NFL 2018 Week 8 Recap

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Let’s keep the recaps coming to ensure Sports Information Network is known as the most honest paid picks gambling service who value transparency and their reputation. We always report our record, win or lose. Sure it sometimes takes us a while to publish them, but we’re busy people with seafood to eat – you guys know how it is.

There’s also another very good reason these recaps come “whenever” and not on a set schedule: we really don’t care if you buy our product. It’s true. I’m very sorry to shock and possibly insult you, but we just don’t need the money. We make enough of it using our patented algorithms to predict NFL player performance to hammer the bookies from coast to coast and pillar to post, for 20 weeks of the year. Not to mention our vast cryptocurrency holdings will keep making us rich forever.

Just go back and look at some of the old recaps we’ve done and tell me: does this look like a website that’s actively trying to generate sales? Or does it have the air of a bunch of well-fed, contented, smug gamblers having fun with their lives and taunting the internet? You make the call.

Sadly at the end of the day, I can confirm the main purpose of this site is to brag about how great certain SIN experts are and highlight how easy it is to win money betting on football if having the right tools at your disposal. I guess we’re more of an “infotainment” publication than a tout agency. Meh, whatever. At least we’ve received critical acclaim from the online art community praising us for elevating the genre of lobster memes.

Again, a big “Thank You” to SIN Member X for sending us his results so we actually have something to publish here, besides our terrible game line plays. As always, any member is invited to send us plays and we’ll add them into the mix.

Let’s see how we did for NFL 2018 Week 8:

Game Lines: 1-6 (17%)

Props: 22-19-1 (53.7%)


Miami Dolphins +7.5 L
Kenyan Drake under 4.5 receptions W
Kenyan Drake under 30.5 receiving yards L
Deshaun Watson over 19.5 rushing yards L
Will Fuller under 69.5 receiving yards L
DeAndre Hopkins under 7 receptions W
Devante Parker over 33.5 receiving yards W


Jacksonville Jaguars +4 L
Baltimore Ravens -2.5 L
Detroit Lions -3 L
New York Jets +9.5 L
Arizona Cardinals +2.5 W
Patrick Mahomes under 315.5 passing yards W
Kareem Hunt under 87.5 rushing yards W
Sam Darnold over 201.5 passing yards L
Patrick Mahomes under 15.5 rushing yards W
Alex Smith over 13.5 rushing yards L
Christian McCaffrey under 45.5 receiving yards W
Devin Funchess under 4.5 receptions W
Cam Newton under 41.5 rushing yards L
Willie Snead under 4.5 receptions L
Michael Crabtree under 5 receptions W
Golden Tate under 6 receptions L
Doug Baldwin over 4.5 receptions L
Russell Wilson over 21 completions L
Travis Kelce under 80.5 receiving yards W
Travis Kelce under 6 receptions P
Patrick Mahomes under 24.5 completions W
James Conner under 82.5 rushing yards L
Robert Woods under 6 receptions W
Larry Fitzgerald under 5 receptions L
Jared Cook over 4.5 receptions L
T Y Hilton under 5.5 receptions W
Todd Gurley over 34.5 receiving yards W
Derek Carr under 25.5 completions W
Aaron Rodgers under 312.5 passing yards W
Drew Brees under 310.5 passing yards W
Stefon Diggs under 6.5 receptions L
Kirk Cousins under 310.5 passing yards L
Adam Thielen under 112.5 receiving yards W
Alvin Kamara over 47.5 receiving yards L
Alvin Kamara under 58.5 receiving yards W
Alvin Kamara under 50.5 rushing yards W


Buffalo Bills +14 L
Zay Jones under 3 receptions L
Zay Jones over 29.5 receiving yards W
Charles Clay over 23.5 receiving yards W
James White under 6 receptions L
Julian Edelman under 6 receptions L

Current Record for 2018 NFL Season

Game Lines: 32-30-1 (51.6%)

Props: 209-166-6 (55.7%)

Not a terrible week but certainly not “lobster-worthy” – it’s a good thing we started the year off with a bang. I’m sure we’ll bounce back soon, though. Anyone wanting to hop on board The Pain Train can punch their ticket for $249…literally the best deal around…go check what our competitors charge. We’ll see you back here soon…

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