NFL 2017: Week 2 Recap

LA Rams Empty StadiumDon’t look now, but NFL 2017 Week 2 was hands-down our best ever week since launching our sports gambling service. (Please don’t pay attention to the fact we’ve only been in business for two weeks.) As seen in results below, we absolutely killed it on props and everyone who subscribed to our system benefited from our years of sports betting experience.

Before social media trolls rush to point out the obvious – yes, that Chicago Bears pick was absolutely ridiculous. To be honest, it kind of seemed like a mistake when I saw it in the email that went out. That said, our system is based on advantage betting, which simply dictates that certain lines have more value than others, and if staying the course, over time you will come out ahead. Occasionally we’ll see a spread play with good value that we simply can’t ignore so we’ll send it out…and sometimes the arm of Mike Glennon is attached to that play. Ouch.

Also, publishing this Bears pick clearly shows we’re transparent with our betting history and aren’t fudging numbers. You know, like every other tout in the world does. It’s amazing how many professional handicappers hit over 70% of picks but still find time to do things like run crappy websites, instead of hanging out on yachts with beautiful people.

And if you’re one of those social media trolls who just loves extreme shade, let me again point out the obvious on your behalf. Yes, we could have totally lied about this Bears pick to make our historic week seem more legitimate. So why don’t you fork over $30 and get a 1 week package and see what’s posted on Tuesday? The picks will be exactly the same.

For the trolls who are saving up to move out of their parents’ basements, here’s how you could have made some easy money last week and gotten closer to freedom…

NFL Week 2:

Game Lines: 5-1

Houston +6.5 -110 W

Miami +3.5 -110 W

Miami ML +165 W

Bears +7 -115 L

Broncos +2.5 -11 W

Falcons -2.5 -120 W


Props: 28-13

AJ Green (CIN) Receiving Yards -4.5 (-110) vs Hopkins L

Brandon LaFell (CIN) Receiving Yards u44.5 -120 W

Andy Dalton (CIN) Completions u20.5 +110 W

Lamar Miller (HOU) Rushing Yards -30.5 (-135) vs Hill W

Joe Mixon (CIN) Rushing and Receiving Yards u60.5 -135 W

Giovani Bernard (CIN) Receiving Yards o20.5 -115 L

DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) Receptions u5.5 +130 W

Tyler Eifert (CIN) Receiving Yards u40.5 -115 L

Isaiah Crowell (CLE) Rushing Yards u50.5 -115 W

Terrence West (BAL) Rushing Yards o57.5 -110 L

Rishard Matthews (TEN) Receiving Yards u49.5 -115 W

Coby Fleener (NO) Receiving Yards u47.5 -115 W

Jacquizz Rodgers (TB) Rushing Yards u58.5 -115 L

DeMarco Murray (TEN) Rushing Yards u65.5 -120 W

Kenny Britt (TEN) Receiving Yards u39.5 -160 W

Mike Evans (TB) Receiving Yards u79.5 -120 L

Bortles (JAX) Passing Yards +20.5 v Mariota -115 L

DeMarco Murray (TEN) Rushing Yards +15.5 (-115) v Fournette W

Joe Flacco (BAL) Passing Yards -12.5 (-115) v Kizer W

Terrence West (BAL) Rushing Yards -10.5 (+110) v Crowell L

Ty Montgomery (GB) Rushing Yards u62.5 -125 W

Brandin Cooks (NE) Receiving Yards u84.5 +100 W

Chris Hogan (NE) Receiving Yards u54.5 +105 L

Mike Gillislee (NE) Rushing Yards o42.5 -115 W

Kyle Rudolph (MIN) Receiving Yards u50.5 -110 W

Leveon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u42.5 -110 W

Eric Ebron (DET) Receiving Yards u44.5 -140 W

Marvin Jones (DET) Receiving u47.5 -130 W

Sterling Shepard (NYG) Receiving Yards u54.5 -150 W

Sterling Shepard (NYG) Receptions u4.5 -110 W

Kenny Galloday (DET) Receiving u45.5 -125 W

Dak Prescott (DAL) Rushing Yards o13.5 -110 W

Pierre Garcon (SF) Receiving Yards u61.5 -115 W

Keenan Allen (LAC) Receiving Yards u67.5 -105 L

Michael Crabtree (OAK) Receiving Yards u67.5 -105 L

Trevor Siemian (DEN) Pass Completions u20.5 +125 L

Melvin Gordon (LAC) RushingYards u72.5 +130 W

Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receiving Yards +10.5 (-115) vs Pryor W

Ezekial Elliott (DAL) Rushing Yards -24.5 (-115) vs Anderson L

Demaryius Thomas (DEN) Receiving Yards -5.5 vs Bryant W

Russell Wilson (SEA) Passing Yards +15.5 (-115) vs Hoyer W


Well that’s all for now. You’ve still got some time to subscribe to our NFL betting picks before Week 3 kicks off, so feel free to grab a one week package and see how you like it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go add last week’s cash to my secret yacht fund. AHOY!!

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