How to Bet the 2018 Kentucky Derby

Let it Ride with SINSince this website has constantly been giving you winning picks in every major North American sport that’s fit to bet on, we figured we’d get out of our comfort zone and give you guys some horse racing tips that might be spectacular, or blow up in all of our faces. Isn’t gambling fun?

If you know the main syndicate linked to the Sports Information Network already, you’ll know only one member could be asked how to bet the 2018 Kentucky Derby, none other than our own sweaty basement-dweller, Jacques Tannenbaum. Little is known publicly about JT, so allow me to give you some insight on the guy who’s been building award-winning prediction algorithm spreadsheets before most of you were even born.

Jacques has always made his money knowing which teams to bet against and which player props are way off of the number that they should be. However, like every other self-made millionaire, he likes to piss some of his winnings away on things that make no sense. One of these self-indulgent ventures is owning race horses…and he has a piece of no less than 4 different stags on 4 different continents. Yes, Australia included. For a man who seldom leaves his basement, his money sure does travel around the world freely.

So I phoned the Tannenbaum Hotline today and grilled him for his thoughts on this year’s Derby and which horses he thought could lead to a decent payday. His opinions were plentiful, but keep in mind they were just that, opinions. Well, opinions based on 30+ years of intimate racebook knowledge, but I digress.

Best Bets for 2018 Kentucky Derby

Now you know the man, lets get to what he thinks best bets for 2018 Kentucky Derby are and which horses might want to be backed this Saturday. After all, what’s the point without a decent shot to hit a nice payday? We all know it’s more fun to win than lose.

Beer to the FaceLet’s start with who Jacques Tanennbaum hates in this race, Justify, owned by Godolphin Racing LLC, which sounds more like an evil Japanese fishing trawler than a legitimate horse breeding organization. How much does Jacques hate this horse? So much so that he said his first joke ever to me, Justify…can’t justify his price! HAR HAR HAR, he belted out while chomping loudly on an overly-salted meat stick. All of you wannabe horse bettors take notice – when JT takes a break from wolfing down a meat stick to crack a one-liner, run away from that pony as fast as you can.

So the horse Jacques Tannenbaum is throwing his bankroll on is Bolt d’Oro and if smart, you’ll drop a few schillings on this nag too. It’s a classic JT racing pick, not the favorite, nor long shot, but a horse many people will quickly pass over because it blends into the middle of the racing form. And since none of you will ever meet JT in person, allow me to tell you this fact about him: he hits 5 out of 6 horses on Pick 6 wagers constantly. It’s ridiculous. I’ve never met anyone who’s come so close to scoring mountains of cash every other month but still refuses to reduce his action down to a Pick 5 to give himself a better chance to succeed. The guy is truly unbelievable.

2018 Kentucky Derby Long Shot Bet

Now you know that I couldn’t make you read an article this long without throwing in a decent long shot pick for the 144th Kentucky Derby, so I also got the horse that JT secretly likes but won’t bet the house on. Again, it’s another totally reasonable selection many expert handicappers might skip over because they’re caught up in their own crapulence. Don’t make the same mistake.

If you want to take a stab at a horse currently paying at odds of +1,000, put money on Vino Rosso, a stallion trained by the world-famous Todd Pletcher. He’s certainly no stranger to the Winner’s Circle and he’d love nothing more than to notch another victory. Plus any horse named after an alcoholic beverage deserves a few bucks thrown down on them. At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I cash in the last of my Ethereum to get in on his action.

So yes, take this to the bank: the official official Sports Information Network recommendation exacta pick for the 2018 Running of the Roses is Vino Rosso with Bolt d’Oro. As always, contact us directly to get our preferred wine pairings for each course of your celebratory lobster dinner. We live to give.

Now go get down on these red hot options while there’s still time…

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Current Odds to Win the 2018 Kentucky Derby

With over 21 thoroughbreds in this race it’s hard to stay focused, not to mention, the actual numbers of horses to back to chase big gains. Here are the current odds to win the 2018 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs this Saturday:

#7 Justify +350

#14 Mendelssohn +550

#11 Bolt d’Oro +600

#5 Audible +700

#16 Magnum Moon +700

#6 Good Magic +800

#18 Vino Roso +1,200

#9 Hofburg +1,700

#10 My Boy Jack +2,000

#12 Enticed +2,500

#4 Flameaway +2,500

#17 Solomini +2,500

#2 Fire Drop Billy +3,500

#15 Instilled Regard +4,000

#19 Noble Indy +4,000

#13 Bravazo +5,000

#20 Combatant +5,000

#8 Lone Sailor +5,000

#3 Promises Fulfilled +5,000

#21 Blended Citizen +5,000

#1 Firenze Fire +6,000


***The 2018 Kentucky Derby runs on May 5th, 2018 at 6:46pm. Watch it live on NBC.***

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