NFL 2017 Week 12 Recap

Honky Tonk Man GloatingI really hate Twitter. It’s filled with trolls, malcontents, and people who just want to bitch for the sake of bitching. Where do all of these Twidiots come from? Without giving undue exposure to those who seek to destroy the sacred hallows of touting and trying to earn gains from capital, let’s just say the Sports Information Network has a few detractors out there in social media land. Do we give a crap? Hell no.

You see, this website is more than just a venue for me to promote amazing athletes like Randy Savage, Mayor McCheese, and The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, The Honky Tonk Man. It’s a platform for novices and intermediates to get thrown some free gambling picks, (which are probably going to lose around 49% of the time), and a way for us to be 100% transparent with the paid service provided to members.

Why do we post all our picks win or lose when no one else in the business does this? So that people on the fence about subscribing to SIN are absolutely clear on what they’re laying down hard-earned money on. They are buying well thought-out picks based on math, algorithms, statistics, and the tainted, swollen gut of a degenerate named AnonymousGamblr…who’s just happened to spend over a decade setting lines for an online sportsbook and laying down tens of thousands of dollars in action. In short, we give you better odds of winning.

Darth Holding LobsterIs our system perfect? No. Are we always right? No. Do we make money every week? Helllllll no. However, we do ensure that every stake laid has an advantage, also confirming every pick sent to members are identical to what we get down on ourselves. Over the course of a season we usually end up ahead and 2017 doesn’t look to be any different.

Are we the greatest industry minds ever assembled? Time will tell. What I do know for a fact is I haven’t worked in an office for close to 10 years now and I have AG to thank for that. He’s given me pick after pick after pick, and I’ve grinded and grinded and grinded out a winning percentage. And now I hold a decent bankroll allowing me to play every selection received and win enough that I somehow can cover rent, eat well, party like a rockstar once a week, and have wonderful sneakers on my feet. These are the things I know.

Is AnonymousGamblr The Undisputed Gambling Champion of the World? Not yet. (Sadly). BUT….he is The Undisputed Champion of Tout Transparency and that’s more than any other tout, tout-licker, or troll on Twitter can say.

So please ask yourself – do you want to bet on sports with picks from a faceless, nameless Twout who doesn’t give a rat’s arse about how much you win, or do you want to saddle up with The King of Pain AG? Personally, I’m going to take AG every time, but I’m lucky enough to have suckled his glistening, pale teat for over a decade. I know he gets me paid; and the reason we publish our picks every week is so that you know you could be paid too.

Darth Unmasked LobsterWe are literally the Darth Vader of tout agencies – in death we become even stronger… due to our transparency. We don’t hide behind open Hawaiian shirts, chest hair, and fake Instagram videos of us buying expensive toys we immediately return once the camera is off. We are professionals. We are ugly. We don’t always smell the best, but at least we’re freakin’ honest. And in this shady industry you can’t say that about the lion’s share of donkeys out there selling picks. (As always, I welcome suggestions on who to buy from.)

Trust me – if this ship crashed on the rocks I’d be the first to jump off. Dick Knotts is as loyal as the day as long, but he ain’t no goddam fool. Follow the money. Always. This service will only be valuable if it’s successful and as currently above 55% on both props and money line plays is held, there is value.

So once again, for the twelfth week in a row, here is every NFL pick sent our members this week. Please note that our props had a losing record – feel free to tweet me links to any other Twout in the business who willfully publishes a losing record. They don’t exist. Sometimes I think people don’t understand how rare it is to have a gambling picks website tell the world that they were less than stellar with their recommendations.

As always, if liking our service, please tell a friend. If not, please tell a friend and then go find another group doing better. Bye Felicia.


NFL Week 12

Game Lines: 9-5

Props: 49-56



Game Lines

Lions +2.5 L

Det/Min 1H u22.5 L

Chargers ML -115 W

SD/Dal 1H u23.5 W

NYG/WAS 1H u22.5 -115 W

Giants +7 -110 L

49ers +6.5 L

Rams -2.5 W

Falcons -10 W

Cardinals +5.5 and ML W,W

Jets/Panthers o40 +100 W

Packers ML +725 L

Texans +7.5 W


Matthew Stafford (DET) Passing Yards u274.5 -145 (Now -160. No longer good) W

Latavius Murray (MIN) Rushing Yards o52.5 -135 (Now -200. No longer good) W

Case Keenum (MIN) Passing Yards +24.5 -125 v Stafford W

Stefon Diggs (MIN) Receiving Yards +7.5 +115 v Tate W

Jerick McKinnon (MIN) Rushing+Receiving Yards u70.5 -115 W

Ameer Abdullah (DET) Rushing Yards u45.5 -115 W

Marvin Jones (DET) Receiving Yards u56.5 -115 L

Latavius Murray (MIN) Rushing Yards o55.5 -125 W

Matthew Stafford (DET) Completions u22.5 +125 W

Golden Tate (DET) Receptions u5.5 +145 W

Min/Det Total Sacks u4.5 +110 L



Stephon Diggs (MIN) Receiving u64.5 -115 L

Matthew Stafford (DET) Passing u272.5 -115 W

Matthew Stafford (DET) TD Passes u1.5 +130 L

Min/Det Total Sacks u4.5 +100/+110 L

Philip Rivers (SD) Completions u23.5 -130 L

Keenan Allen (SD) Receptions u5.5 +120 L

Keenan Allen (SD) Receiving Yards u73.5 -115 L

Hunter Henry (SD) Receiving Yards u33.5 -120 L

Dak Prescott (DAL) Rushing Yards u32.5 -130 W

Dez Bryant (DAL) Receiving Yards +12.5 -110 v Allen L

Keenan Allen (SD) Receiving Yards u74.5 -120 L

Jason Witten (DAL) Receptions o3.5 -130 W

Dez Bryant (DAL) Receiving Yards +10.5 -105 v Allen L

Jason Witten (DAL) Passing Yards -8.5 +110 v Henry L

Keenan Allen (SD) Receiving Yards u76.5 -120 L

Hunter Henry (SD) Receiving Yards u30.5 -110 L

Jason Witten (DAL) Receiving Yards o37.5 +110 W

SD/Dal Total Sacks u5 -130 W


Josh Doctson (WAS) Receiving Yards u52.5 -125 W

Evan Engram (NYG) Receiving Yards -2.5 -135 v Davis W

Josh Doctson (WAS) Receiving Yards u50.5 -120 W

Vernon Davis (WAS) Receiving Yards u54.5 +100 W

Vernon Davis (WAS) Receiving Yards u50.5 +140 W

Samaje Perine (WAS) Rushing Yards u76.5 -130 L



Brett Hundley (GB) Passing Yards u214.5 -130 L

Antonio Brown (PIT) Receiving Yards u104.5 -130 L

Davante Adams (GB) Receiving Yards u58.5 -110 L

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u34.5 -110 L

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Rushing Yards u97.5 -110 L

Nelson Agholor (PHI) Receiving Yards u40.5 -140 W

Alex Smith (KC) Completions o20.5 -135 W

Alex Smith (KC) Passing Yards o247.5 -105 L

LeSean McCoy (BUF) Rushing Yards u87.5 -135 W

DeShone Kizer (CLE) Completions u17 -115 L

Corey Coleman (CLE) Receiving Yards u50.5 -115 L

Kendall Wright (CHI) Receiving Yards u34.5 -115 W

LaGarette Blount (PHI) Rushing Yards u45.5 -115 L

Nelson Agholor (PHI) Receiving Yards u39.5 -115 W

Kenny Stills (MIA) Receiving Yards u51.5 -115 W

Brandin Cooks (NE) Receiving Yards u76.5 -115 L

Danny Amendola (NE) Receiving Yards u47.5 -115 W

Mike Evans (TB) Receiving Yards u71.5 -120 L

DeSean Jackson (TB) Receiving Yards u50.5 -115 L

Christian McAffrey (CAR) Rush+Receive u73.5 -115 L

Robby Anderson (NYJ) Receiving Yards u58.5 -115 L

Jermaine Kearse (NYJ) Receiving Yards u40.5 -115 L

Andy Dalton (CIN) Passing Yards -24.5 -115 v Cleveland QB’s L

Alshon Jeffery (PHI) Receiving Yards -20.5 +105 v Wright W

Alex Smith (KC) Passing Yards -24.5 -115 v Taylor L

LeSean McCoy (BUF) Rushing Yards +10.5 -135 v Hunt W

Julio Jones (ATL) Receiving Yards -10.5 -115 v Evans W

Cam Newton (CAR) Passing Yards -5.5 -115 v McCown W

Devin Funchess (CAR) Receiving Yards +2.5 -115 v Anderson 2x L, L

Frank Gore (IND) Rushing Yards +10.5 -130 v Murray 2x W,W

LeSean McCoy (BUF) Receiving Yards o24.5 +140 W

Mike Evans (TB) Receiving Yards u69.5 -130 L

Cameron Brate (TB) Receiving Yards o24.5 +130 L

Tevin Coleman (ATL) Rushing Yards u60.5 +120 W

Bilal Powell (NYJ) Rushing Yards o39.5 +115 L


Afternoon Games

Russell Wilson (SEA) Rush Yards u38.5 -115 W

Tedd Ginn Jr (NO) Receiving Yards u50.5 -115 L

JJ Nelson (ARI) Receiving Yards u28.5 -115 W

Emmanuel Sanders (DEN) Receiving Yards u59.5 -115 W

Doug Baldwin (SEA) Receiving Yards -17.5 -135 v Goodwin L

Todd Gurley (LAR) Rushing Yards +2.5 -150 v Ingram W

Adrian Peterson (ARI) Rushing Yards +18.5 -115 v Fournette W

Marquise Lee (JAX) Receiving Yards +18.5 -135 v Fitzgerald W

Marshawn Lynch (OAK) Rushing Yards +8.5 -135 v Anderson W

Drew Brees (NO) Completions o24.5 +100 L

Todd Gurley (LAR) Receiving Yards o37.5 +115 W

Todd Gurley (LAR) Rushing Yards o87.5 +125 L

Tyler Lockett (SEA) Receiving Yards u42.5 -130 W

Doug Baldwin (SEA) Receiving Yards o70.5 +110 L

CJ Beathard (SF) Passing Yards o225.5 +130 L

Jermaine Gresham (ARI) Receiving Yards o20.5 +140 L

Marshawn Lynch (OAK) Rushing Yards o45.5 +105 W


Sunday Night Football

Davante Adams (GB) Receiving Yards u61.5 -120 L

Randall Cobb (GB) Receptions u3.5 -120 L

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Rushing Yards u100.5 -110 L

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u34.5 -115 L

Jordy Nelson (GB) Receptions o3.5 +110 L


Monday Night Football

Jeremy Maclin (BAL) Receiving Yards o52.5 +105 L

Lamar Miller (HOU) Rushing Yards o67.5 +120 L

Tom Savage (HOU) TD Passes o1.5 +250 L

Total Sacks o5 -115 L

A FG made over 45.5 Yards -115 W

Tom Savage (HOU) TD Passes o1.5 +250 L

Danny Woodhead (BAL) Receptions u4.5 +125 W

Danny Woodhead (BAL) Rushing+Receiving Yards u45.5 +105 W

Danny Woodhead (BAL) Rushing+Receiving Yards u44.5 +110 L

Lamar Miller (HOU) Receiving Yards u19.5 +105 W



Game Lines: 60-36-3 (62.5 %)

Props: 385-252-2 (58.5%)


So there you have it. Another week where we were oh-so-close to a beautiful beach of happiness but far from the paradise of perfection. Luckily we can still stand smugly in the center of the ring with our arms outstretched antagonistically with the championship belt wrapped firmly around our waist. We are the Champions of Transparency….resided over by The King of Pain, AnonymousGamblr.

Now who wants to jump aboard this sailboat bound for greatness and misery? Don’t go into the storm alone – buy our Sports Information Network NFL betting picks package so you at least have someone else to blame when the ship goes down.

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