NBA 2017 End of November Recap

Ray Allen Lobster SonicsWith another week of NBA gambling data for us to chew on, it appears as if our system might be a hit. Everyone subscribing has had nothing but good things to say and why wouldn’t they? So far we’ve made over 100 prop wagers and currently sitting at a 65% winning percentage, not too shabby.

For those of you who still don’t know the newest edition to the Sports Information Network Team, his name is Angelo Di Traglia and he’s the one behind our NBA algorithms and predictions. His work gets passed on to AnonymousGamblr who then runs the data through his own worksheets to come up with final numbers.

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Here are all of our plays last week, which were sent to our paying members hours before tip-off each day.

NBA Week 6

Game Lines 4-5

Props 46-18


Nov 21

Kyle Kuzma (LAL) Pts+Rbs u25.5 -115 W

Lonzo Ball (LAL) Pts u10.5 -130 W

Lauri Markkanen (CHI) Pts+Rbs u24 -115 L

Lauri Markkanen (CHI) Rbs u8.5 -115 L

Lauri Markkanen (CHI) Pts+Rbs u24.5 -115 L

Jrue Holiday (CHI) Rbs+Asst o5.5 -115 W

Denzel Valentine (CHI) Rbs+Asst o8 +160 W

Kyle Kuzma (LAL) Rbs u7.5 -115 W


Nov 22

Wizards/Hornets 1H o106.5 -110 W

Portland +4 L

San Antonio ML L

Otto Porter Jr (WAS) Pts o14.5 +115 L

Richard Hollis-Jefferson (BKN) Pts u14.5 -125 L

Lebron James (CLE) Rbs u8.5 -110 W

Jusuf Nurkic (POR) Pts+Rbs o20.5 -125 W

Robert Covington (PHI) Rbs o5.5 -115 W

Goran Dragic (MIA) Pts u19.5 -125 L

Nikola Vucevic (ORL) Rbs o7.5 -125 W

Kevin Durant (GS) Pts u27.5 -120 W

Derrick Favors (UTA) Pts u14 -125 L

Lonzo Ball (LAL) Pts u10.5 -110 L

Lebron James (CLE) Pts+Rbs+Asst u46.5 -110 W

Kevin Love (CLE) Pts+Rbs u31 -115 W

Joel Embiid (PHI) Pts+Rbs o32.5 -115 W

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Pts+Rbs+Asst u27.5 -120 W

Kevin Durant (GS) Pts u27.5 -115 W

Nikola Jokic (DEN) Pts+Rbs u30.5 -115 W

TJ Warren (PHO) Pts u20 -115 P

Devin Booker (PHO) Pts u26.5 -115 W


Nov 24

Atlanta +1 W

Toronto/Ind 1H u110.5 -110 W

Indiana +2.5 -110 W

Kristaps Porzingis (NY) Pts u27 -115 L

Hassan Whiteside (MIA) Pts+Rbs u29.5 -115 W

Jimmy Butler (MIN) Pts o17.5 -125 W

Victor Oladipo (IND) Pts u23 -105 W

Kyrie Irving (BOS) Rbs+Asst o8.5 +100 L

Avery Bradley (DET) Pts u15.5 +140 W

Andre Drummond (DET) Pts+Rbs o28.5 +115 W

Lebron James (CLE) Pts u30.5 -130 W

Kristaps Porzingis (NY) Rebs o7.5 +120 L

Denis Dedmon (ATL) Rbs o8.5 +130 L

Michael Williams (CHA) pts+rbs+asst o14.5 -115 W

Marc Gasol (MEM) pts+rbs+asst u36 -130 W

TJ Warren (PHO) Pts u20.5 -115 W

Devin Booker (PHO) Pts u25.5 -130 W


Nov 25

Orlando +6 L

Atlanta +6 L

Indiana +4 L

Joel Embiid (PHI) Pts+Rbs u34.5 -110 W

Robert Covington (PHI) Pts u16.5 -120 W

Danny Green (SA) Pts u10.5 -120 W

Dwight Howard (CHA) Pts+Rbs u29 -135 W

Dewayne Dedmon (ATL) Pts+Rbs u19.5 -120 W

Anthony Davis (NO) Rbs u11.5 -130 L

Dennis Smith (DAL) Pts u14.5 -105 L

Donovan Mitchell (UTA) Pts u16.5 -120 L

Tim Hardaway (NY) Pts u20.5 -130 W

LaMarcus Aldridge (SA) Pts u20.5 +130 W

Pau Gasol (SA) Pts o10.5 +115 W

Dwight Howard (CHA) Rbs u12.5 -110 W

Dirk Nowitzki (DAL) Pts+Rbs o16.5 -140 W

Anthony Davis (CHA) Pts+Rbs u37.5 +100 W

Draymond Green (GS) Pts+Rbs+Asst u25.5 -110 W

Joel Embiid (PHI) Pts u23.5 +135 W

Joel Embiid (PHI) Rebs u11 +110 L

Dario Saric (PHI) Pts+Rbs u23.5 -145 L

Pau Gasol (SA) Pts o10.5 +110 W

Dwight Howard (CHA) Rbs u12.5 -115 W

Taurean Prince (ATL) Pts u12.5 -105 W

Ryan Anderson (HOU) Pts o11.5 +100 W

Chris Paul (HOU) Pts+Rbs+Asst o27.5 -110 L



Game Lines: 9-9 (50%)

Props: 73-39-2 (65.2%)


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