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The newest major player in the online gambling industry, MyBookie, has seen exponential growth since their inception in 2014. While many sportsbooks focus on casino and poker, they put sports action at the forefront of their operation.

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Updated: June 1st, 2021

Surprisingly, this top partner is extremely active in marketing efforts in the USA and are featured on a large number of podcasts, television shows, and radio broadcasts, resulting in them quickly becoming a household name. Hosting tons of contests and promotions throughout the year, “MB” has grown to be a leader in the ultra-competitive iGaming industry.

MyBookie Sportsbook Review

Focusing heavily on global sports and current events, it should come as no surprise that MyBookie is quickly becoming the premier destination for sharp and recreational players alike. Featuring all major North American leagues along with a wide assortment of props on each event, it’s obvious why their odds are frequently referenced on radio and television. They’ve been on our radar for quite some time and members of the Sports Information Network have been happily taking advantage of their generous bonus offers as often as possible.

Thanks to an easy-to-navigate interface, players can quickly place wagers on everything from football, to horse racing, to video games, which is unlike many other gambling websites out there who have fancy, confusing layouts. Simply stated, finding specific categories and matches couldn’t be simpler due to clear white backgrounds and large black font. If only everyone would go back to this traditional style rather than overloading devices with flash based programs, removing all the bells and whistles.

This exclusive MyBookie Sportsbook review covers everything to be known before opening an account, including bonuses, staking options, and betting limits. Ultimately, if living in the United States, absolutely sign up with them because they’re one of the best websites taking action from every state in the Union.


Looking at screenshots below, their no-nonsense design ensures confidence and efficiency, every required click clearly displayed. No awkward dropdown menus nor multiple links to find desired action.

Bonus info perfectly displayed at the top with lines found on the right, information loading quickly because it’s simple text without images. This simple feature alone will surely be enough to convince anyone over 40 to join.

Types of Bets Offered

As MyBookie grows, so too does amount of events offered. Identical to other online sportsbooks, place straights, parlays or teasers, always with extremely fair odds. However, untraditional fare is also found here such as WWE wrestling and eSports like, League of Legends, Counter Strike, StarCraft 2, DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

Some might be wondering why these are highlighted since all are extremely niche markets, solely appealing to small groups. Well, this is indisputable proof they literally offer anything everything.

If video games may be staked, getting down on a Second Division Spanish Soccer First Half, or Segunda Liga as it’s affectionately known, is a certainty. From there, nothing is off limits and their linesmakers even take odds requests via social media.

Betting Limits

With a focus on recreational players and responsible gaming, MyBookie has lower online limits than most shops, but they’re still high enough to accommodate most clientele. Unlike some books accepting stakes as low as $1, a $10 minimum and $1,000 maximum is enforced.

For higher limit customers, wagers of any size are taken by phone phone, known for stating, If the money is in the account, it can be risked, solidifying them a premier destination for high rollers looking for a level of personal service not often found.

One rule to remember when placing parlays with them is to never have potential win amounts exceed $50,000, as anything more is voided for going over their daily limit. So if stepping up to place a “Lamborghini Parlay”, downgrade it to a “Mid Series BMW Mixer”.

Bonuses & Promotions

As mentioned previously, finding promotional sections couldn’t be easier, excellent rewards found in mere seconds. Just look at the top of any screen, it’s always there ready to be taken advantage of. Extending a 50% Sign Up Bonus to new members and 25% Reloads to those already entering The Valley of Sadness and said “no” to having nice things, MyBookie is willing to pump up bankrolls on every deposit.

The 5x to 15x rollover requirement is no match for those using the proven systems here at SportsInformationNetwork.com, obligations routinely met quickly and easily. The lone frustrating stipulation for some may be their policy requiring a fair distribution of props and game line stakes before being able to withdraw. While this may seem unjust, it’s far better than not being allowed to take advantage of their free cash and juicy lines at all.

Deposit Options

If you’ve read a lot of our reviews you’ll already know that we constantly stress the best option is Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency offshore gambling deposits that’s accepted. This is no different at MyBookie as the crypto deposit limit is $10,000 while the other options such as VISA and MasterCard max out at $1,000.

While this may frustrate many players, it’s not easy for a sportsbook to accept credit card deposits given the current state of U.S. regulations, and really, with the fees your credit card charges you it’s an uphill battle to win if you factor in the interest charge and cash advance fee added on. (Why do so few online gamblers realize this?) With Bitcoin that’s not an issue because the fee is very low compared to what your credit card will charge you and much much lower than it would be if you were to use a person to person transfer like Western Union or MoneyGram.

On top of all this, if you choose to buy Bitcoin with your credit card you’ll get points and/or air miles since it has yet to be defined as a “currency” in the traditional sense of bookkeeping. Or, you can even purchase it directly from your bank account, if you like. Don’t worry – dealing in cryptocurrencies is far simpler than it may seem at first. Take the plunge.

Withdrawal Methods

Like all sportsbooks accepting USA players, MyBookie is quite restricted in their payout options. You can receive your winnings via check or Person to Person transfer, (aka Western Union), but the best option by far is Bitcoin. Surprise!

Where a check can take up to 15 business days to be mailed out, crypto withdrawal are processed and in wallets within 48 hours, which is obviously a very big time difference.

All players should note that there is a weekly $5,000 withdrawal limit, and no withdrawal will be approved or initiated without the request being made over the phone and confirmed with your account number and password. This serves to show the importance MyBookie places on the security of your funds and where they are sending them.

Other Gambling Products

In addition to their robust sports offering, MyBookie has an online casino as well as a racebook but both are operated by a third party. As such, they are subject to totally different rules than their sportsbook in regards to payouts, deposits, and bonus requirements.

Most notably, the casino has a per week withdrawal limit of $2,000 so if you’re the type of sports bettor who likes to play a little Blackjack from time to time, there might be better places for you to throw your chips down.

Mobile Sportsbook

We’re living in a digital age, so obviously MyBookie is optimized to work on all devices whether it be an iPhone or Android, smartphone or tablet. Therefore, you’ll never have any issues connecting to their platform or placing wagers in their mobile sportsbook. While we hope that one day U.S. players will be able to place their wagers via an app, the mobile application deployed by MyBookie is a decent substitute. You can bet anywhere, at any time.

And as we mention elsewhere, that means you can bet even when you can’t get any internet service. So if you’re trapped deep underground BUT have access to a landline, you can use it to call them and say, “Give me the Pats Minus the Points.

Customer Service

Sadly for MyBookie, most of our interactions with their Customer Service Team have been along the lines of Sirs, we’re not here to fund your rocket car and mansion on the moon, we’ll have to reduce your betting limits. Ok, fair enough.

However, this is an issue that members of the Sports Information NFL Betting Group know all too well: being asked to leave a sportsbook because we win too much. Novice bettors would be upset by this but we understand that it’s just a part of the ongoing battle between bookie and bettor. Bring it on!

To MyBookie’s credit, they’re nothing but polite when they tell you that you have to balance out your props and game lines action. Wait…they don’t kick you off their site?!? No, they don’t – they just ask you to play by a “Sharp set of rules”. This is a totally reasonable request and we’re always looking for a challenge.

Even though they refuse to continuously offer us weak lines when we’re winning like crazy, we do love the high limit phone wagering and professional attitude that we receive no matter what. Yup, you read that right…the amazing part of their customer service is that you can call the MyBookie Wagering Line and actually talk to a human being. You’ll be able to place any bet over the phone provided you’re willing to risk the $25 minimum. Bring on the $1,000 StarCraft bets!

The Verdict

Ummm… did you not read this review? There is absolutely no reasonable answer as to why you wouldn’t have a MyBookie account in your portfolio of sportsbooks. The necessity of signing up with them is multiplied 10 fold if you live in repressive jurisdictions such as Australia or the United States since they accept people from all corners of the world.

They are the perfect book for novice players looking to throw a few bucks down on their favorite teams, as well as experienced gamblers who are looking to access a diverse assortment of wagering types and sports…or video games. Yup – MyBookie has it all.

Get ready for the pain of watching the team you bet on blow the cover on a meaningless half court shot, or the pure exhilaration of watching them cover the number…on a meaningless half court shot. It can go both ways, and the best way to experience the “gamblers heartbeat” that occurs regardless of what side of the shot you were on is to join MyBookie and start playing today.

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