NFL 2018 Week 13 Recap

SIN Return of the Jedi

Well you probably had a hunch that we were going to bounce back for Tout Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Tannenbaum and boy did we ever come back strong. Well, assuming you consider an 80% win percentage strong, that is.

It should be noted the people subscribing to our winning NFL gambling system did not complain once about our performance. Not one angry email, not one condescending tweet. Why? Two reasons: 1) they’ve already won a LOT with our tout this season, and 2) they’re professionals who know there are always going to be peaks and valleys. So as long as you’re up more than down, everyone gets to enjoy lobster dinners and take a few blows along the way.

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I again ask SIN NFL subscribers to send full list of weekly wagers so we can add them into the overall record. We know that we have something special here but we need to be publishing proof weekly to get the fickle Gambling Twitterati to actually acknowledge our amazing feats. Well, we’ve been doing that for almost 2 years and still nothing, but you never know when the tides will change. (Ya right.)

Of course, the reason that our subscribers hate helping us to promote is that if too many people start hammering the soft lines we send out, the online sportsbooks will take them down before they can hammer them themselves. It’s totally understandable and we respect your position.

SIN Member X, break it on down…

Game Lines: 4-3 (57.1%)

Props: 32-8 (80%)

Dallas Cowboys +7 W
Amari Cooper under 75.5 receiving yards W
Tre’Quan Smith under 44.5 receiving yards W

Jacksonville Jaguars +4.5 W
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3.5 W
Batimore Ravens +2.5 W
Cincinnati Bengals +4.5 L
Pittsburgh Steelers -3 L
Aaron Jones under 85.5 rushing yards W
Larry Fitzgerald over 45.5 receiving yards W
Todd Gurley under 4.5 receptions W
Ryan Tannehill over 208.5 passing yards L
Josh Allen over 178.5 passing yards W
Jarvis Landry over 47.5 receiving yards W
Mohamed Sanu under 45.5 receiving yards W
Mohamed Sanu under 4 receptions W
Julio Jones under 100.5 receiving yards W
Tevin Coleman under 3 receptions W
Michael Crabtree over 31.5 receiving yards W
Lamar Jackson under 70.5 rushing yards L
Chris Godwin over 54.5 receiving yards W
Mike Evans over 5.5 receptions L
Christian McCaffrey under 74.5 rushing yards L
Eric Ebron over 46.5 receiving yards W
Cody Kessler under 20.5 completions W
Dede Westbrook over 40.5 receiving yards L
Davante Parker over 38.5 receivingy yards W
Saquon Barkley under 6.5 receptions W
Saquon Barkley under 52.5 receiving yards W
Sterling Shepard over 43.5 receiving yards L
Lesean McCoy under 58.5 rushing yards W
Kyle Rudolph under 4 receptions W
Sony Michel under 70.5 rushing yards W
Matt Breida under 73.5 rushing yards W
Russell Wilson over 2 passing TD’s W
Doug Baldwin under 4.5 receptions W
George Kittle under 5.5 receptions L
Julian Edelman under 75.5 receiving yards W
Stefon Diggs under 82.5 receiving yards W
Stefon Diggs under 7.5 receptions W
Dalvin Cook over 40.5 rushing yards W
Tyrell Williams under 42.5 receiving yards W
Mike Williams under 2.5 receptions L

Washington Redskins +5.5 L
Josh Doctson over 40.5 receiving yards W
Colt McCoy under 22.5 rushing yards W
Colt McCoy under 21.5 completions W

Current Record for 2018 NFL Season:

Game Lines: 47-44-2 (51.6%)

Props: 304-246-8 (55.3%)


And if anyone thinks we wait to publish these recaps until we have a winning percentage of at least 55% for our full season record, you A) weren’t around last year when we published them weekly, and B) are ignoring the fact the premise of your accusation is that WE DO END UP WINNING OVER 55%. Trapped you in some Jedi Mind Tricks type of shite right there, holmboy. Your thoughts have betrayed you…

This IS the Tout you’re looking for…

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