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Established in beautiful Costa Rica in 1998, the 5Dimes Sportsbook has been a mainstay of online gambling since the beginning of betting on the internet. With a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated since it’s inception, the bare-bones, easy to use interface has been a favorite amongst sharp and square bettors for years.

  • Tons of Player Props
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Reduced Juice Betting

5Dimes Sportsbook Review

Admittedly we don’t know when the internet was invented, but 1998 seems about right since in 1994 we were still playing Oregon Trail (and loving it) on our school-issued MacBooks. The point is, 5Dimes has been around since way back then, and that longevity is a direct result of their stellar reputation.

You won’t see them being talked about on ESPN or FoxSports but you will hear them being praised by gamblers up and down each coast of the United States of America and every state in between. Not to mention all of the countries around the world that they offer their services to. They’re the best kept secret around.

No advertising, no fancy website full of banners and images, just a great online sportsbook with tons and tons of games to bet on. Almost too many games to bet on – and all of them available on multiple mobile devices. Reduced juice and loads of props, WWE wagers, table tennis, and every other sport under the sun…you’ll literally find it all there.

Everything is laid out on their main betting page right in front of your eyes so it’s all easy to find. Just check the box for the wager of your choice, or multiple boxes for you recreational parlay players, and all of the events contained within that league will immediately fill your screen. Just text. No gimmicks. No slow loading graphics.

The only thing faster than the website itself is the speed of their payouts. Simply put, 5Dimes knows what gamblers want and gives it to them: tons of sports to bet on and your winnings in your hand so fast you’d think you were at the cashier of a land based casino. They’re definitely an easy sportsbook to like.


For anyone who thinks we might be overstating the simplicity of their website, we offer the following screenshots as proof of their no-frills design. There’s something to be said for a basic layout in an age of over-complicated betting interfaces that you’ll find at pretty much every other book out there.

Click the images below to take a good gander at their minimalist style.

Types of Bets Offered

Straight bets, parlays, and teasers: the “holy trinity of wager types” that people actually use are readily available at 5Dimes. Put that together with all of the sports that they offer and you’re well on your way to a great gambling experience – provided you don’t get overwhelmed by all that they have up for grabs.

The game lines tend to lean towards the square side of the action, which makes it a great spot for the discerning bettor looking to “bet with the book”, and in doing so get the best line available on the market. They have game props on all of the major sports, whether it be NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, or all of the minor leagues that flow down from them. You’re sure to find the action that you want as soon as you log in.

Betting Limits

The regular betting limit at 5Dimes hovers around $5,000 but you can get more down if you call their wagering hotline at 1-800-305-3517 and plead your case. As long as your name isn’t AnonymousGamblr you’ll have a good shot at betting way over their maximum.

Our only issue, and it’s a good issue to have, is that 5Dimes will quickly reduce your betting limits if you’re a winning player. The same goes for your access to their dimelines and $250 props limits. Win too much, and legendary Tony from 5Dimes will tell you that your action is no longer wanted and you should scamper off to find a new book to gamble at.

The easiest way around this: don’t be greedy, have multiple operators at your disposal, and spread the sadness around amongst the bookmakers. And as loyal readers already know, that’s basically the mantra of this pathetic website.

Bonuses & Promotions

You won’t find the massive bonuses and glamorous promotions that are commonplace at other online gambling websites when you’re scrolling through the pages of 5Dimes so don’t waste your time searching. Want an example? Well, their first deposit bonus is 50% up to $520, begging the obvious question of, “Who the hell came up with those numbers?”

Their rollover terms are a bit complicated, but this is balanced out by the fact that they have the lowest requirements in the industry, with a jaw-dropping 1x. They calculate the rollover based on the lower number of the risk or win amount of your wagers and require you to keep the funds in your account for a full 30 days before withdrawing – even if you meet the rollover requirement on Day 1.

While this may seem heavy-handed, smart gamblers shouldn’t be planning on withdrawing their funds within days or even weeks of opening an account. Don’t deposit the maximum amount, hit an easy wager, roll that balance over, and then hit the “withdraw” button if you want to ensure that your account will stay open for a while. If you immediately tip them off to how sharp you are, you’re finished. Discretion is the better part of valor.

Alright, now we have to be truthful about the 5Dimes promotions – they have some. And they actually have a special offer everyday of the week…but mostly in their casino. So for those of you who like to donk away your juicy sports wager winnings, there’s tons of ways to throw your easily-earned money away. Whether it’s Radical Roulette Wednesdays, Bingo Room Specials, or their Bad Beat Poker Jackpot, there’s certainly enough to keep you interested once the West Coast games go off the board.

Those players who are lucky enough to hit a winning streak will enjoy extra rewards thanks to the 5Dimes Betting Contest that dishes out bonus cash if you win 5, 10, 15, or 25 sports wagers in a row. If you hit a hot streak here’s what you can get:

  • 5 wins in a row = $50 in Free Play
  • 10 wins in a row = $500 in Free Play
  • 15 wins in a row = $2,000 in Free Play
  • 25 wins in a row = $5,000 Cash Prize

No wonder the rich always get richer. That said, if you get up to around 12 wins a row, expect a call from Tony asking you who’s feeding you the insider gambling tips. Just tell him Sports Information Network sent you.

Deposit Options

By now you’ve probably read a few of our online sportsbook reviews and know the deposit options section appears to be the same information rehashed again and again. While this is of course somewhat true, sharper eyes will notice that not every U.S. sportsbook offers exotic methods like Western Union or bank wire.

Most recreational gamblers will lean towards using the old standards of VISA or MasterCard to deposit at 5Dimes, but we can’t stress enough that you should switch to cryptocurrency gambling deposits if you can stomach the rollercoaster of the conversion rates. The fees are a fraction of any of the other deposit methods, and you always have to cough up extra loot to cover the interest you’ll incur when you don’t pay your card off in time.

If you’re a high-limit player keeping a stash of Bitcoin is a no-brainer. The transfer cost of crypto vs. a wire transfer will save you countless dollars, let alone the time it takes for the funds to be processed. While a wire transfer could take 3-5 business days, cryptocurrency deposits take less than an hour. The choice is obvious.

Withdrawal Methods

One of the worst parts about playing at a USA sportsbook is waiting for your winnings to arrive in the mail. Personal checks can take 10-14 business days, (and sometimes much longer depending on the book), with wire transfers clocking in at a lightning fast 5-7 business days in comparison. These delays aren’t a problem if you gamble with 5Dimes because they take player payouts very seriously.

Of course the most trusted deposit method is also the best for withdrawals, BTC again the safest option. It’s fast, secure, anonymous, and best of all it’s cheap when it comes to fees. 5D Bitcoin withdrawals allow you to take money out on a daily basis, with the only fee being the cost of the transfer. This runs around $5-10, which is a far cry from the $50 check processing fee and $100 wire transfer expense you’ll incur if you use those methods.

Live Betting

Not to be understated, the live betting platform mimics the odds at Bet365, allowing American players the chance to get in on the juicy numbers that European bettors have long enjoyed. Usually USA sportsbooks take advantage of the fact that there’s not much competition out there and shave a little off of their lines, but 5Dimes leaves the meat on the bone to dangle it in front of their salivating players.

Sadly we now get to 5Dimes’ main weakness – their terrible live betting interface which is frustrating to deal with on a desktop computer and impossible to use on a mobile device. In keeping with their website theme of “2004 Offshore Book”, there isn’t a search feature that allows you to quickly find the game you’re after, which is even more head-scratching when you consider that you usually only have seconds to get a live bet in between plays.

Those only looking to gamble on the biggest North American leagues shouldn’t have a problem due to the fact that they highlight the NFL, NBA, and MLB to allow quick access to these live lines. I guess we’ll take what we can get.

Other Features

5Dimes isn’t just a sportsbook, it’s a one-stop shop for all of your degenerate-gambling needs. It’s got great other features like a Live Dealer Casino, Bingo Parlor, Poker Tables, and even Lottery Games.

If you like betting the ponies, this is the place for you because they have tracks from all over the United States and around the world as well. The 5Dimes Racebook Rebate offers a healthy 9% cash back on all wagers, plus the very lucrative track odds + 10% promotion which is great…until they realize that you’ve taken them for a ride like Secretariat at the Kentucky Derby and limit your action to track odds only. Woah, Nelly!

As the saying goes, “beggars can’t be choosers”, so take their Racebook for all that it’s worth during the Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup. They’ll have great odds that move very slowly as the action comes in so there are definitely some great odds to be had – and we’ll take them up on their value bets all day, every day.

Mobile Sportsbook

Where 5Dimes comes up short is with their mobile sportsbook and since most of our reader are on mobile devices, feel free to put your phone down and pour your 40 on the curb. At least this doesn’t come as a surprise – how can a basic, minimalist website convert well to mobile?

One main reason is simple – our overlords at Apple didn’t include a “Find” function on our iPhones for some ungodly reason. Does it exist? Not that we know of. Although we haven’t actually read the manual or even bothered to search how to do it on the internet.

So for us that means that the Find function doesn’t exist and therefore the 5Dimes mobile sportsbook is about as useful as a hot tip after kick-off. If you can’t easily sort the betting options by game on your phone you might as well waddle over to your grandfather’s computer and ask him to close his solitaire game so you can plunk down 2 units on that Bucks and Pacers’ Tuesday night showdown. Good times.

Customer Service

One of our favorite games to play when speaking with a 5Dimes chat agent is to do a reverse google search of the person’s face talking back to us to see what crime they were sent to prison for, (this actually works). You’ll have a good laugh as they help you with your issue while you read up about their theft under $500 from a South Florida convenience store.

For those of us lucky enough to have had an account since the early days, you may have experienced the “high-end customer service” from the aforementioned, legendary, “Tony from 5Dimes”. His rough and tumble style became the talk of the forums, (that’s how we communicated back then, blogs be damned), and everyone considered themselves lucky to be able to interact with this larger-than-life curmudgeon.

While he rarely appears on the 5Dimes chat system anymore, if you use our NFL gambling picks to have a winning season he may just appear to call you an “asshole” before banning you from the site. An honor we hope you all receive one day.

The Verdict

It’s safe to say that 5Dimes holds a special spot in our hearts. One of the first sportsbooks to set up operations in Costa Rica, they were at the forefront of a movement that saw rural San Jose turned in to a thriving technological center. Kind of.

You really can’t complain about them too much since they have a huge offering of all sports, are respected industry leaders, have decent limits, and fast deposits and payouts. They’re a great choice if you’re making the poor decision of only having one sportsbook.

The basic layout lends itself to finding wagers in a quick and easy manner – provided you’re on a desktop computer and know how to use the Ctrl+F function on your keyboard. Otherwise on mobile you’ll be scrolling for days looking for that juicy edge that the Sports Information Network has sent out to our members.

From the plentiful wagers to the colorful personalities, 5Dimes has stood strong through the highs and lows of the industry. They’re easily one of the most trusted, if not the most trusted website in operation today. If you’re new to online gambling you simply must get an account there, if only for the great edges that are ripe to feast on.

Everyone involved with this website has been with 5D for years and their reduced juice has been the key to us building our bankrolls. Join today and see for yourself.

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