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Bet on NBABetting on NBA can be very boring, but also extremely profitable. Getting down on the Bucks@Pacers Tuesday night game in November is going to be a yawner, but it’s also a great opportunity to grind out some cash for never-big-enough bankrolls. Just try to make sure the referees don’t have skin in the outcome of the game.

So due to popular demand we are now selling NBA gambling picks in various packages, with the format being similar to our hugely successful NFL gambling picks which proved to be quite profitable for members. Once purchasing, you will immediately be added to our mailing list and have picks delivered straight to your inbox. Every single play is crafted by official members of Sports Information Network, guaranteed to be 100% better than any other tout on the internet.

So where did these algorithms come from? Well, our ex-captain AnonymousGamblr looked far and wide for someone who could take our current prediction models and sprinkle a little parmesan on them to adapt for pro basketball. Finally, it was decided to add the first full-blooded Italian to our team of analytical misfits and now we’re truly an international powerhouse of talent and expertise. Che cazzo squadra!

Why are our NBA plays better than every other service out there? Mainly it’s due to being based on actual formulas and numbers entered into custom-built Excel files that took an insanely long time to perfect. Once sheets do calculations, we figure out true odds, and then weak lines at online sportsbooks are identified to take advantage of. Our service also sends out game plays whenever soft line are observed, as well.

So if wanting to receive the best NBA gambling advice, just select a package and send payment via Bitcoin, contacting us for an address. You will then be immediately added to the members list and start receiving picks that day. We are 100% transparent with our record and results are updated weekly. For those wanting to see what people say about us, check out the SIN Twitter account and get comfortable.

If things still aren’t clear, here are some examples of what sheets actually look like.

NBA Picks Sample

For those wanting to subscribe to our NBA picks service to improve Daily Fantasy Sports play, the numbers below are all you’ll need.

NBA Picks Example DFS

If having any questions whatsoever, please contact us and we’ll respond asap. (Unless we’re out on the water, of course.)

Start making money on NBA wagers and get in on the Lobster Life we’re already enjoying.

2021 Update: We are currently still on an extended break.

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