NFL 2018 Week 11 Recap

SIN Star Wars PosterWell after another extended break, we’re back again to catch you up on how our world-famous NFL gambling system is doing for Weeks 11, 12, and 13 of the 2018 season. Things are looking kind of shaky in the results below, making this the Episode IV: A New Hope of recaps, (and yes I looked ahead and know that the results get even worse next week). The comparison also makes sense because sometimes we feel like we’re the young upstart touts of the business, fighting for respect amongst a hostile and uncaring media – just like a naive Luke Skywalker trying to convince people that he’s ready to be a pilot because he can shoot womp rats back on his home planet.

To further this analogy, Twitter would then be the Creature Cantina full of weird characters that hide their true identities under cloaks and masks and hiss out, I don’t like you. My friend doesn’t like you either. Well haters may now rejoice at this recap – just save some energy for Week 12 you scruffy-looking nerf herders.

I guess my last recap must have angered the Gambling Gods due to my full breakdown on the history of inner city communication via beepers in the early 1990s. I thought they’d be entertained with it, but apparently they were not amused. Oh well, you can’t please everyone all of the time, and those deities are a fickle bunch. It was just nice listening to all of the wonderful embedded Youtube clips.

Alright enough chat, here’s how we did for Week 11, as always, shout out to SIN Member X for maintaining the Cadillac of results sheets so he can remind us of our horrific records. We also continue to invite any members to send personal picks so we can add them into the recaps to show larger sample sizes, thus increasing transparency and validity.

Game Lines: 4-1-1 (80%)

Props: 23-24 (49%)

Packers/Seahawks under 49 L
Aaron Jones under 88.5 rushing yards W
Davante Adams under 6.5 receptions L
Marquez Valdes-Scantling over 57.5 receiving yards W

Chicago Bears -2.5 W
Washington Redskins +3 W
Indianapolis Colts -1.5 W
Dallas Cowboys +3.5 W
Cam Newton under 40.5 rushing yards W
Ezekiel Elliott under 4.5 receptions L
Ezekiel Elliot under 41.5 receiving yards L
Julio Jones under 7.5 receptions W
Corey Davis under 5.5 receptions W
Sterling Shepard under 59.5 receiving yards W
Doug Martin under 59.5 rushing yards W
Jared Cook over 45.5 receiving yards L
Carson Wentz under 26.5 completions W
Zach Ertz under 7 receptions W
Dalvin Cook over 50.5 rushing yards L
Mitch Trubisky over 20.5 completions L
Trey Burton under 4 receptions W
Mitch Trubiskyunder 27.5 rushing yards L
Devin Funchess overr 47.5 receiving yards L
Saquon Barkley under 78.5 rushing yards L
Evan Engram over 3.5 recpeptions L
Demaryius Thomas under 4 receptions W
Antonio Brown under 6.5 recepetions W
Derek Carr over 232.5 passing yards L
Melvin Gordon under 85.5 rushing yards W
Melvin Gordon over 4 receptions W
Larry Fitzgerald over 52.5 receiving yards L
David Johnson under 81.5 rushing yards L
David Johnson under 43.5 receiving yards W
Emmanuel Sanders over 66.5 receving yards L
Saquon Barkley under 64.5 receiving yards W
Odell Beckham under 107.5 receiving yards W
Ryan Fitzpatrick under 316.5 passing ayrds W
TY Hilton under 74.5 receiving yards L
Marcus Mariota under 248.5 passing yards W
John Brown over 43.5 receiving yards L
Tevin Coleman under 53.5 rushing yards L
Kerryon Johnson under 62.5 rushing yards L
Carson Wentz under 320.5 passing yards W
Drew Brees under 320.5 passing yards L

Patrick Mahomes under 16.5 rushing yards L
Todd Gurley under 5 receptions W
Kareem Hunt under 84.5 rushing yards W
Jared Goff under 323.5 passing yards L
Kareem Hunt under 38.5 receiving yards L
Patrick Mahomes under 331.5 passing yards L
Travis Kelce under 85.5 receiving yards L
Todd Gurley under 108.5 rushing yards W
Los Angels Rams -3 P

Current Record for 2018 NFL Season

Game Lines: 37-36-2 (50.7%)

Props: 258-204-6 (55.8%)

So as we can all see, not a great week at all, but at least the game line plays weren’t a disaster like the previous bunch of weeks.


Even when we end up being the “Jek Porkins of touting“. I CAN HOLD IT!!

Ya right…see ya later, Red 6…on to the next…

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