NFL Betting Picks

NFL Gambling Picks PackageLiterally hundreds of NFL betting systems are available on the internet today but the sad truth is most are a scam. They’ll either constantly sell losing picks, or it’s some meatball with a few Twitter followers who makes a couple of lucky predictions and starts claiming to be a “professional tout“. Then they go off and sell expert picks to unsuspecting customers who hungrily gobble them up before realizing what’s going on. The unfortunate result is bankrolls are lost, followed by the tout deleting social media profiles, never to be heard from again.

Enter the Sports Information Network and our team of experts with over 60 years of combined gambling experience. We are real people, with genuine Twitter accounts, who put our own money down on every single one of our plays. In short, a winning system was devised calculating “true numbers” for performance statistics in a given game, then hunting for weak lines at online sportsbooks to exploit.

Anyone interest may read historical reports detailing results, SIN’s 2018 NFL Season Recap, for example.

Winning NFL Picks

There are two parts to our amazing system to utilize for success:

  1. We *might* provide a list of specific sportsbooks and individual prop wagers to stake at each. For example, Leveon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u42.5 +110, or Nick Foles (PHI) Interception u0.5 -130, explaining exactly where and what to get down on.
  2. Historically, a robust Excel file with important players was additionally sent with projections for such categories as passing yards, interceptions, receptions, etc. It’s then up to you to hunt for juicy lines to exploit. Most clients merely back specific options delivered, although those partaking in Daily Fantasy Sports also profit greatly from these projections.

To clarify, the word “might” is used in regards to sending specific plays because occasionally we’re too busy to find each and every possibility across the entire Internet, which just means members must search for themselves. This isn’t a big deal considering it’s ultimately necessary to find opportunities at personal accounts if not holding specific ones mentioned. In short, a little legwork has always been required, in fact, many have commented they actually find more openings due to now scanning the entire board.

Below is a screenshot of what final sheets look like, taken from one of our real basketball projection documents that won 59% of the time during the 2017/18 NBA Season. It might be necessary to turn phones sideways to see the entire image.

NBA Picks Sample

Using these numbers it’s easy to identify errors in sportsbook odds and get action down on advantage bets. This is how smart professionals make money over time – forget about game lines, true gains are found in props.

Why Sell Sports Information Network Betting Sheets?

SIN projections are sold because the best opportunities are already discovered and stakes entered, therefore, the work is done and action is locked. So if folks are interested in purchasing them afterwards, we’re happy to sell and share the wealth. Honestly, we’re still upset we didn’t think of this years ago.

How is the SIN NFL Betting System Different?

The Sports Information Network NFL Betting System is different as it’s derived from actual formulas and information run through custom-built spreadsheets taking years to perfect. From there, “advantage plays” are identified, weak odds hunted, then any numbers contradicting projections are hammered. Periodically, spreads or moneylines might be sent out too if something particular attractive presents itself.

Why should you trust SIN?

Our gambling record is 100% transparent and weekly results are published in the news section. Please attempt to find another picks service that does this since they absolutely do not exist.

Anyone with questions may contact us and we’ll do our best to quickly respond, assuming we’re not in the middle of a lobster feast, of course. This is the system supplying yachts and the Lobster Life our members already enjoy today.

Ultimately, if our techniques didn’t work, we wouldn’t be able to build a brand based on a cartoon lobster and fancy meals. The public simply wouldn’t stand for it.


Final 2017 NFL Season Results:
Game Lines: 84-61-7 (57.93%)
Props: 741-553-8 (57.26%)

Final 2018 NFL Regular Season Record:
Game Lines: 59-55 (52%)
Props: 390-320-8 (55%)


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