Recap of the SIN World Cup 2018 Tout

German Lobster ShockWell let’s get this recap posted and published so we can move on to the only true gambling sport that matters: American football. As most followers on social media already know due to our lack of bragging and glorious memes, our World Cup 2018 Tout went horribly and Liam Mahoney is now in a self-imposed exile somewhere in the wilderness of Northern Ontario trying to figure out what went wrong. He takes his profession very seriously and is not happy at all with his final record.

In reality we all know what went wrong: we risked capital and returns are never a sure thing. Of course, around here we are used to a winning NFL props system and an excellent NBA betting algorithm providing a steady stream of lobster dinners every week, soooo…

As we believe that the trademark of any decent tout service is to publish their plays for all to see, here’s everything sent out to our shocked and demoralized members, (please note how we absolutely crashed and burned at the end with a jaw-dropping eight straight losses in a row!)…

Game Pick Result
Russia / Saudi Arabia 1H u0.5, 1 +105 or 1H u1 -145 L
Egypt / Uruguay Draw L
Iran / Morocco Morocco +130 L
Spain / Portugal Spain +110 L
France / Australia France -1.5, 2 at +101 L
Argentina / Iceland Iceland +1,+1.5 +109 W
Peru / Denmark Peru/Denmark u2 -104 W
Croatia / Nigeria Croatia -126 W
Costa Rica / Serbia Draw +242 L
Germany / Mexico Germany Clean +150 L
Brazil / Switzerland Switzerland +1,1.5 +101 W
Tunisia / England Over 2.5 +124 W
Poland / Senegal u2 -101 L
Portugal / Morocco Draw L
Urugay / Saudi Arabia u3 -120 W
Iran / Spain o2.5, 3 +102 L
France / Peru France ML -162 W
Argentina / Croatia Croatia +0.5 -124 W
Iceland / Nigeria Iceland Pick -104 L
Switzerland / Serbia o2 +108 W
Belgium / Tunisia Belgium Clean +103 L
South Korea / Mexico Korea +0.5 +139 L
Germany / Sweden Sweden +0.5 +184 L
Germany / Sweden Sweden ML +620 .25 Unit L
England / Panama England -1.5 -125 W
England / Panama England -2 +144 W
Japan / Senegal Draw +225 W
Poland / Columbia Poland PK 0.5 -103 L
Urugay / Russia Russia PK +101 L
Urugay / Russia Russia ML +191 L
Saudi Arabia / Egypt Egypt ML -122 L
Saudi Arabia / Egypt Saudi/Egypt o2.5 +103 W
Iran / Portugal Iran ML +529 L
Iran / Portugal Iran/Portugal u2.5 -159 W
Australia / Peru o2.5 -110 L
Denmark / France u2 +101 W
Nigeria / Argentina Nigeria +1 +103 P
Nigeria / Argentina Nigeria ML +487 L
Iceland / Croatia Draw +255 L
Iceland / Croatia Iceland +0.5 -127 L
South Korea / Germany Germany -1.5, -161 L
Swizerland / Costa Rica u2.5 -135 L
Swizerland / Costa Rica u2 +139 L
England / Belgium Belgium PK +112 W
Senegal / Columbia Columbia ML -118 W
Senegal / Columbia o2.5 +110 L
France / Argentina u0.5 +137 L
France / Argentina u2 -117 L
Uruguay / Portugal Uruguay PK +106 W
Uruguay / Portugal Uruguay/Portugal o1.5,2 -108 W
Russia / Spain Russia +1 -125 W
Russia / Spain Russia/Spain 1H u1 -128 L
Russia / Spain Russia/Spain u2.5 -122 W
Croatia / Denmark Croatia ML -120 L
Brazil / Mexico Bra/Mex o2.5 -108 L
Sweden / Switzerland Sweden PK +110 W
Columbia / England Colombia +0.5 -125 W
Columbia / England Colombia ML +306 L
Uruguay / France France +109 1u W
Uruguay / France FRA -1.5 +175 or FRA “rest of the way” -0.5 +175 for 0.5x W
Brazil / Belgium Brazil +111 2u L
France / Belgium France / Belgium o2.5 +107 L
France / Belgium Belgium to qualify +116 2x L
England / Croatia Croatia not to score +131 0.5x L
England / Croatia England +127 1x L
Belgium / England Belgium/England o3 +112 L
Croatia / France Draw +215 1x L
Croatia / France Croatia +0.5 -124 1x L


Pushes 1
Wins 25
Loses 42
Total 67
Win Percentage 37.31%


So there are the final results of what will hopefully be our worst tout of all time. We’re used to winning 55%+ on average so this is definitely a bitter pill to swallow. Let us flush these numbers down the toilet and never think about international soccer again…well…at least until 2022 when we’ve forgotten this pain and start getting cocky again. How in the hell do you say “no” to a full month of summer sports betting on one of the hardest games to handicap?!? Especially when it’s all social media or idiots at your workplace talk about.

And just so everyone knows the situation, no one has ever come to ME and asked if they could sell their picks, (especially Liam), I went to them, (with the help of someone else who used to be involved with this site who shall remain nameless). These guys are all professionals and don’t like the pressure of selling their picks, even though they all make money from sports gambling (a lot of it) and know wins are logged a lot more than losses. Ultimately they do this for love and ego boost, not the cash.

JT has the NFL on lock, Angelo smashed the NBA with his crazy props sheet, and Liam hammered NCAA basketball during March Madness this year. Sure they’ll all throw down on anything and everything, but those sports are their specialties. Liam branches out into nontraditional events more than others so both of us thought he was up for the challenge. Which technically he was, but we still ended up losing pitifully. That’s gambling. That’s just the way she goes sometimes.

DeNiro End of CasinoI suppose we’ve learned our lesson about getting too cute. To quote the great Homer J. Simpson, Trying is the first step towards failure, so I guess we should never try again. We were going to test out some new systems from people we’ve met in the dark DMs of Twitter because we’d love to build a site that featured “the most honest touts in the world”, but maybe it would just be too hard to do. Better to stick to what you know.

On to NFL and the return of the Tannenbaum Tout, the greatest football player prop prediction sheet in the business. We’re ready to start eating lobster again.

We can still pick winners, and we can still make all kinds of money for people back home. And why mess up a good thing? And that’s that.

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