NFL 2018 Week 6 Recap

Sexy Lobster GrabSure I had the benefit of knowing all of the results before sitting down to bang out the recaps you were owed for the last few weeks, but that doesn’t change anything. I was going to be just as braggadocios about our NFL 2018 Week 6 results no matter what – and really, why wouldn’t I be? When you are the best online gambling website in the world sometimes you just have to toot your own horn, so please set your phasers to “smug”.

Let’s get right to it: we bounced back and returned to form last weekend and absolutely smashed the bookies. Yes, SMASHED them…to the tune of a winning percentage of 75%. SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT. Do you understand how amazing that number is? Well if you’re reading this now and don’t immediately go buy NFL picks from us, you don’t understand much about gambling at all. A winning percentage like this is absolutely historic.

Actually, we did better than that last year: in Week 7 we won 82% of our prop wagers and became internet gambling legends overnight and were featured in tons of news articles and television programs. Just kidding – no one noticed except the members of SIN. No emails from ESPN. No interview requests by any of the “legitimate gambling media”. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It would actually be pretty funny if it wasn’t so damn sad. This is important gambling news. We’re literally changing the world over here and no one cares.

Creepy Lobster ClownWhen we started this website last year I thought that all we’d have to do is win people lots of money each week and then fame and fortune would quickly find us. Like…shouldn’t someone have contacted us from the media to ask what the hell is going on here?? Our wins are bigly and the stable geniuses who dish out the gambling tips are getting every one of our members paid. Where is the praise? Where is the spotlight? Where are the awards? You’d have thought that the website itself would have at least been nominated for some bullshit electronic journalism award due to the amazing articles and fantastic memes, but NOPE.

Whatever. I told you before that I’m getting sick of writing these recaps and that one day they shall be no more. They’re becoming a waste of my time. If you don’t buy our NFL picks package after all of the results we’ve published, you’ll simply never get it through your thick head – you’re hopeless. Go get free picks off of Twitter and enjoy the garbage plays and deleted picks from the Twouts who will rob you blind. You deserve to get played like the bozo you are – I’ve stopped caring about you and your pathetic life. You were born a loser and you’ll die a loser – just like your father and grandfather before you. We are giving you a GIFT of free money and you still don’t get it. But what could we expect from a bozo like you?

Anyway, here are the results for Week 6 of the 2018 NFL season courtesy of SIN Member X…just look at what you could have had if you weren’t such a bozo:

Game Lines: 4-3 (57%)

Props: 42-14-1 (75%)


Philadelphia Eagles -1 W
Saquon Barkley under 47.5 receiving yards L
Sterling Shepard under 70.5 receiving yards W
Odell Beckham Jr. under 98.5 receiving yards W
Saquon Barkley over 55.5 rushing yards W
Saquon Barkley under 5.5 receptions L
Odell Beckham Jr. under 7.5 receptions W
Sterling Shepard under 5.5 receptions W
Zach Ertz under 6.5 receptions L
Nelson Agholor under 4.5 receptions W


Josh Rosen under 211 passing yards L
David Johnson under 61 rushing yards W
Stefon Diggs under 6 receptions W
Ryan Grant under 4.5 receptions W
Ryan Grant under 54.5 receiving yards W
Cam Newton under 43.5 rushing yards W
Christian McCaffrey under 5.5 receptions L
James Conner under 76.5 rushing yards L
Joe Mixon under 80.6 rushing yards W
AJ Green over 5.5 receptions W
Mohamed Sanu under 4 receptions W
Doug Baldwin over 4.5 receptions W
Tyler Lockett under 65.5 receiving yards W
Jared Cook under 5 receptions W
Deshaun Watson under 263.5 passing yards W
Desaun Watson under 33.5 rushing yards W
DeAndre Hopkins under 93.5 receiving yards W
Rob Gronkowski under 5.5 receptions W
Julian Edelman under 72.5 receiving yards W
Melvin Gordon under 49.5 receiving yards W
Jordan Reed under 54.5 receiving yards W
Isaiah Crowell under 49.5 rushing yards W
Julio Jones under 107.5 receiving yards L
Russell Wilson over 231.5 passing yards L
Doug Baldwin over 51.5 receiving yards W
Marshawn Lynch under 68.5 rushing yards W
Josh Allen over 183.5 passing yards L
Miami Dolphins +6 W
Todd Gurley under 46.5 receiving yards W
Brandin Cooks under 75.5 receiving yards W
Emmanuel Sanders over 60.5 receiving yards W
Travis Kelce under 82.5 receiving yards W
Tom Brady under 320.5 passing yards L
Robert Woods under 73.5 receiving yards L
Cincinatti Bengals -1.5 L
New York Jets  -2 W
Dallas Cowboys +3 W
Derek Carr under 1.5 TDs W
Mitch Trubisky over 20 completions W
Dede Westbrook under 4 receptions W
Dak Prescott over 18.5 completions L
Dak Prescott over 192.5 passing yards L
Cole Beasley over 3 receptions W
Cole Beasley over 30.5 receiving yards W
Willie Snead under 43.5 receiving yards L
Derrick Henry under 50.5 rushing yards W
New England Patriots -3.5 L


San Francisco 49’ers L
Aaron Rodgers over 14.5 rushing yards W
George Kittle under 5 receptions W
Pierre Garcon under 4 receptions P
CJ Beathard over 242.5 passing yards W
Aaron Jones under 55.5 rushing yards W
George Kittle under 59.5 receiving yards W

Current Record for 2018 NFL Season

Game Lines: 27-19-1 (58.7%)

Props: 167-125-5 (57.2%)

So is a 75% win percentage something that I could interest you in? Do you see now how we’re all making money and you’re not? Drop out of clown college, take off the rubber nose and floppy shoes, and buy our NFL picks package today. Just imagine: you can finally start winning in life. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, at least do it for your family: they’re tired of being embarrassed of you.

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