How to Bet the 2018 NCAAB Championship Game

How to Bet 2018 NCAA Mens FinalThe 2018 March Madness Championship game has finally arrived. Throughout the tournament we’ve experienced highs and lows, and then some more lows, then a small uptick in happiness, returning quickly to the sadness that we all know and love. We’ve dried our tears, or simply run out of them to cry.

Which makes it kind of strange that we’re now writing a primer on how to bet the 2018 National Championship game. I suppose it’s good to have a short memory when it comes to loses and get back up on that horse as they say, so I guess I’ll give it a shot.

Did you know the game is being played in a football stadium? The effects of this situation on the game are very far reaching. For instance, the players have to walk longer to get to the court which is on an elevated platform. Think of an old timey sex traffickers market, except with basketball, and the powers that be are making far more money off the backs of their charges who get even less of a return. At least the girls in the red light district are allowed to have their meals paid for. Makes you think.

The betting line opened at Villanova -6.5 with a total of 145.5 at our beloved recommended online betting website, which seems reasonable all things considered. I think we could easily see the NCAA March Madness Championship Odds be Villanova -7 by game time, if not Villanova -7.5. A shrewd bettor will wait until the last hour before tip off to get the best closing line value and take advantage of what I believe will be a great number on Michigan. If you can get Michigan +7 v Villanova, jump on that, but do try to hold out and see if a 7.5 pops up.

The Championship Game betting total has been driven down to 144.5, as sharp bettors anticipate that Michigan’s slowed down offense should lessen the amount of chances Villanova has to rain down 3s like dollar bills at the Spearmint Rhino. If you’re at an online sportsbook that caters to square players you should be able to get on to the sharp u145.5 if you wait until game time. Long story short, the vast majority of people will be loading the over as the near 100 points put up by Villanova on Saturday is still fresh in their minds.

For proposition wagers, always bet the under. We can’t go and tell you how to formulate these numbers yourself, we are touts after all. The only way to get them, is of course to have joined the Sports Information Network March Madness Tout at the beginning of the tournament. If you have a time machine and are able to do this, please bring me along as I have many, many regrets from the past that I’d like to rectify.

Here’s a list of our recommended U.S.A. online sportsbooks for anyone who’s looking to pad their bankroll with a nice Welcome Bonus before they get their money down on the big game. Every little bit helps:

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