NFL 2018 Week 16 & 17 Recap

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The regular season is finally over and yet again the professional player prediction models of Sports Information Network have met our goal of a 55% win rate. Congratulations to Jacques Tannenbaum and his McDonald’s-addicted assistant for another great year. It’s hard to hit 55% but you guys did it – even though you’re both eating 4 Big Macs more per week than recommended by doctors. We’ve now won 55% (or more) for two NFL regular seasons in a row. Does anyone else see a trend here?

Allow me to say for definitely-not-the-last-time…we are the greatest touts in the history of touting. Even if we sucked at gambling and ripped people off like all of those douche bags on Twitter, we still publish all of our results. That definitely has to count for something, right? So when adding our pristine reputation with the fact we also usually win a minimum of 55%, I just can’t see how we’re not the best in the industry. (And if you have someone you think is better than us, Tweet @ Sports Information Network and embarrass yourself by telling us who you have in the #1 spot.)

So let’s be 100% transparent about our record here since that’s what we’ve built the SIN name on…and the record is clearly plastered all over this website. Our final 2017 record after Super Bowl was 57%, so technically we’re down 2 points from the bar we set last year, but we have 11 playoff games to make it up – it’s a good thing we’re professionals around here who take things very seriously. I mean, just look at the photo above that was taken at the SIN head office in Denmark last Monday. Classy!

Anyway, as always, here is everyone of our NFL picks sent to us by members for Weeks of 16 and 17. Thanks to SIN Member X for all of the results…without him, we’d have nothing to publish.

Week 16 Game Lines: 0-5 (0%)
Week 17 Game Lines: 4-1  (60%)
Week 16 Props: 28-22-2 (56%)
Week 17 Props: 0-0 (N/A)

Week 16 Degen MLs:
Tampa Bay Bucs ML +250 L
NY Giants ML +360 L
Detroit Lions ML +240 L
San Francisco 49ers ML +180 L

4 team, 2 way round robin. 6 plays in total.

Broncos -2.5 -120 L

Week 16 Props: 
Josh Johnson over 184.5 passing yards L
Corey Davis over 44.5 receiving yards W
Corey Davis over 3.5 receptions  L
Derrick Henry under 87.5 rushing yards W
Jameis Winson over 255.5 passing yards W
Mike Evans over 5 receptions W
Christian McCaffrey under 77.5 rushing yards L
Christian McCaffrey  under 56.5 receiving yards L
Ryan Tennehill over 18.5 completions L
Ryan Tannehill over 186.5 passing yards L
Eric Ebron over 4 receptions L
Kirk Cousins over 251.5 passing yards  W
Dalvin Cook under 77.5 rushing yards  W
Jimmy Graham over 30.5 receiving yards W
Jeff Driskel under 20.5 completions W
Ezekiel Elliott under 5.5 receptions W
Rob Gronkowski over 49.5 receiving yards L
Christian McCaffrey under 6 receptions L
Austin hooper over 31.5 receiving yards W
Austin Hooper over 3 receptions L
Saquon Barkley over 5 receptions P
Adam Thelen over 5.5 receptions L
Kyle Rudolph over 27.5 receiving yards W
Kyle Rudolph over 3 receptions W
Robby Anderson over 48.5 receiving yards W
Jimmy graham over 3 receptions P
Alshon Jefferey over 54.5 receiving yards W
Sterling Shepard over 50.5 receiving yards W
Saqoun Barkley over 42.5  receiving yards L
Kenny Stills over 33.5 receiving yards L
Kenny stills over 2.5 receptions L
Dede Westrbook over 39.5 receiving yards W
Dede Westbrook over 3.5 receptions W
Zay Jones over 31.5 receiving yards W
David johnson over 54.5 rushing yards L
Larry fitzferald over 48.5 receiving yards W
David Johnson over 23.5 receiving yards W
Trey Burton over 25.5 receiving yards W
Trey Burton over 2.5 receptions W
Allen Robinson over 48.5 receiving yards W
Alvin Kamara over 5 receptions L
Michael Thomas under 90.5 receiving yards L
Tyreek Hill over 5.5 receptions L
Tyreek Hill over 77.t receiving yards L
Brandin Cooks over 5 receptions L
Russell Wilson over 21.5 rushing yards W
Chris CArson over 76.5 rushing yards W
Courtland Sutton over 43.5 receiving yards W
Doug Martin over 39.5 rushing yards W
Jordy Nelson over 42.5 receiving yards W
Jared Cook over 4 receptions L
Case Keenum over 218.5 passing yards L

Week 17:

Our friend and benefactor Jacques Tannenbaum says there’s no point in doing numbers today because predicting and betting on shite games is a waste of time and money. He then said if they really need plays, to just hammer Unders. W
Carolina +8 W
Detroit +8.5 W
Cleveland +7 W
Chicago +6 W
…and tonight….
Titans +5.5 (I believe it will get here, but it’s not there yet) L


Final 2018 NFL Regular Season Record:
Game Lines: 59-55 (52%)
Props: 390-320-8 (55%)

***SIN Member X messaged me that his record is 462-356 (56.5%) so obviously he forgot to send me a few plays. Oh well…at least it’s the same percentage.***

So that’s it for another regular season – it’s time to hit the last games hard and then head down south for the winter. Click here to check out the SIN NFL 2018 Playoffs Packages, all of which are fantastic value. (PRO TIP: The best value is in the bundled pack…and the best lobster meat is in the claw.)

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