NFL 2018 Week 15 Recap

SIN Santa BootObviously I knew the Week 15 results before writing the Week 14 recap, but I still heavily bragged about us winning 65% anyway. Just because I don’t have the time to write these recaps in real time this year, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t brag…even when I know we followed it up with a stinky week. You see, I like giving ammunition to the haters – we talk a lot of smack when we win so we deserve to hear it when we lose.

However, the problem over the last 2 years has been the legendary Sports Information Network wins a lot more often than we lose so the smack talk never stops. Our members are all very happy and filled with succulent lobster – they have nothing to complain about. Well, the World Cup tout was terrible and we sucked for Super Bowl, but other than that we’ve been doing just fine.

So NFL Week 15 was absolute garbage but you have to take the good with the bad…and there’s been a lot more good than bad since we started this website. Maybe all of our mojo has been channeled to the brash Liam Mahoney who’s currently picking NCAAF Bowl winners like ripe tomatoes from a vine.

Anyway, here are the rancid results straight from the sheet of SIN Member X.

Game Lines: 5-2 (71.4%)

Props: 23-33 (41.1%)

San Diego Chargers ML W
Patrick Mahomes under 18.5 rushing yards W
Keenan Allen over 7 receptions L
Chris Conley over 3 receptions L
Chris Conley over 35.5 receiving yards L

Miami Dolphins +7.5 L
Tampa Bay Buccanners +9.5 W
Detroit Lions +3 W
New York Giants ML L
Pittsburgh Steelers +2.5 W
Eric Ebron over 5 receptions L
Mitch Trubisky under 21.5 completions W
Jimmy Graham over 32.5 receiving yards L
Cody Kessler over 188.5 passing yards L
Josh Rosen over 196.5 passing yards L
Matt Ryan over 268.5 passing yards L
Evan Engram over 3.5 receptions W
Michael Crabtree over 33.5 receiving yards L
John Brown over 28.5 receiving yards L
Willie Snead over 30.5 receiving yards W
Leonard Fournette under 82.5 rushing yards W
Dede Westbrook over 3.5 receptions L
Ryan Tannehill over 227.5 passing yards L
Kyle Rudolph over 30.5 receiving yards L
Jared Cook over 4.5 receptions L
Jared Cook over 54.5 receiving yards L
Jeff Driskel over 215. passing yards L
Zay Jones over 36.5 receiving yards L
Marcus Mariota over 19 completions L
Corey Davis over 52.5 receiving yards L
Saquon Barkley under 92.5 rushing yards W
Kenny Stills over 3 receptions L
Adrian Peterson over 45.5 rushing yards W
Josh Johnson over 185.5 passing yards L
Eli Manning over 225.5 passing yards W
Allen Robinson over 46.5 receiving yards W
Kenny Golladay over 51.5 receiving yards W
Matthew Stafford over 213.5 passing yards L
Josh Allen under 55.5 rushing yards W
Eric Ebron over 57.5 receiving yards L
Ezekiel Elliott under 42.5 receiving yards W
Joe Mixon under 84.5 rushing yards L
Russell Wilson over 221.5 passing yards W
George Kittle under 6 receptions W
Rob Gronkowski over 4.5 receptions L
Alshon Jeffrey over 48.5 receiving yards W
Russell Wilson over 21.5 rushing yards L
Vance McDonald under 40.5 receiving yards W
Nick Foles under 24.5 completions W
Ryan Tannehill over 19.5 completions L
Kenny Stills over 42.5 receiving yards L
DeVante Parker over 37.5 receiving yards L
Jameis Winston under 23.5 rushing yards W
Jameis Winston under 24.5 completions W
Josh Allen over 191.5 passing yards W
Jamison Crowder over 3 receptions W

Carolina Panthers +6.5 W
Brandin Cooks under 90.5 receiving yards W
Christian McCaffrey under 55.5 receiving yards L
Devin Funchess over 26.5 receiving yards L
D J Moore over 4.5 receptions L
Alvin Kamara over 39.5 receiving yards L
Alvin Kamara over 4.5 receptions W

Current Record for 2018 NFL Season:

Game Lines: 55-49-2 (53%)

Props: 362-298-8 (55%)

Well, as you can see, we’re now officially hanging on by a thread – the minimum number we want to end the year on is 55% so we’re in the danger zone. Let’s see if we can finish strong…something tells me Jacques Tannenbaum might have a little more left in the tank.

Oh…and please forward this recap to any haters we have out there – they rarely get to enjoy us failing. Tell them its a Christmas present from us to them. And if they happen to sell gambling picks on the internet, please ask them where their recaps are published.

Professionals already know there’s going to be peaks and valleys. Let’s start the ascent…

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