Doc’s Office: NFL Team Totals for the 2018 Season

NFL 2018 Team TotalsIt’s that time of year again, the sun is out, the sky is blue, and the beautiful people are out at the pools. That’s right folks it’s time to stay inside in a dark room with the A/C on and begin reading about all the off-season happenings in the NFL (go to the pool after you take your bookies money). As always, my goal here is to give you info to educate yourselves before you place your bets. I’ve been getting a ton of messages on twitter asking about NFL season win totals so finally I’ve had enough and I’m just like “fine mom I’ll write some stuff; don’t make me have to change my @ again”. Nah just joking, she doesn’t know what twitter is. Moving on…

I really do think that research on NFL totals is the perfect way to start off the football research season. It allows you to get a solid primer of each team and what has changed in terms of key players, coaches and schedules compared to last year. Then it is a smooth transition into more in-depth info on week by week match ups for our traditional gamblers or perhaps more player specific data for our fantasy players.

What I have compiled for you is a quick read on each team and the highlights that I think are most important where team totals are concerned. The strength of schedule data I use is from Warren Sharp because I haven’t found a more thorough compilation of NFL data anywhere. The numbers I use for the team total itself are from the Westgate SuperBook and finally the season long weekly lines data I use is from Cantor Gaming (Only weeks 1-16 are discussed; no week 17 lines released). When I reference top 10 and bottom 10 opponents, that is using win totals as a measuring stick.

I’ve also included my pick for the under/over for each team. I don’t bet every single one of these but perhaps you can use it as a tool if you are leaning one way or another and just looking for one more opinion.

Thank you for reading and as always feel free to reach out with any questions.


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