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NCAA Betting PicksWelcome to one of the wildest sports in the world to gamble on: American college basketball. It’s extremely hard to predict the volatile games and March Madness seems to humble “experts” every year. There’s always a Cinderella Team that romps through a few rounds and busts everyone’s bracket along the way. It’s just how it goes.

This is why betting systems like the one here at Sports Information Network are so important – they help win more money. Nothing more and nothing less. Well sometimes less, but overall records speak for themselves.

In previous years, we finally opened up our hearts to allow readers to buy NCAA basketball gambling picks for a ridiculously low rate, however, this won’t be happening for 2021. Numerous reasons swayed the decision, specifically for Liam, who on a call earlier in the week laid out the following explanations:

  • Books are finally starting to catch up on college props and weak lines are increasingly hard to find. Consequently, it’s hard to guarantee a minimum amount of plays because it’s impossible to know how many edges will be identified.
  • He now focuses mostly on live betting so lines are only up for a few moments before being taken down, thus, it would be extremely hard for members to lay action on plays sent out.
  • It’s fairly stressful to be responsible for the bankrolls of others.

Therefore, this year, a paid SIN Syndicate 2021 March Madness tout won’t be offered, but I did talk him and a few others into a “faux tout”. Here’s how it’s going to work: nobody involved in The Network wants to take money if not able to guarantee profits for subscribers, so since I’m already in a high energy chat group with a few these highwaymen, whenever they drop plays in there, I will email them out for free to members.

Free March Madness Betting Picks

As this site states on numerous pages, if information is free, it’s not worth anything, so since there simply has to be some type of transaction on principle, it’s necessary to signup for a new account at one of the recommended books below to receive picks. It costs absolutely nothing to register, but if one day you do decide to deposit and play there, we will receive a small commission which will go towards lavish group dinners on a beach somewhere in Central America.

Please Note: there are zero promises regarding amount of picks sent out, numbers still being available by the time the email reaches you, or anything in between. This is simply a way to (somewhat) keep helping those who stand by us, while not charging anything for the privilege, and ensuring The Network won’t feel pressured. As asserted from Day 1, none of these guys need money and only share picks because I harass them until they finally give in.

So, if wanting to be included on The Charles Hammer Bastardized March Madness Email List, sign up a new profile at a book below, email me your account number, and once confirmed I’ll add you to the thread. To be clear, I will be emailing out plays before personally getting down on them myself in order to continue our reputation of being Champions of the People. Well, that and the fact I much prefer losing 8 team parlays and don’t get excited about props. (Yes, I’m a retail degenerate.)

In addition to NCAAB, I’ll also send out any other advice dropped into the chat for other sports, all labelled to identify who submitted them (LM, AG, JT, etc.). Please keep in mind that some plays hitting the DM are from “friends of friends” and won’t be tagged as such. Basically, I’m opening up our private chat of experts’ picks for free, without requiring money upfront or putting pressure on the guys to perform.

This was the best I could do for our followers for 2021, so I hope you at least appreciate the effort. As always, if this was a scam website, I’d just charge you all through the nose for a package and then send out my own horrible picks and run off to Costa Rica with the loot. Hopefully, this honesty pays off somewhere down the line if I can ever convince one of the guys to do a paid tout in the future.

All sites below are personally endorsed by us and confirmed to pay winnings on time, known to be 100% trustworthy. Belly up to the trough.

Send an email to Charles Hammer at: sportsinformationnetwork (AT)

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Or if extremely wealthy, just send SIN a few coins and try to buy their loyalty outright. Up to you.

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Liam Mahoney’s projections for 2021 NCAA National Championship player props:

Liam Mahoney’s projections for 2021 Final Four player props:

Sports Information Network March Madness Tout History

Original Text from the SIN 2020 March Madness Tout

Delusional dreamers out there can forget about winning any of the million dollar prizes on offer for a Perfect Bracket that online sportsbooks always bait customers with this time of year. That’s because numbers must be respected when professionally staking action and true odds of picking a perfect bracket are actually 1 in 9.2 quintillion. That’s a 9 with 18 zeros after it, meatball.

If not believing odds are that crazy, just watch this video by DePaul mathematics professor Jeff Bergen breaking down the numbers and stating what time it is. Mind blowing…

We’re a rag-tag group of both professional and degenerate gamblers so we’re running our asses off laying bets and watching all the games too. It’s literally the busiest four days of the year for us so please don’t expect a lot of freebies, if any at all.

This page was made in advance in case we had an extra moment during the orgy of sadness, while also feeling charitable. However, remember the old adage of misery loving company. We’ll probably be too busy eating offensively large submarine sandwiches and stomping around the television like bratty four year olds to post anything anyway.

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