March Madness Results

March Madness

Folks let me tell you, don’t let the title of this blog post fool you, it’s strictly for SEO purposes. If the NCAA was being honest with themselves, they’d have called the tournament “March Sadness” to better reflect the heart breaking defeats suffered on the hallowed courts of noted basketball hotbeds such as Boise, Idaho and Nashville, Tennessee. Sue from Accounting, whom everyone loves for her bracket picking prowess thinks it’s not fair that either team has to lose.

Well let me tell you what’s not fair, Suzanne…

What’s not fair is having two points of CLV before game tip off only to watch your team never even sniff a cover. It’s watching a non defended meaningless three go in at the buzzer thus putting an end to your Kansas -4.5  wager. It’s a coach not put a defender on the inbound passer only to have a miracle three go in as time expires, or blowing a 22 point lead while allowing your opponent a 32-8 run to end the game.

That’s right Sue, the losses are tough on the players but they are young, in college, with their entire lives ahead of them. Where is the sympathy for the middle aged family man just searching for an escape.

Huh? Where is it, Sue?

Where’s the pat on the back and “you’ll get them next time” when my wife is telling me “maybe you should just bet the opposite of what you want too?”.  Shaking my damned head everyone knows that doesn’t work.

Although, after going 14-22 on game lines over the first two rounds maybe she has a point.

That’s right college basketball, you’ve made me do the unthinkable and contemplate that maybe my old lady might be right. Everyone knows you only admit that once all hope has been abandoned, a final move to save your bacon. Is this what’s become of us? Thankfully not, because we had the props to buoy our spirits and earning the right to say EVERYTHING IS FINE.  68-43, a 61% return. Sadly the limits were far lower on props and most books only posted a cowards offering, but no need to tell the misses that.

“Broke Even Honey, peaks and valleys, we move on”

She can’t appreciate the roller coaster of emotions that is betting on March Madness. Like our hero Dan Mahowny, we know it’s about the wins or the losses, but instead it’s about the rush at getting to either result. Believe you me, Cincinnati blowing the -8 cover will stick with you far longer than had they won with ease.

Now that I’m done rage blogging, here is the full list of results from Round of 64 and Round of 32 for the 2018 tournament.

Game Lines: 14-22

Props: 68-43


Long Island +6 L


Joel Hernandez (Long Island) Pts u21.5 -115 W


NC Central +5.5 L

Arizona St -1.5 L

Tra Holder (Az St) Pts u17.5 -115 W

Tra Holder (Az St) Rbs+Asst u5.5 -105 L

Romello White (Az St) Pts+Rbs u15.5 -110 W

Tra Holder (Az St) Pts u18 -120 W


Penn ML +900 L

Pennsylvania +14.5 L

Wright State +11.5 L

Wright State/Tennessee u130.5 W

Wright State ML +600 L

Seton Hall ML -145 W

Montana ML +480 L

Rhode Island -1/-1.5 W

South Dakota +8.5 W

Iona/Duke u159 W

Davidson +5 P

Loyola/Miami FL o133 L

SD St/Houston o141.5 L

SF Austin ML +650 L

Trae Young (Oklahoma) Pts u26.5 +105 L

Trae Young (Oklahoma) Rbs+Asst u12.5 +100 W

Trae Young (Oklahoma) Pts+Rbs+Asst u38.5 -115 L

Admiral Schofield (Tennessee) Rebounds u7.5 -110 L

Grant Benzinger (Wright St) Pts u15.5 -120 W

Francis Alonso (NC Greensboro) Pts u13.5 -120 L

Jonathan Williams (Gonzaga) Rbs u9.5 -130 L

Devonta Graham (Kansas) Pts u18 -120 L

Marvin Bagley (Duke) Pts o21 -120 W

Marvin Bagley (Duke) Rbs o12.5 -120 L

Grayson Allen (Duke) Pts o16.5 -120 L

Clayton Custer (Loyola Chicago) Pts u12.5 -120 L

Lonnie Walker IV (Miami FL) Pts u13 -120 W

Dewan Duell (Miami FL) Pts+Rbs u17 -120 L

Josh Perkins (Gonzaga) Pts u11.5 -115 L

Francis Alonso (NC Greensboro) Pts u13.5 -115 L

Jonathan Williams (Gonzaga) Rbs u9 -115 L

Devonte Graham (Kansas) Pts u17.5 -115 L

Marvin Bagley (Duke) Pts o21 -120 W

Grayson Allen (Duke) Pts o16.5 -120 L

Grayson Allen (Duke) Rbs+Asst o8.5 -115 W

Lonnie Walker IV (Miami FL) Pts u13.5 -115 W

Dewan Huell (Miami FL) Pts u10.5 -115 L

Mike Daum (South Dakota St) Pts u21.5 +110 L

Mike Daum (South Dakota St) Rbs u11 -140 W

Ed Polite Jr (Radford) Pts+Rbs o13 -140 W

Kevin Knox (Kentucky) Pts u16.5 -140 L

Allonzo Trier (Arizona) Pts u19.5 -140 W

Mike Daum (South Dakota St) Pts u22 -115 L

Mike Daum (South Dakota St) Rbs u11.5 -130 W

Desi Rodriguez (Seton Hall) Pts u18.5 -120 L

Angel Delgado (Seton Hall) Pts o12.5 -120 W

Ed Polite Jr (Radford) Pts u12.5 -115 W

Allonzo Trier (Arizona) Pts u18.5 -120 W

Ahmaad Rorie (Montana) Pts u15.5 -115 W


Wichita State -11.5 L

Florida State ML -125 W

Nevada +1.5 W

Nevada +2.5 W

Providence ML +145 L

Murray St +11 L

MD Balt/Virginia o120 W

Syracuse ML +175 W

Rodney Bullock (Providence) Pts u13 -120 L

Rodney Bullock (Providence) Pts u13.5 -105 L

Rodney Bullock (Providence) Rbs u6 -115 W

Isaac Haas (Purdue) Rbs u7 +100 L

Rodney Bullock (Providence) u13 -130  L

Isaac Haas (Purdue) Pts+Rbs u22.5 W

D’Marcus Simonds (Georgia St) Pts u17 -120 L

Gary Clark (Cincy) Pts+Rbs u24 -120 P

Joel Berry (UNC) Pts u19 -120 W

Landry Shamet (Wichita St) Pts o16 -115 L

D’Marcus Simonds (Georgia St) Pts u17.5 -120 L

D’Marcus Simonds (Georgia St) Rbs u5 -115 W

Joel Berry (UNC) Pts u19 -120 W

Caleb Martin (Nevada) Pts u18 -120 P

Jordan Caroline (Nevada) Pts+Rbs u27.5 -120 W

Zach Thomas (Bucknell) Pts+Rbs u25 -120 L

Nick Ward (Mich St) Pts+Rbs o17.5 -120 L

Kyle Guy (UVA) Pts u15.5 -120 W

Vlad Brodziansky (TCU) Pts u13.5 -120 W

Kenrich Williams (TCU) Pts u13 -120 L

Terrance Mann (Florida St) Pts u12 -120 W

Kyle Guy (Virginia) Pts u15.5 -115 W

Kenrich Williams (TCU) Pts u13.5 -135 L

Kenrich Williams (TCU) Rbs u9.5 -115 W

Jamarrio Jones (NewMex St) Pts+Rbs o26.5 +110 W

Terrance Mann (Fl St) Pts u12.5 -125 W


Rhode Island ML +450 L

Florida +1.5 L

Alabama +11.5 L

Gonzaga -3.5 W

Houston +3.5 W

Collin Sexton (Alabama) Rbs+Asst u8.5 +100 W

Jalen Brunson (Nova) Pts u19.5 -120 W

Collin Sexton (Alabama) Rbs+Asst u8.5 -115 W

Jared Terrell (Rhode Island) Pts u16 -120 W

Clayton Custer (Loyola) Pts u12 -135 W

Grant Williams (Tenn) Pts+Rbs u22 -135 W

Admiral Schofield (Tenn) Pts+Rbs u23.5 -135 W

S Mykhailiuk (Kansas) Pts u16 -135 P

Keita Bates-Diop (Ohio St) Pts+Rbs u30 -135 L

Johnathan Williams (Gonzaga) Pts u14.5 -120 W

Johnathan Williams (Gonzaga) Rbs u10.5 -135 W

Josh Perkins (Gonzaga) Pts u12.5 -135 W

Egor Koulechov (Florida) Pts+Rbs u19.5 -135 W

Rob Gray (Houston) Rbs+Asst u8 -135 L

Charles Matthews (Michigan) Pts u13 -135 W

Jared Terrell (Rhode Island) Pts u16.5 -105 W

Nick Perkins (Buffalo) Pts u15.5 -115 W

CJ Massinburg (Buffalo) Pts u15.5 -125 L

Shai G-Alexander (Kentucky) Rbs+Asst u12.5 -115 W

Clayton Custer (Loyola) Pts u11.5 -125 W

Admiral Schofield (Tenn) Rbs u7.5 -115 W

Donte Ingram (Loyola) Pts+Rbs u19.5 -115 W

Desi Rodriguez (Seton Hall) Pts u18.5 -115 W

S Mykhailiuk (Kansas) Pts u15.5 -115 L

Devonte’ Graham (Kansas) Asst u8.5 -115 L

Bates-Diop (Ohio St) Pts u20.5 -115 L

Johnathan Williams (Gonzaga) Pts u14.5 -125 W

Josh Perkins (Gonzaga) Pts u12.5 -115 W

Johnathan Williams (Gonzaga) Rbs u10.5 -125 W

Egor Koulechov (Florida) Pts u13.5 -115 W

Mo Wagner (Michigan) Pts u14.5 -115 W


Butler +3.5 W

Cincinnati -8 L

Texas A&M +7 W

Xavier -5.5 L

Carsen Edwards (Purdue) Pts u19.5 +100 W

Vince Edwards (Purdue) Pts+Rbs u22.5 -110 L

Vince Edwards (Purdue) Pts u14.5 -110 L

Carsen Edwards (Purdue) Pts u19.5 +110 W

Vince Edwards (Purdue) Rbs u7 -115 W

Tyus Battle (Syracuse) Pts u18 -120 W

Frank Howard (Syracuse) Pts u13.5 -120 W

Tyus Battle (Syracuse) Pts u17.5 -115 W

Frank Howard (Syracuse) Pts u13.5 -115 W

Luke Maye (NC) Pts u16.5 -115 W

Joel Berry II (NC) Pts u16.5 -115 L

Caleb Martin (Nevada) Pts u16.5 -120 W

Jordan Caroline (Nevada) Rbs u7.5 -115 W

Gary Clark (Cincy) Rbs u10.5 -115 W

Caleb Martin (Nevada) Rbs+Asst u10.5 -120 W

Mustapha Heron (Auburn) Pts o16 -115 L

Jarius Lyles (UMBC) Rbs+Asst u8.5 -115 L


So there you have it, not so sad after all, but we only dwell on the losses while discarding the winners as something that we expected to happen.


Now you too can join in on the not fun. For the low, some would say too low price of $39 you get the remainder of 2018 March Madness. Game lines with plenty of CLV, props that thankfully don’t lose, and emails from our own AnonymousGamblr bordering on insanity. Easily the best value in the tout game.

Pitchman Billy Mays

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