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News broke yesterday that the NBA had formally requested laws be put in place to legalize sports betting in the United States. So nice of the NBA to acknowledge that Americans should be free to spend their money as they see fit.

They, being the NBA and ‘see fit’ being “Hey boys, let’s see how much money we can fit in to this sack.”

At the core of their request was a henchman’s demand that the NBA and it’s owners receive 1%, in the form of an ‘integrity fee’ or as anyone with a brain would call it… a “lack of integrity fee”….

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….side tangent here…..

….Wouldn’t it be nice if a backroom deal was called a backroom deal, a bribe a bribe and a shakedown a shakedown. Instead they call it a “fee” or a “tax” as if that lessons the fact that support is given in exchange for something else. As if this wasn’t hashed out in a backroom deal with full knowledge by all affected parties….

The lack of integrity fee is calculated off of all total handle (total amount wagered) generated betting on NBA games. 1% may not seem like much to the average poor person, but the oligarchs of the NBA have clearly done the math on just how lucrative such a deal would be for them.

During the period December 2016 to November 2017, Las Vegas reported an estimated $1,000,000,000 dollars in total handle handle on NBA games. Based off the NBA’s proposal, this would generate around $10,000,000 dollars in additional revenue to the league. While the media would have you believe that Las Vegas is the epicenter for sports betting and thus money wagered, we at know that the Las Vegas (and surrounding Nevada) Casinos are relative small fish in the ocean that is online gambling.

Let’s call it how it is, Nevada Casinos are poors, no offense.

The real money comes in to play when you factor (guess) in the money wagered outside of the well worn carpet of a Las Vegas sportsbook. Conservatively, total money bet on the NBA during a calendar year in the United States is around $250 Billion dollars taking in to account offshore sportsbooks and local bookies, netting the NBA somewhere north of $250 Million Dollars per year, in exchange for doing literally nothing.

Great deal if you can get it.

L.A. Law SINThe NBA is not done, requesting that restrictions confining wagering to Casinos and Racetracks be lifted in favor of kiosks and mobile betting. The league that was once against betting all together now wishes to place it at your fingertips 24/7/365, causing the “integrity fee” to quickly become more valuable than TV rights deals.

What this means to the common fan (of gambling), is that you can expect to pay higher juice when placing the wager in order to accommodate the leagues. Whether all sports betting is State run like in Canada, or licensed out to operators currently in the gaming space, the shlub at the end of the line can expect -120/-120 on his spread wagers once the new laws come to pass.

Come to pass they will, as the States will be more than happy to pay off the Sports Leagues to move them from opposition to supporter, it won’t hurt the States bottom line, if anything it will increase it as the increase in juice should more than offset the 1% loss off the top.

Isn’t politics great. Greasy fuckers that they all are.

On the plus side wagering will be widely available to all Americans, not that it isn’t already, but one could expect that along with the easing of restrictions on sports betting so too will the restrictions placed on financial institutions to prevent transactions destined for online wagering ease.

Handle will sky rocket, while those in the right position on both sides of the counter will stand to make a killing during the initial rush to place your bets.

Media types will screech that the integrity fee is too little to prevent corruption and match fixing, something the NBA is all too familiar with, while claiming that the potential for player bribery increases to untold levels.

Our own Dick Knotts even said the main threat is towards players families, as if we live in fucking Ecuador.

More likely everything will carry on as it always has. Major European leagues have dealt with the threat of corruption for many years, and apart from the Italians, have succeeded admirably in flushing out the match fixers from the top tier leagues.

Given the concentration of talent in top tier North American leagues and the potential for massive player contracts funded by gambling, the risk involved for a player to cheat will be far too great for the quick payoff.

Besides, what need is their for match fixing when you can get the Sports Information Network NBA Picks. More than enough winners to go around now, we can only imagine how many there will be once the market is full of soft money.

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