Free NCAA Basketball Gambling Picks

NCAA Betting PicksWelcome to one of the wildest sports in the world to gamble on: American college basketball. It’s extremely hard to predict the volatile games and the March Madness tournament seems to humble the “experts” every year. There’s always a “Cinderella Team” that romps through a few rounds and busts everyone’s bracket along the way. It’s just how it goes.

This is why betting systems like the one we have here at the Sports Information Network are so important – they help us win more money. Nothing more and nothing less. (Well sometimes less, but our overall record speaks for itself.)

This year we’re finally going to open up our hearts and allow our readers to buy NCAA basketball gambling picks from us for the ridiculously low rate of $199.

Oh – and you delusional dreamers out there can forget about winning any of the million dollar prizes on offer for a Perfect Bracket that online sportsbooks always bait you with this time of year. That’s because you have to respect the numbers when you gamble and the true odds of you picking a perfect bracket are actually 1 in 9.2 quintillion – that’s a 9 with 18 zeros after it, meatball.

If you don’t believe that the odds are that crazy just watch this video by DePaul mathematics professor Jeff Bergen where he breaks down the numbers and tells you what time it is. Mind blowing…

Free March Madness Betting Picks

Now you’re wondering where your free March Madness betting picks are, and you obviously have every right to be getting antsy. Well, here’s how these are working this year – we’re a rag-tag group of both professional and degenerate gamblers so we’re running our asses off laying bets and watching all of the games too. It’s literally the busiest four days of the year for us so please don’t expect a lot of freebies, if any at all.

We just wanted to make this page in advance in case we had an extra moment during the orgy of gambling and sadness, and were feeling a bit charitable. (However, you should remember the old adage of misery loving company…) We’ll probably be too busy eating offensively large submarine sandwiches and stomping around the television like bratty four year olds to post anything anyway.

If we do have any free picks for you we’ll post them below.

March 31, 2019

liam kentucky numbers 2019 vs perdue


March 30, 2019

Perdue Projections 2019 mm

Please follow resident in-house NCAA Basketball expert Liam Mahoney for all of his free picks for the 2019 March Madness Tournament:



***Please note that any picks below were taken directly from the worksheet that we send our members and we have not confirmed that the lines are actually available to bet on at this time. Of course, our paying subscribers always get a full list of live lines and where to bet them – membership has its privileges.

These numbers are very useful if you line shop at multiple sportsbooks or play Daily Fantasy Sports. If you have any questions, please read our full explanation of our free gambling picks to better understand what we do around here.***


Currently no free picks posted…please check back later…

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