Free NFL Gambling Picks

Free NFL Gambling Picks

Updated: February 5th, 2021

Most people want something for nothing and since you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them. We get it though, because we were once like you – zero skills but still a burning desire to stake professional football. So what can be done with a tiny bankroll and no expertise? Well, search for free NFL gambling picks and hope some turn out to be winners, so hopefully this is your lucky day (or just another day at the office for us).

This is the Sports Information Network of professional bettors who’ve banded together to share tips, data, statistics, and knowledge with each other. This group was originally birthed by a small core of likeminded and close friends, however, over the years, it has expanded to include numerous additional members.

If this sounds too good to be true (and it should), simply head over to our News Section for weekly NFL results recaps publishing every play our subscribers received, results documented, with an updated season record. So prior to laying down on anything below, go see if The Network is running “hot” or “hotter” by checking current numbers.

Nothing in life should be “free”, so please share this page on social media and help get the word out about our high football betting IQ. Mentions are always appreciated since it defies logic that our public record didn’t earn us one single media request – not even regarding our excellent lobster memes. Failing that, signup to a book below using our referral links, clicking Visit Now to … well… visit now… and try to find these lines or similar. (All proceeds go to The Dick Knotts Rehabilitation Fund.)

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After using these to beat bookies, if craving real money buy NFL picks from us to really reap rewards from our decades of experience (once they are for sale again). Or just keep wobbling around the dirty sidewalks of the internet like a pigeon looking for an old man’s seed – up to you.

Free Super Bowl LV Gambling Picks

So without further ado, here are free Super Bowl LV gambling picks straight from the minds of the Sports Information Network, hopefully helping to guide a few decisions this weekend. Since we’re already here, I might as well include a brief update on the boys you know and love.

Liam Mahoney:

Liam has continued to exploit high value plays, usually by having to wake up at an ungodly hour to snag inaccurate odds, spending the rest of his day researching effectiveness rates of various COVID vaccines and wondering why the 2022 Winter Olympics in Communist China isn’t being boycotted by the West.

Even though we received a flood of requests this year for a Super Bowl tout, Liam said he was too busy to do one, so hopefully he’ll be kind enough to partake in a March Madness offering in two months. Stay tuned…

Sports Information Network Liam Mahoney Super Bowl LV Gambling Picks


Unsurprisingly, since leaving SIN, AnonymousGamblr has continued his disgustingly unhealthy lifestyle, regularly boasting in group chats about large scores of candy from Amazon, dank herbs, and numerous reasons why the 2020 U.S. Election results should be questioned.

Between aggressive, self-deprecating outbursts relating to his horribly unprofitable cryptocurrency trades, he spams participants with boastful and unnecessary photos of fancy vacations, miscellaneous sports cars, meat, mullets, and the many moods of his discotheque hot tub WITH BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS (as if they all don’t have those now). Don’t believe me? Fine… a random sampling of his work since retiring from SIN

And now a sprinkling of his personal Super Bowl prop wagers:

Sports Information Network AnonymousGamblr Super Bowl LV Gambling Picks

And a few more:

Sports Information Network AnonymousGamblr Super Bowl LV Gambling Picks

Jacques Tannenbaum:

Sadly, the Communist Chinese biological attack on the planet has shaken Jacques to his core and he hasn’t left his basement in almost one full calendar year. He still throws down on everything, although now admitting he needs the excitement only parlays can give him. Therefore, most of his action isn’t presented to the group anymore (and rightfully so) and Tannenbaum is basically a shut in.

That said, I still phoned his landline to get some picks for the people, but take these with a grain of salt. He was audibly reciting NBA player stats for tonights games in between barking them out, presumably getting ready for a 9 team parlay. Sickening.

Obviously, no screenshot of these since Jacques would rather chew of his left arm than use a cell phone, so they were quickly written down by yours truly.

  • Tampa Bay over 21½ first downs
  • u3½ kickoffs returned
  • Watkins under 3½ receptions
  • Williams over 26½ rushing yards
  • Mahomes under 21½ rushing yards
  • Robinson under 22½ receiving yards
  • 1st quarter under
  • Tampa Bay to receive opening kickoff
  • Gronkowski first reception over 8½ yards
  • KC to call first timeout

Before today, the last time this page was updated was on Sunday, December 16th, 2018 with a high-energy pick of Dolphins +7½. After a quick search I’m sad to report the final score was Miami 17 / Vikings 41, making that prognostication off by a mere 16½ points. It’s nice to confirm our gratis advice is just as good as every other Twitter Tout (aka “Twouts”).

Looking back to when this page was first published in 2016, I think this photo sums up the paid touting industry perfectly. Until next time…

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