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Kennedys Relaxing On YachtMany bettors will gravitate towards the top online sportsbooks that accept American players, and stay there for the length of their gambling experience. This is exactly what the book wants, a loyal player that requires very little effort to retain as a customer.

There is a certain convenience to this; you can build a relationship with the book, become familiar with their website and offerings, and be confident that your money and information is safe. After all, they didn’t stay in business long enough to get to the top by ripping off their customers, and to many this is the most important thing.

Yet a skilled gambler looking to turn a profit knows that he needs multiple sportsbooks, or “outs”, at which he can place this action. One of the most important, and ignored, aspects of becoming a successful gambler is having the ability (via multiple betting accounts) to shop around for the best line.

The most important thing for a player, and the reputation of the book, is this: Can you get money in, and can you get money out, within a reasonable time frame? If the book can meet these two qualifications, then it is worth your risk to post up there.

You can then take in the secondary considerations such as customer service, payout times, sports and markets offered and any bonus’ you can utilize before deciding that the shop is worth your permanent business.

In the end everyone’s experience is different, so the best way to figure it out is to put up a small amount of money, do a bit of winning, and then withdraw to make sure the initial 2 qualifications are met at which point you can increase you’re the balance which you hold at the book.

We’ve provided reviews of the books that we play at and do business with, and are confident that all of them can be trusted, but it will be up to you to solidify that relationship with them.

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