Gambling Knowledge

Gambling Knowledge

Whether bookmaking or gambling, a couple of traits are shared by successful individuals in each category. Perhaps think of these as rules to survive by, because without them, you’ll be out of work regardless of which side of the counter you stand on.

The first, but not most important rule, is to be extremely confident with every move made. There is no one better and if there is, yearn to crush them if ever given a chance. The second, and vital rule, is to have enough humility to accept there will always be somebody smarter. Kind of a contradictory statement, yet valid all the same.

By embracing #2, the ability to showcase #1 will be easier. Learn from those who are smarter and sharper. Gather as much information as possible and then apply that to personal philosophy. Or, take what they’re doing and duplicate it. Happiness (and misery) loves company.

Is sports gambling legal?

All over Europe, Canada, and now the USA, sports gambling is absolutely legal, the latter jurisdiction ultimately decided by SCOTUS. Uncle Sam has about as much business knowing what citizens are spending money on as wives, the only difference is they enjoy a longer reach when it comes to digging into pockets.

Since honesty is tantamount on this website, while legal wagering might be a nice way to get action, the juice regulated operators charge is so high, only dedicated grinders can manage to squeak out profits. We see it in French Canada, for some Sports Information Network members, our adopted home, where standard juice on spreads is -120/-120 for NFL, -125/-125 for NCAA, and an absurd -135/-135 for most props. Meanwhile, friendly offshore companies are tossing out -110/-110 on game lines and -115/-115 for props.

It’s a no brainer which market to seek out (obviously unregulated ones), free from scrutiny and horrible odds. Anyone thinking paying their bookie’s bag man is bad should just wait until the IRS comes knocking. Luckily in Canada, gambling winnings aren’t taxed, instead pummelling naive punters for each piece of action laid.

Is Sports Betting Legal in the United States?

As mentioned, sports betting is now 100% legit in the U.S., governments not owning the Internet, enabling freedom to get down from any state. Although some like Kentucky and Washington passed specific legislation against it, they’re still not entitled to decide.

Main issues arise in the form of deposits and withdrawals, banking institutions severely handcuffed with legislation meant to stifle the flow of money offshore. These days, cryptocurrency has made facilitating payments back and forth a breeze, once again thwarting the government’s attempts to ruin lives.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Canada?

Currently in 2021, online sports wagering in Canada is run by terrible provincial organizations offering horrible products and even worse odds. Customer service is atrocious and limits are the smallest found anywhere.

Thankfully, this paved the way for real online sportsbooks to extend decent options to those inclined. Canadian banks aren’t prohibited from processing transactions with operators, thus financial problems that frustrate friends south of the border aren’t an issue in the Great White North.

As a result, European sites are more inclined to do business with Canadian clients as opposed to Americans, opening up excellent opportunities to apply winning NBA picks and NFL prediction algorithms to bolster bankrolls.

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