Free Tennis Gambling Picks

Free Tennis Gambling PicksThis conglomerate is about finding the world’s best betting systems, making money, and enjoying a crustacean or two along the way. First we offered the Sports Information Network NFL player prop prediction model at the start of the 2017 season that ended up winning 57%. Then during that amazing run we launched an NBA statistical algorithm based on similar formulas winning an astounding 59% of props identified. Since then, countless requests were received for picks for other sports but we haven’t had the expertise to draw upon to confidently offer anything else regularly.

So now we’re going to step out of our comfort zone and extend free tennis gambling picks and give them a “trial by fire” to determine how well it can predict results. We will keep track of the record and update it regularly on this page. To be clear, neither Jacques Tannenbaum, Angelo Di Traglia, nor Liam Mahoney are involved – it’s totally new and we’ll be finding out how well it works at the same time as you. Which is obviously why they’re complimentary until further notice.

If we can find a capper that can churn out a 55% win percentage or higher, we will go ahead and sell them for real money.

How to Predict Tennis Results

While many use strictly algorithmic and math-based models to identify bets while altering inputs to ensure peak efficiency, it’s optimal to find several inputs that help identify which prices are off and would therefore make for expected value wagers. Below is the full process to use for this for ATP, WTA, Challenger and Women’s ITF tours to predict tennis match results.

Initial Pricing of Tennis Odds

Firstly, find prices that seem reasonably priced and offer little margin or value to profit from. With so many matches to sift through, those that don’t initially have appeal are immediately discarded. Even seasoned gamblers in other sports would be surprised the plethora of options that can be discarded after just a few minutes of research.

Confirming Tennis Bet Value

Countless factors are involved in confirming bet value and all are very important to determining final stakes. When odds appear to hold value, numerous filters must be applied in order to ensure there isn’t a reason for what appears to be an incorrectly priced line.

  • Form: First off, looking at form is important. No factor reveals potentially profitable stakes by itself, so a player in or out of form doesn’t necessarily rule action out, but ensuring a desired target hasn’t been in a tailspin lately is certainly prudent.
  • Surface: Any tennis bettor worth their salt knows every player has preferred surfaces. However, it’s important to verify bookies haven’t over (or under) compensated a participant’s strength or weakness on a given surface. Plenty of statistics are available to confirm or deny assumptions.
  • Quality of Competition: Most professionals like examining records, win percentages, and underlying statistics to help inform decisions. That’s all well and good, (and we’ll get to those in a minute), but assessing who players amassed those stats against and at what level is of vital importance. (Tour? Challenger? Qualifiers?)
  • Fatigue: This is a factor that should mainly be scrutinized for lower-level tour events and Challenger tour tournaments where numerous participants compete week-in and week-out. Oftentimes, players making deep runs will partake in 2nd round matches on Thursday, quarters on Friday, semis on Saturday and finals on Sunday, then travel to a new location for first round matches on Tuesday, with merely one day’s rest. For most this won’t become an issue in the first match, however in 2nd rounds or quarterfinals, several situations will present themselves to fade a big favourite who may be running out of gas, especially against an up-and-coming youngster who may still be an unknown quantity to much of the betting market.
  • Underlying Numbers: Ahhh, the aforementioned statistics. As cautioned before, these numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt. Knowing a player’s hold/break combination, as well as effectiveness on first and second serve is pivotal. When combined with quality of competition, they can really paint a picture of how players will match up on any given day.
  • Matchup: The final piece of the puzzle is to take these various inputs and factor in how competitors match up. Someone may have an edge across almost all of these categories but if they’re a taller player who struggles with movement against someone who can slice, drop shot and angle, well, they could be in for a very long day and see weaknesses exploited. Just because something looks good on paper doesn’t necessarily make it automatic action.

When blending the above factors to properly assess a player’s ability against opposition stylistically, more often than not, a fair number of profitably-priced propositions can be found.

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