Free NCAA Football Gambling Picks

Lounging on Beach with BoatSome people always have their hand out for gambling advice, especially when it comes to NCAA football. There’s always a ton of upsets, razor-thin point covers, or the average gambler just can’t seem to hit any plays. To be fair, betting on college football is pretty difficult and even the experts need a bit of luck sometimes to win their wagers.

The free college football picks used to be chosen by this website’s Ex-Captain and gambling expert AnonymousGamblr, who used to entertain and offend you while he dished out his betting advice on social media. You can go follow him on Twitter to hear his opinions if you like to be enraged by strangers on the internet. Or you can just check back to this page randomly during the season to see if there are any new picks posted – it’s your choice, cheapskate.

However, if you do use the free plays below and win some cold hard cash, you might want to consider elevating your game and buying a package to receive our winning NFL gambling picks to get in on our action every week. We have tons of subscribers who are very happy with our service but if you’re still not sure, just buy a one week package and see for yourself.

Don’t say we never did anything for the people, you bunch of freakin’ degenerates…


Free NCAAF gambling pick for today:


That’s all for this year, folks. See you next season…maybe…

-Charles Hammer & The Sports Information Network


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