NFL 2018 Week 3 Recap

Sexy Lobster Boy on BeachWell what do you know? Another week of our members using the greatest NFL gambling system in the world leads them to winning a ridiculous amount of money – it really is becoming expected. As documented on the pages of this terrible website time and time again, professionals strive for a minimum 55% so they can pay off juice and end up with a little bit of a profit when it’s all said and done. Again, 55% success rate is something to be very proud of.

So how did the Sports Information Network do this week? Ummm…not too bad, I guess: we won 67.9% of props for Week 3 and killed all of the best U.S. online sportsbooks in the process, causing general chaos from Costa Rica to Curacao. Did a few line managers lose their jobs? Ummm probably. Sorry, boys! 

Now do you understand why we have the balls to talk about our system in such braggadocios ways and constantly advocate for the Lobster Life? If you don’t buy from us, you’re missing out – plain and simple. Wondering if we can be trusted? Definitely a valid concern! That’s why every single NFL play ever sent out to members are in SIN result recaps on clear display for all to see. Start at Week 1 of last season and work your way through…don’t worry, we’ll wait for you…

Let’s get to this week’s photo: I Google image searched “sexy lobster” and that’s what came up on page 1. Just look at this gorgeous fellow!! The smug sense of satisfaction after finding someone to actually take this picture, mixed with the poise and confidence to pull off a sexy lobster suit. On the beach, no less! What a Champion. And funnily enough, if he took better care of that beard you could actually mistake him after a few beers for our own Liam Mahoney – the NCAAB All Star Tout and World Cup Handicapping WOAT, (I promise that’s the last time I’ll bring it up, Liam). Anyway, if somebody reading this recap happens to know this Sexy Lobster Boy, please contact us with his information: he just won himself a free 2018 package.

Barry Horowitz in RingOne other thing about the photo above, does anyone actually think this is the optimal photo a paid betting picks website could have used in their recap? Shouldn’t it have had a football or something in it? I think I might be getting too cocky to write these things anymore – after all, they’re supposed to make you want to buy our product. Does Sexy Lobster Boy make you want to do that? God I hope not. Here’s the description I embedded in the image: A sexy boy in a lobster suit laying on the beach next to a pile of money symbolizing how much we don’t care if you don’t buy our NFL gambling picks.I think my constant intake of melted butter, garlic, and white wine is starting to kill off too many braincells.

Without any further ado, here are the results courtesy of SIN Member X – the sole reason these recaps keep coming. This is what you should have staked last weekend if wanting to win bigly and get banned from shops like fully endorsed MyBookie, who always immediately shut down sharp players. (Just kidding.)

Game Lines: 4-5 (44%) (+0.50 Profit)

Jets +3 L

Falcons -1.5 L

Panthers -3 W

Titans +10 W

49ers +6 L

Chargers +7 L

Lions +7 W

Lions ML +250 W

Bucs/Steerlers under 55 L


Props: 36-16-1 (67.9%)

Bilal Powell over 54.5 receiving yards -115 W
David Njoku over 29.5 receiving yards -115 W
Jarvis Landry under 6 receptions +115 L
Tyrod Taylor under 32.5 rushing yards +100 W
Quincy Enunwa under 5 receptions +115 W

Cam Newton under 48.5 rushing yards -115 W
Christian Mccaffrey under 6.5 receptions -125 W
Devin Funchess under 4.5 receptions -110 W
Blake Bortles under 21.5 completions -115 W
Demaryius Thomas under 5.5 receptions -115 W
Demaryius Thomas over 57.5 receiving yards W
Emmanuel Sanders under 5.5 receptions +100 W
Michael Crabtree over 4.5 receptions -110 W
Saquon Barkley under 41 receiving yards -115 W
Devante Adams under 5.5 receptions -115 L
Jimmy Graham under 4 receptions -115 L
Jimmy Graham under 45.5 receiving yards W
Zay Jones over 32.5 receiving yards -115 L
Stefon Diggs under 5.5 receptions -125 W
Jimmy Garoppolo under 24.5 completions -115 W
Jimmy Garoppolo Under 303 passing yards -115 W
Pierre Garcon under 4 receptions +100 W
TY Hilton under 5.3 receptions -130 W
Nelson Agholor under 5.5 receptions -105 W
Zach Ertz under 5.5 receptions +110 W
Alvin Kamara under 6.5 receptions +115 L
Keelan Cole under 65.5 receiving yards -130 W
Michael Crabtree over 48.5 receiving yards -130 W
George Kittle under 52.5 receiving yards +100 L
Tyreek Hill under 86 receiving yards -115 W
Andrew Luck under 24.5 completions -115 L
Andrew Luck over 13.5 rushing yards +110 W
Josh Allen over 198.5 passing yards -115 L
Patrick Mahomes under 283.5 passing yards -115 L
Melvin Gordon under 39.5 receiving yards -115 W
Jordan Howard under 76.5 rushing yards +100 W
Allen Robinson under 5 receptions -105 W
Larry Fitzgerald under 6 receptions -115 W
Tyler Lockett over 4 receptions -130 PUSH
Mitchell Trubisky under 23.5 rushing yards -130 W

Golden Tate under 6.5 receptions -130 W
Rob Gronkowski under 5.5 receptions +100 W
Kenny Golladay under 63.5 receiving yards -115 W
Kenny Golladay under 4.5 receptions +100 L
Phillip Dorsett under 3 receptions -125 W

Ben Roethlisberger under 25.5 completions +100 L
Jesse James over 3 receptions +125 L
Antonio Brown under 7.5 receptions +130 W
Juju Smith-Schuster under 5.5 receptions +115 L
Mike Evans under 5.5 receptions L
Ben Roethlisberger under 319.5 passing yards -115 L
Antonio Brown under 112.5 receiving yards -115 W
Mike Evans under 84.5 receiving yards -115 L


Current Record for 2018 NFL Season

Game Lines: 16-8-1 (66.6%)

Props: 70-49-2 (58.8%)


So there you have it – that’s how easy winning comes to us. Sickening, right? I’d love to know how many fake touts are reading these results right now and punching their computer screens in rage and shame. No one does it better than we do. NO ONE. As always, feel free to try to prove me wrong.

Now go buy a Weekly Package for $40 if craving to dine with the rest of us. Or don’t. Either way, we’re going to be lying on a beach next week looking sexy…probably with piles of lobster and money beside us…just like Sexy Lobster Boy.

Viva la Vida de la Langosta!!

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