Making His Way Towards the Ring: Doc Holloway

Vader as Doc HollowayAs promised, we’re finally adding some writing skills to the supremely talented Sports Information Network to give readers some proper content to enjoy that isn’t based on fine wines or seafood. We’ve looked far and wide, went through the many resumes submitted to make sure we’re only bringing you the best. So everyone please welcome to the ring, Doc Holloway, the first real, professional writer to grace this burner phone of a website. After almost a year, I guess it’s time to put a silk hat on this pig.

To be crystal clear from the beginning, Doc will be writing about many facets of sports gambling knowledge covering everything from beginner betting strategy to advanced analytics, so maybe not every article will be relevant. They will be clearly titled so readers know what to expect before clicking as we don’t want to waste anyone’s time here.

Doc’s love of action has led to him taking residence in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, so he’s at the information center, giving us a window to it all. A few important topics to start off with were identified so look forward to these pieces being published in coming weeks:

  • “The correct way to place an eight team parlay.”
  • “The Martingale System: the only betting strategy guaranteed to win.”
  • “10 ways to know that your bookie likes you.”
  • “How to fart at a poker table and not have people know it was you.”
  • “5 shocking ways to lose weight before yachting season.”
  • “Hottest touts on Twitter: Can TweetyDimes keep it up in 2018?
  • “Bankroll Envy: How to grow yours as big as his…and fast!”
  • “Exclusive Interview with AnonymousGamblr: How to eat 12% of your body weight in fast food in one sitting.

Anyway, let’s not ruin all the surprises.

Here’s a message straight from Doc’s virtual notepad to get acquainted…

Hello readers and welcome.

My name is Doc Holloway and I will be writing a series of articles designed to be educational in nature and focusing on the basics of sports betting as well as the sports betting industry. My goal with the first several articles I write is to provide straight forward information on the types of bets you will come across in each major sport. If you have any specific questions or would like to read about any specific gambling related topic please reach out to me and I can address them directly or in a follow up article.

Thanks for your time,


Wow!! Look at that!! Polite, respectful, and not one lobster reference – how’s that for professionalism?!

We think it’s best to just let Doc write about whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants, so if ever disagreeing with something he’s posted please go shout at him directly on the Doc Holloway Twitter account to ensure he gets the message. Only contact the official SIN account if he’s said something derogatory about lobsters or dank memes, as that would obviously be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Everyone welcomes Doc and we’re happy to finally have someone here who can actually be eloquent.

Now excuse me while I go plan a trip to Vegas for me and the boys to meet up with Doc and have the first SIN staff party of the year…poolside blackjack at The Golden Nugget, here we come!

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