NFL 2017 Week 13 Recap

Serving Lobster on a PlaneBefore the cocaine-fuelled discotheques of the 1970s ensured that Westerners would only be looking out for themselves for the next 50 (and counting) years, people actually had a genuine urge to give to one another. Neighbors looked out for those who lived near them, borrowing a cup of sugar was commonplace and a welcome distraction from the monotonous hell of pre-cell phone life. People talked to one another, shared with one another, and gave to one another out of the goodness of their hearts. Then 8 balls and ABBA changed all of that and crushed any lingering Flower Power from the decade before.

You see, it’s very hard to care about others when extremely high on hard drugs and running around a dark room with thumping music and flashing lights, trying to meet ladies to “score” with. It’s an electronic war zone that can leave you disoriented, dishevelled, and frantic to not be alone when the lights come up. Ultimately, you’re only focused on one thing and you’ll pretty much push your mother to the ground to be the first in line to buy a young Disco Queen a drink. This was the prevailing attitude of the mid to late 1970s and it had a fundamental impact on everyone living in the United States which can still be felt today.

The continued excesses of the 1980s ensured the Me Decade killed off any remaining spirit of giving that was left in humans, and Trickle-Down Economics became our mantra…”those in need can have the crumbs that fall from our table – everyone eats!“. Peasants of America were now expected to try to feed off of the clingy meat in our discarded lobster shells like cheapskates try to get paid by snapping up free SIN NFL gambling picks, with both groups of people seeming to be destined for a life of misery and heartache. It’s sad but true – we just stopped caring about other people.

Sno-Blo AdvertisementHowever, that is rather a bleak outlook to take on western culture and there are still some out there who “live to give”. An immediate example coming to mind is The Sports Information Network, who gave out lobsters to all of their friends this past weekend with reckless abandon. Lots and lots of beautiful, butter-soaked lobsters. Our paid subscribers feasted on a props record that was 11% higher than the usual target winning percentage of 55% and now their chins are glistening with salty butter and delicious but reasonably-priced white wine. (At 67% winning percentage or lower always spend more on the lobster and less on the wine.)

Those who refused to buy NFL betting tips online hovered around the table, looking upwards through eyes filled with jealousy and anticipation…waiting for anything to fall down that they could ram into their dry, dirty mouths. Hoping that a chunk of succulent lobster meat would fall from a SIN member’s plate and roll close enough to them that they could devour it quickly before the others scurried over to pounce on the free gift from the heavens above. It is a sad Trickle Down Life for those underneath the table, but it is a life they ultimately chose, so do not shed a single tear for them. They are where they want to be.

So, where do you want to be? Do you want to sit down at the seaside spread and dine on fine crustaceans with those who learned the best way to make profits getting down on sports is to purchase from us? Or do you want to keep darting around under the table waiting for crumbs to fall from the mouths of others? Our members get paid. We’re all eating lobster. $39 buys a seat at the table for one week. Come feast with us.

To reiterate, anything over 55% in this profession is a gift. A beautiful gift straight from the heavens to be enjoyed frivolously, but always appreciated. Every dollar earned over 55% is lobster money, baby. Sweet, sweet lobster money. Here’s how we strapped on our bibs last weekend…

NFL Week 13

Game Lines: 3-6-1 (33.3%)

Props: 55-28-1 (66.6%)


Game Lines:

Dallas ML +110 W

Vikings ML +125 W

Colts +9 -110 L

Panthers +5 and ML +200 L,L

Detroit +3 L

Cardinals +6.5 L

Eagles -3.5 L

Steelers/Bengals u43 P

Giants +10 W




Alfred Morris (DAL) Rushing Yards o54.5 +105 W

Dez Bryant (DAL) Receptions o4.5 -115 W

Dak Prescott (DAL) TD Passes o1.5 +120 W

Josh Doctson (WAS) Receiving Yards u47.5 -120 W

Vernon Davis (WAS) Receiving Yards u52.5 -120 W

Jason Witten (DAL) Receiving Yards +9.5 -115 v Davis W

Jamison Crowder (WAS) Receiving Yards -5.5 -115 v Bryant W

Terrence Williams (DAL) Receiving Yards +8.5 -115 v Doctson W

Josh Doctson (WAS) Receiving Yards u45.5 -105 W

Vernon Davis (WAS) Receiving Yards u47.5 +120 W

Dak Prescott (DAL) Passing Yards +70.5 -115 v Cousins L



Matt Ryan (ATL) Completions u23.5 -110 W

Matt Ryan (ATL) Passing Yards u267.5 -110 W

LeSean McCoy (BUF) Receiving Yards u30.5 -130 W

Mohamed Sanu (ATL) Receiving Yards u44.5 +100 W

Stefon Diggs (MIN) Receiving Yards u62.5 +100 W

Jerrick McKinnon (MIN) Rush+Receiving Yards u67.5 -110 W

Charles Clay (BUF) Receiving Yards u44.5 -130 W

Danny Amendola (NE) Receiving Yards u42.5 -120 W

LeSean McCoy (BUF) Rushing Yards u76.5 -120 L

Carlos Hyde (SF) Receptions u4.5 -130 W

Carlos Hyde (SF) Rush+Receiving Yards u92.5 -115 W

Tevin Coleman (ATL) Rush+Receiving Yards u61.5 -115 W

Rex Burkhead (NE) Rush+Receiving Yards u60.5 -115 L

Charles Clay (BUF) Receiving Yards u40.5 -115 W

Emmanuel Sanders (DEN) Receiving Yards u54.5 -115 W

TY Hilton (IND) Receiving Yards u53.5 -115 W

Blake Bortles (JAX) Passing Yards o223.5 -115 W

Jordan Howard (CHI) Rush Yards u84.5 -115 W

Jerick McKinnon (MIN) Rush+Receiving Yards u62.5 -115 W

Stefon Diggs (MIN) Receiving Yards u62.5 -115 W

Adam Thielen (MIN) Receiving Yards u82.5 -115 W

Marvin Jones (DET) Receiving Yards u59.5 -115 L

Jeremy Maclin (BAL) Receiving Yards u46.5 -115 W

Mohamed Sanu (ATL) Receiving Yards u46.5 -115 W

Jordan Matthews (BUF) Receiving Yards u29.5 -115 W

Mike Wallace (BAL) Receiving Yards +20.5 -115 v Jones Jr W

Kyle Rudolph (MIN) Receiving Yards -2 -115 v Hooper W

Rob Gronkowski (NE) Receiving Yards -20.5 -115 v Clay W

Lamar Miller (HOU) Rushing Yards -10.5 -115 v Murray L

Delanie Walker (TEN) Receiving Yards +30.5 -115 v Hopkins W

Blake Bortles (JAX) Passing Yards -2.5 -115 v Brissett W

DeSean Jackson (TB) Receiving Yards -5.5 -115 v Nelson W

Tyreek Hill (KC) Receiving Yards -2.5 -115 v Anderson W

Jeremy Maclin (BAL) Receiving Yards u47.5 -130 W

Golden Tate (DET) Receiving Yards u62.5 -130 L

Danny Woodhead (BAL) Rush+Receiving Yards o50.5 +110 L

Jordan Howard (CHI) Rushing Yards u84.5 -125 W

Mohammed Sanu (ATL) Receiving Yards u42.5 -105 L

Emmanuel Sanders (DEN) Receiving Yards u50.5 -105 W

Devon Booker (DEN) Rush+Receiving Yards u57.5 +115 W

DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) Receiving Yards u75.5 +125 L


Afternoon Games

Cam Newton (CAR) Rushing Yards u42.5 -115 L

Josh Gordon (CLE) Receiving Yards u53.5 +100 L

Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receiving Yards o50.5 +100 L

Geno Smith (NYG) Passing Yards u204.5 -110 L

Alvin Kamara (NO) Rush+Receiving Yards o90.5 +130 W

Josh Gordon (CLE) Receiving Yards u54.5 -135 L

Drew Brees (NO) Completions u24.5 -115 L

Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receiving Yards +12.5 -115 v Fitzgerald L

Josh Gordon (CLE) Receiving Yards u55.5 -120 L

Josh Gordon (CLE) Receptions u4.5 -120 W

Melvin Gordon (SD) Receiving Yards o20.5 +130 W

Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receiving Yards o52.5 +120 L

Geno Smith (NYG) Completions u19 +130 L


Sunday Night Football

Alshon Jeffery (PHI) Receiving Yards u63.5 -115 W

Nelson Agholor (PHI) Receiving Yards u35.5 -115 L

Russell Wilson (SEA) Passing Yards u262.5 -115 W

Tyler Lockett (SEA) Receiving Yards u35.5 -115 W

Russell Wilson (SEA) Passing Yards u267.5 -120 W

Nelson Agholor (PHI) Receiving Yards u37.5 -120 L

Tyler Lockett (SEA) Receiving Yards u34.5 -115 W

LaGarette Blount (PHI) Rushing Yards o45.5 +105 L

Jay Ajayi (PHI) Rushing Yards o39.5 +105 L

Doug Baldwin (SEA) Receptions u5 +130 P


Monday Night Football

Jessie James (PIT) Receiving Yards u25.5 -105 W

Joe Mixon (CIN) Rushing+Receiving Yards u78.5 -115 W

Brandon LaFell (CIN) Receiving Yards u36.5 -120 L

Brandon LaFell (CIN) Receptions u3.5 -120 L

Andy Dalton (CIN) Completions u19.5 +115 L

AJ Green (CIN) Receiving Yards u76.5 -115 L

Joe Mixon (CIN) Receiving Yards u20.5 -110 W

Jessie James (PIT) Receptions u2.5 -130 W

Brandon LaFell (CIN) Receptions u3.5 -115 L


Season Totals: 

Game Lines: 63-41-4 (60.6%)

Props: 489-336-3 (59.3%)


So there you have it. SIN literally gave away lobsters this past week and our members are well-fed and contented. Ever-so-slightly nauseous from the overload of butter and spirits, but contented all the same. One click below will get you a seat at the table with us for next week.

Make sure to watch The Lobster” starring Colin Farrell, currently streaming on Netflix. It’s a very dark comedy so those with a twisted sense of humor will enjoy. It hit close to home for obvious reasons.

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