NFL 2018 Week 14 Recap

SIN Bad SantaWelcome to another NFL picks recap that won’t help to elevate our mentions in the Twitterverse of find us praise of any kind. It’s ok we’re used to it now. I guess we should have called ourselves Vegas Locks or STR8 Gambling Bangers or something equivalent. Then we might have more than 1200 followers and actually get some press mentions about this amazing betting network system and its transparency. Oh well, at least we win money. Lots and lots of it.

Week 14 was a decent week by our standards, with our NFL picks winning at 65% by the end of Monday Night Football. This type of a win percentage obviously isn’t something that most people are interested in, so I’ll just stop here so I can get back to my movie.

Oh, did I ever mention that Jacques Tannenbaum’s favorite movie of all time was Bad Santa? True story.

Here are the results courtesy of SIN Member X.

Game Lines: 3-3 (50%)

Props: 35-19 (64.8%)

Dede Westbrook over 3.5 receptions W
Marcus Mariota under 35.5 rushing yards W
Dion Lewis over 31.5 rushing yards L
Cody Kessler over 185.5 passing yards W
Leonard Fournette under 84.5 rushing yards W
Dede Westbrook over 36.5 receiving yards W
Corey Davis over 46.5 receiving yards L
NFL Parlay (Jags+Over) L

New York Jets +4.5 W
New England Patriots -8.5 L
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +10 L
Baltimore Ravens +6.5 W
Saquon Barkley under 85.5 rushing yards L
Rob Gronkowski over 54.5 receiving yards W
Sony Michel under 75.5 rushing yards W
Lesean McCoy under 63.5 rushing yards W
Zay Jones under 45.5 receiving yards W
Mike Evans over 78.5 receiving yards W
Aaron Jones under 85.5 rushing yards W
Christin McCaffrey under 61.5 receiving yards W
Larry Fitzgerald over 44.5 receiving yards W
Saquon Barkley over 46.5 receiving yards L
Mark Sanchez over 197.5 passing yards L
Adrian Peterson over 55.5 rushing yards L
T Y Hilton over 5 receptions W
Demaryius Thomas over 40.5 receiving yards W
Jarvis Landry over 56.5 receiving yards W
Ryan Tannehill over 215.5 passing yards W
DeVante Parker over 43.5 receiving yards L
Kenny Stills over 38.5 receiving yards W
Travis Kelce under 83.5 receiving yards W
Doug Martin under 51.5 rushing yards W
Alshon Jeffrey over 3.5 receptions W
Case Keenum under 21.5 completions L
Christian McCaffrey under 79.5 rushing yards W
Alvin Kamara over 40.5 receiving yards L
Quincy Enunwa over 3.5 receptions L
Quincy Enunwa over 37.5 receiving yards L
Zay Jones under 3.5 receptions W
Rob Gronkowski over 4.5 receptions W
DeVante Parker over 4 receptions L
Jamison Crowder under 3.5 receptions W
Sterling Shepard over 49.5 receiving yards L
Tyreek Hill under 6 receptions L
Philip Lindsay under 84.5 rushing yards W
LeGarrette Blount under 49.5 rushing yards W
Courtland Sutton over 62.5 receiving yards L
George Kittle under 5.5 receptions L
Tyler Boyd under 5.5 receptions W
Josh Rosen over 185.5 passing yards W
Alshon Jeffrey over 45.5 receiving yards W
Golden Tate under 5 receptions W
Amari Cooper under 5.5 receptions L
Mitch Trubisky under 30.5 rushing yards W
Tre Burton under 3.5 receptions W
Robert Woods over 5 receptions W

Seattle Seahawks -3 W
Dalvin Cook under 27.5 receiving yards L
Tyler Lockett under 4 receptions L
Stefon Diggs under 7 receptions W

Current Record for 2018 NFL Season:

Game Lines: 50-47-2 (51.5%)

Props: 339-265-8 (56.1%)

Still hanging on to a number above 55%…but for how long? Tune in next time to find out.

Also, is there any other tout service on the internet that publishes their full record each week? Doesn’t it seem like this should be commonplace in 2018? I guess we just have higher standards for ourselves around here.

We hope you continue to enjoy buying picks from LAS VEGAS EXPERTS who have a few “scorchers” to sell you. LOL

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