautioning, I would advocate a 1x play to be 1% of bankroll, but to each their own. Fair enough then.

Buster admits the only weakness in his system is it’s very hard to predict which relief pitchers will come in during the game, because this of course greatly influences probabilities determining final outcomes. It is for this reason that Blue Moon prefers to wager on sides rather than totals, and so far in 2018, an even higher variance in totals than usual has occurred, so he’s only playing the strongest ones at this time.

So we will be posting gratis selections over the next little while to give everyone a taste of the system we hope will lead to a summer filled with lobster and fine wine. And if the Blue Moon Betting Model ends up being as good as we think it might be, we’re going to have to clear some room in our wine cellars.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Let’s see how this goes…


Free MLB picks for today…

April 2021 Update: Check back soon – we might have something cooking in the kitchen…


FREE PICK RECORD FOR BLUE MOON up to August 17, 2018:

Pushes: 1

Wins: 33

Loses: 26

Win Percentage: 55.93%


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