NFL 2017 Week 8 Recap

McDonalds Crew 1970sNobody truly thought that our insane winning streak could last forever and NFL 2017 Week 8 slapped us in the face and took our lunch money. For those requiring this situation to be described in more “presidential terms”, it basically grabbed us by the pussy and moved on us like a bitch. Haters may now rejoice. After lighting up the sky with beautiful picks for seven straight weeks we’ve come crashing back down to earth in a raging ball of fire. There won’t be any lobster dinners this week, only Big Macs.

So what was our “terrible” record for Week 8? An abysmal 38-29 on props and 6-4 on game lines. That’s right, we’ve gotten used to so much winning around here that even a “decent” record looks like failure to us. This is totally understandable when looking back at the best week in gambling history that shocked subscribers and got them all rich at the same time. Simply stated, we’re used to smashing lines and stacking cash. So. Much. Winning.

However, unlike every other tout service on the internet, we here at Sports Information Network actually care about our record and making our people profits and therefore, we want to see high winning percentages every week. In fact, the head of this operation, AnonymousGamblr, takes all of this stuff very personally – yes he loves to win money, but believe me when I tell you that he loves being right even more. Sure he knows lots of cash can be won and he likes to help others get in on it, but deep down inside it’s just so more people on this planet know how “right” he always is. What can I tell you? He’s a sick man.

Beef Up Your GameHowever, it is this sickness that was the driving force behind the creation of our unique betting system. To quickly explain it again, it’s all based on statistics, mathematical equations, probabilities, algorithms, spreadsheets, and exposing weak lines at online sportsbooks. Zero personal opinion taints our props and we let spreadsheets tell us what to hammer. Of course with a system like this, it’s not going to be right 100% of the time – no system is. What it does do is give the best chances of winning by producing numbers for what “real lines” should be, and over time, this system generates gains. And after 8 weeks of spewing out data it has been correct 63% of the time, which is 8% higher than any professional’s ideal minimum win percentage of 55%. Trust the system. 

Our moneyline and spreads are also based on finding weak numbers that just don’t seem right to us, sending these out to subscribers as quickly as possible so they can jump all over them. There’s obviously more of a human touch with these picks and results will be more volatile, but that’s just part of the rock n’ roll rollercoaster we call “gambling”. So why is our winning percentage for game plays higher than it is for props? I guess A.G. and the crew are smarter than computers? What can I tell you – there’s really no explanation for this.

Anyway, here’s what went down:

Game Line 6-4

Dolphins/Ravens o38 +100 W

Ravens -3 W

Vikings -10.5 W

Broncos +7 and ML +275 L,L

Chargers +7.5 L

Bills -2.5 -110 W

Bears +10 -110 W

Jets +6.5 W

Lions +3 L

Props 38-29

Total Sacks u4.5 +110 (For lack of a better option) W

Matt Moore (MIA) Completions o20 +100 W

Jay Ajayi (MIA) Rushing Yards u80.5 -120 W

Julius Thomas (MIA) Receiving Yards u27.5 -120 W

Jay Ajayi (MIA) Rushing Yards -18.5 -135 v Collins L

Julius Thomas (MIA) Receptions u2.5 +120 W

Stefon Diggs (MIN) Receiving Yards o52.5 -130 2x L,L

Stefon Diggs (MIN) Receptions o4 -140 P

Hunter Henry (SD) Receiving Yards u44.5 -105 W

Keenan Allen (SD) Receiving Yards u70.5 -125 W

Derek Carr (OAK) Passing Yards u254.5 -130 L

Amari Cooper (OAK) Receiving Yards u62.5 -115 W

Jared Cook (OAK) Receiving Yards u44.5 -135 L

Ed Dickson (CAR) Receiving Yards u37.5 -120 W

Cam Newton (CAR) Rushing Yards u30.5 -110 L

Jonathan Stewart (CAR) Rushing Yards o47.5 -110 L

Kendall Wright (CHI) Receiving Yards u34.5 -110 W

Tedd Ginn Jr (NO) Receiving Yards u47.5 -135 L

Coby Fleener (NO) Receiving Yards o22.5 +110 L

Matt Forte (NYJ) Rush+Receiving Yards o62.5 +125 L

Jameis Winston (TB) Passing Yards u270.5 -130 W

Carlos Hyde (SF) Rushing Yards o52.5 +125 L

Zach Ertz (PHI) Receiving Yards o67.5 +160 (Good to +140) L

Frank Gore (IND) Rushing Yards o42.5 +120 W

Hunter Henry (SD) Receiving Yards u44.5 -110 W

Michael Thomas (NO) Receiving Yards -24.5 -130 v Wright W

Devonta Freeman (ATL) Rushing Yards -20.5 -115 v Powell L

Julio Jones (ATL) Receiving Yards -34.5 -115 v Kearse W

Jonathan Stewart (CAR) Rushing Yards +12.5 -115 v Martin 2x L,L

Christian McCaffrey (CAR) Rush+Receiving Yards u68.5 -115 W

Devin Funchess (CAR) Receiving Yards +10.5 -130 v Jackson L

Tyrod Taylor (BUF) Passing Yards +30.5 -115 v Carr L

Jordan Howard (CHI) Rushing Yards u83.5 -115 L

Zach Miller (CHI) Receiving Yards u37.5 -115 W

Tedd Ginn Jr (NO) Receiving Yards u49.5 -120 L

Austin Hooper (ATL) Receiving Yards u33.5 -120 L

Doug Martin (TB) Rushing Yards u65.5 -125 L

LaGarrette Blount (PHI) Rushing Yards u65.5 -115 W

Nelson Agholor (PHI) Receiving Yards u50.5 -115 W

Amari Cooper (OAK) Receiving Yards u66.5 -115 W

Jared Cook (OAK) Receiving Yards u44.5 -115 L

Jordan Matthews (BUF) Receiving Yards u37.5 -115 W

Joe Mixon (CIN) Rushing Yards u62.5 -115 W


Afternoon Games

Deshean Watson (HOU) Rushing Yards u28.5 -115 L

Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) Receiving Yards u30.5 -120 W

Jason Witten (DAL) Receiving Yards u45.5 -120 W

Dez Bryant (DAL) Receiving Yards o54.5 -155 L

Jason Witten (DAL) Receptions u4.5 -130 W

Terrelle Pryor (WAS) Receptions o2.5 -120 L

Jason Witten (DAL) Receiving Yards u40.5 +115 W

Terrelle Pryor (WAS) Receiving Yards o35.5 +120 L

Jason Witten (DAL) Receiving Yards u43.5 -105 W

Russell Wilson (SEA) Rushing Yards u24.5 -115 L


Sunday Night Football

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u40.5 -125 W

Matthew Stafford (DET) Passing Yards +24.5 -110 v Roethlisberger W

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Rush+Receive -40.5 v Abdullah W

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u35.5 +115 W

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Rushing Yards u99.5 +105 W


Monday Night Football

Bennie Fowler (DEN) Receiving Yards u42.5 -120 W

Alex Smith (KC) Completions u21.5 -115 W

Kareem Hunt (KC) Receiving Yards u33.5 -120 W

Kareem Hunt (KC) Receptions u3.5 +145 W

CJ Anderson (DEN) Rushing Yards u62.5 -125 L

Travis Kelce (KC) Receiving Yards u61.5 +100 L

Alex Smith (KC) Completions u21.5 -115 W

Bennie Fowler (DEN) Receiving Yards u39.5 -115 W


Season Totals for NFL:

Game Lines: 41-16-1 (72%)

Props: 271-161-1 (63%)


Obviously subscribers were up a few bucks at the end of Monday night and up bucket-loads on the season. Even when we experience a “bad week” we’re still able to turn a small profit. So if staking decent sums every week on professional football, you’re crazy if you don’t invest capital to buy NFL betting picks from us to enjoy an improved chance of winning.

“Beef up your game and grab our package. We do it all for you.” 

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