NFL 2018 Week 5 Recap

SIN Fishermen Balancing

Life is all about balance and when the pendulum swings too far in one direction disaster usually follows. That said, you always want the pendulum to be firmly on the winning side, but we all know it doesn’t work that way and there are always going ups and downs. This is a job and every professional knows this from the beginning.

This brings us to our Week 5 results and yup, you guessed it – our results were bad. But let’s qualify what “bad” is for a professional sports betting network, which is arguably the greatest assembly of prognosticating minds ever put together to focus on realizing gains and inspiring lobster memes. Do you know how hard it was for me to get Jacques Tannenbaum to agree to sell his NFL prop prediction model on this website? That man doesn’t do anything except think about, and bitch about, laying action, all while chugging Pepsi and puffing on bootlegged cigarettes. We’re all lucky that he’s both A) still alive, and B) sharing his masterpiece with us.

So now “bad” around here is a week where under a 55% win percentage – you know this by looking at old recaps in our Gambling News Section and admiring our posted final record for the 2017 season: 58% for game lines and 57% for props. (Please use your lobster bib to wipe that drool off your face.) To be clear, these numbers are not only “great”, they deserve even higher praise because every play has been posted on this website for full transparency. I’m honestly getting tired of having to explain this to you every week.

Anyway, we did bad this week and only won 51% of our props, dragging down our season percentage to 53%. Sorry guys. However, we didn’t crash and burn (yet) so our numbers remain reasonably balanced around the 50% mark. Yes, we always shoot for 55% with anything over that being gravy, which we up here in Quebec use to drown our french fries and cheese curds in.

Here are the results for NFL 2018 Week 5, courtesy of SIN Member X:

Game Lines: 3-4 (43%)

Props: 34-33-2 (51%)


Ryan Grant under 4 receptions L
Chris Hogan over 2.5 receptions W
Eric Ebron under 5 receptions L
Chris Hogan under 38.5 receiving yards W
Rob Gronkowski under 5.5 receptions L
Julian Edelman under 5.5 receptions L
Colts/Patriots under 50 L


Seattle Seahawks +7 W
San Francisco 49’ers -3.5 L
Cleveland Browns +3 W
New York Jets +1 W
Marvin Jones under 4.5 receptions W
Golden Tate under 6.5 receptions W
Jimmy Graham under 52.5 receiving yards L
Davante Adams under 6.5 receptions L
James Conner under 71.5 rushing yards L
Mohamed Sanu under 4 receptions P
Cam Newton under 51.5 rushing yards W
Jarvis Landry under 6.5 receptions W
Tyreek Hill under 5 receptions W
Travis Kelce under 72.5 receiving yards L
Quincy Enunwa under 5 receptions W
Julio Jones under 6.5 receptions W
Travis Kelce under 6 receptions W
AJ Green under 5.5 receptions L
Corey Davis over 60.5 receiving yards L
Saquon Barkley under 47.5 receiving yards L
Sterling Shepard under 66.5 receiving yards L
Julio Jones under 109.5 receiving yards W
JuJu Smith-Schuster under 88.5 receiving yards W
Antonio Brown under 104.5 receiving yards W
Adavane Adams under 79.5 receiving yards L
Kerryon Johnson under 54.5 rushing yards L
Aj Green under 85.5 receiving yards L
Joe Flacco under 1.5 TD passes W
TJ Yeldon under 64.5 rushing yards W
Donte Moncrief under 42.5 receiving yards L
Phillip Lindsay under 53.5 rushing yards L
Ben Roethlisberger over 26 completions L
Ryan Tannehill under 1.5 passing TDs W
Keelan Cole under 62.5 receiving yard L
Demaryius Thomas under 5 receptions P
Golden Tate under 79.5 receiving yards W
Marvin Jones under 64.5 receiving yards W
Jared Cook  under 61.5 receiving yards W
Melvin Gordon under 5.5 receptions W
Kirk Cousins under 300.5 passing yards L
Kyle Rudolph under 43.5 receiving yards W
Carson Wentz under 24.5 completions W
Adam Thielen under 90.5 receiving yards L
Cole Beasley over 3.5 receptions L
Ezekiel Elliot under 91.5 rushing yards W
Todd Gurley under 91.5 rushing yards W
Zach Ertz under 5.5 receptions L
Nelson Agholor under 4.5 receptions W
Jared Cook under 5 receptions W
Marshawn Lynch under 65.5 rushing yards W
Amari Cooper over 5 receptions L
Melvin Gordon under 48.5 receiving yards L
Stefon Diggs under 5.5 receptions L
Adam Thielen under 7.5 receptions W
Stefon Diggs under 73.5 receiving yards L
Cooper Kupp under 5 receptions L
Cooper Kupp over 62.5 receiving yards W
Robert Woods under 70.5 receiving yards L
Robert Woods under 5.5 receptions W
Deshaun Watson under 36.5 rushing yards L
Ezekiel Elliot over 3.5 receptions W
DeAndre Hopkins under 6.5 receptions L
Will Fuller under 4.5 receptions W
Dak Prescott under 19.5 completions W
Houston Texans -3.5 L


Michael Thomas under 95.5 receiving yards W
Jamison Crowder under 54.5 receiving yards L
Chris Thompson under 4.5 receptions L
Washington Redskins +6 L

Current Record for 2018 NFL Season

Game Lines: 23-16-1 (58.9%)

Props: 125-111-4 (52.9%)

Well as we can all see, there’s some improvement to be made here but things could be much much worse. Just imagine if you bought your picks from someone who didn’t post their results every week. Man that would be frustrating…

On to Week 6…

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