NFL 2018 Week 1 Recap

SIN Aerocraft BoatsMany things change during the NFL offseason, with coaches and players being cast aside by various teams in order to “go in a new direction” and start fresh in September. Even teams who enjoyed great success the previous year tinker with their rosters to try to stay at the top. But not here at the world’s foremost sports betting network – we’ve already perfected our system and there’s no need to mess around with anything. Another season? Great – another week of winning gambling picks. Repeat for 20 weeks, eat lobster, buy a boat, take the summer off, start again in September. It’s not rocket science.

We’re basically the New England Patriots of sports prognostication: stick to the plan, do your job, make the plays, and put yourself in a good position. That’s it, that’s all. Are we successful all the time? Of course not, but we win much more than we lose, and that’s all professionals care about.

To be 100% honest, championship results like this do get a little boring, but I guess it becomes assumed with a FINAL SEASON RECORDS such as…

Game Lines: 84-61-7 (57.93%)
Props: 741-553-8 (57.26%)

See what I mean?

We all know numbers don’t lie and each and every one of those picks is verifiable if you want to take the time to visit our Gambling News section and read old SIN recaps from last year and go through each week. And if you’re willing to do that, we’d probably like to hire you as a researcher and stats person. One thing’s for sure, you’re probably more tired of reading these recaps than I am of writing them, so they might just have to stop soon.

What’s the point in writing any more of them? If you can’t understand by now that the Sports Information Network has the best NFL prediction system on the internet, what the hell else could we even think of saying to try to convince you? You’re clearly too thickheaded to understand what we’ve got going on here.

Now you’ve only missed one week, so if you want to shake your head and come to your senses, there’s still plenty of time to buy the best NFL picks online and start getting in on the winning. Our members couldn’t wait to resubscribe to the Tannenbaum Tout and get their hands on that juicy sheet again. We’re literally helping people go on lavish vacations, buy boats, and do even much less important things like putting kids through college. A noble gesture, but around here we prefer the Yachting Life.

In addition to the SIN Prediction Sheet this past week, you also could have had these sent directly to your inbox:

Game Lines: 5-2-1
Props: 11-8-1

Eagles +1 W
Bills +7.5 L
Dolphins PK W
Colts -1 L
Broncos -3 P
Bears +7 W
Jets +7 W
Rams/Raiders u47.5 W

Devonte Freeman Receiving Yards u23.5 W
Julio Jones (ATL) Receiving Yards u90.5 -115 L
Nick Foles (PHI) Completions o20.5 -115 L
Jay Ajayi (PHI) Rushing Yards u60.5 -115 L
Nelson Agholor (PHI) Receiving Yards o53.5 -115 L
Tannehill (MIA) Completions u22 +100 W
Tom Brady (NE) Passing Yards u302.5 -115 W
DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) Receptions o6 -115 W
Michael Thomas (NO) Receptions o6.5 +115 W
Odell Beckham Jr (NYG) u6 -125 L
John Brown (BAL) Receptions u3 +100 P
TY Hilton (IND) Receptions o4.5 -115 W
Tyrod Taylor (CLE) Completions u18.5 -120 W
Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) Receptions u6.5 +100 L
Greg Olsen (CAR) Receiving Yards u55.5 -120 W
Chris Carson (SEA) Rushing Yards u49.5 -115 L
Tyreek Hill (KC) Total Receiving Yards o60.5 -115 W
Mitch Trubisky (CHI) Passing Yards o222.5 -115 L
Mitch Trubisky (CHI) Completions o19.5 -115 W
Jared Cook (OAK) Receptions o3 -130 W


Current Season Record:

Game Lines: 5-2-1 (71.4%)
Props: 11-8-1 (57.8%)


So there you have it – honestly nothing else to say. We consistently win weekly because we only lay advantage plays, and as long as you do that, you’re putting yourself in a great position for gains. You won’t be victorious every time, but most times.We have what high volume bandits need.

If you’d like to try out our amazing prop prediction system, simply buy a Weekly Package for $39.99 and see for yourself. If you like it, buy a Full Season Package next week and we’ll deduct the difference. There’s a reason we had a 99.99% re-subscribe rate this year – it’s time you climbed on board with us…the lobster bibs are being handed out shortly…

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    Game Lines: 84-61-7 (57.93%)
    Props: 741-553-8 (57.26%)

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