Free NFL 2017 Picks for Week 5

Eddie Trading PlacesComing to this website has it’s privileges and today your bonus is we’re giving out some free NFL 2017 picks. Below are all our plays for Week 5 with the names of online sportsbooks removed, so you’ll have to do a little work for yourself. Of course our subscribers get this information emailed directly with instructions on where to place each bet, but who has $30 to spend on winning, right?

The sooner you accept the fact that good gambling advice costs money, the sooner you might have a bigger bankroll. Our operators are currently standing by for anyone wanting to buy NFL picks online, so contact us today if wanting to get in on the action. If anyone wants some free picks for 4pm games, come back in a few hours and maybe we’ll have a few extras to throw out.

Here are 1pm plays we like today – if seeing a line of equal or better value grab it immediately:

Game Lines:

Chargers +3 +100/-105/-110  and ML  +130 and up

Cardinals +6.5 -110 and ML +230 and up


Eli Manning (NYG) +2.5 Passing Yards v Rivers

AJ Green (CIN) Receiving Yards u85.5 -115

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) -24.5 Passing Yards v Bortles

LeVeon Bell (PIT) -15.5 (-145) Rushing Yards v Fournette

LaGarrette Blount (PHI) Rushing Yards u62.5 -145

Golden Tate (DET) -1.5 Receiving Yards v Benjamin

Eli Manning (NYG) Completions u24.5 +130

Melvin Gordon (LAC) Rushing Yards o60.5 -135

Kelvin Benjamin (CAR) Receiving Yards u62.5 -130

Tyrod Taylor (BUF) Rushing Yards u30.5 -115

LeSean McCoy (BUF) Receiving Yards u39.5 -115

Martavias Bryant (PIT) Receiving Yards u45.5 -110

Tyrod Taylor (BUF) Rushing Yards u32 -125

Bilal Powell (NYJ) Rushing Yards o59.5 +125

DeShone Kizer (CLE) Rushing Yards u25.5 -125

Jacoby Brissett (IND) Rushing Yards u20.5 +120

Kelvin Benjamin (CAR) Receiving Yards u60.5 -140

Tyrod Taylor (BUF) Rushing Yards u33.5 -115

LeSean McCoy (BUF) Receiving Yards u40.5 -115

Charles Clay (BUF) Receiving Yards u45.5 -115

Jay Cutler (MIA) Completions o19.5 -125 x2

Jay Ajayi (MIA) Rushing Yards u75.5 -115

Frank Gore (IND) Rushing Yards u56.5 -115

Cam Newton (CAR) Rushing Yards u25.5 -130

Jonathan Stewart (CAR) Rushing Yards u56.5 -120

Kelvin Benjamin (CAR) Receiving Yards u59.5 -115


Dez Bryant is there twice because our subscribers were told where each line was and when to bet it. Happy hunting…

Game Lines:

Cowbowys ML -130

Ravens +3 -115 and ML +135 and up


Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receiving Yards +17.5 -110 vs Baldwin

Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receiving Yards o47.5 +110

Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receptions o3.5 +115

Dez Bryant (DAL) Receiving Yards u72.5 +110

Dak Prescott (DAL) Rushing Yards u22.5 -115

Dez Bryant (DAL) Receiving Yards u70.5 -115

Todd Gurley (LAR) Receiving Yards o28.5 +100

Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receiving Yards o47.5 +100

Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receptions o3.5 -105

Dez Bryant (DAL) Receiving Yards u69.5 +120

Tyreek Hill (KC) Receiving Yards u62.5 -1151


And just as a reminder, here’s our season record so far after 4 weeks. We’re pretty happy with it. How’s your record so far? Subscribe to Sports Information Network today if you want to be a better gambler.

Season Totals:

Game Lines: 19-4

Props: 93-58

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