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Welcome to the Sports Information Network. Here you will find the best sports betting picks on the internet and full explanations of how to gamble online. Sign up with us and you’ll never place an uninformed wager again. Thanks to our syndicate of professional handicappers who can spot weak lines and advantage plays, our win percentage is consistently over 55%, with all results published weekly. We also love lobster.

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Don’t worry, we’re not here to feed you false statistics about our winning percentages like all the other guys do. At The Sports Information Network we simply provide you with additional resources before you confirm your sports wagers for the day. By joining us you gain access to all of our insider information that’s gathered daily by numerous professionals around the world.

Most of us have worked at sportsbooks but some of us are just really good gamblers who make our own personal odds while developing a winning advantage betting strategy. You won’t get rich overnight with our advice but you will see your bankroll grow over time if you stick with our system that’s based on statistics, mathematical equations, and algorithms.

Sports Gambling Picks

Ultimately, we are advantage players who specialize in identifying weak lines across the sports betting market to make the smartest gambling wagers possible with our bankroll. Our goal is to reduce the edge the house enjoys, placing the advantage squarely in our pockets. Our hope is that as the games begin, we are holding value over the closing line. After that, we embrace the variance and hope for the best. And if you didn’t understand this paragraph, you’ll probably want to head over to our Gambling Knowledge section and start improving your betting IQ today.

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Betting Tips

We won’t be giving our betting tips away for free, which brings up the question “Why should I pay for them?”. It’s very simple – 16 hours a day, every day of the week, we have a group of pros study the betting markets to gain insight that anyone with a full time job would never have the time to acquire. We aren’t selling winners, we’re selling information: if it’s free it’s not worth anything.

Prop Bets

Many people believe that proposition betting is a waste of time, however, we find it to be the best way to diversify your wagering portfolio and pad your bankroll. NFL Props are especially juicy because all books post them while frequently adjusting the lines depending on the action that comes in. This creates edges to exploit where none existed before, and that’s where our betting systems come in.

Parlay Betting

Every single “expert” will tell you time and time again that parlays are a fools wager, one sportsbooks use to destroy their clients. What if I told you that is only true if you’re a terrible gambler? We utilize parlays regularly, and search out books that let you parlay a wide range of their offering. Using our parlay strategy, the only reason you’ll stop placing them is because your sportsbook will ban you from doing it.

Does this all sound too good to be true? Go check out the SIN Twitter account and see what our members are saying about us today. Or just head on over to our Gambling News section and read one of our many betting recaps that detail every single play we’ve ever sent out.

We’re 100% honest and transparent. It’s the only way to live.

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