The Thanksgiving Special 2017

Pin-Up Model Thanksgiving
In my early days in the offshore gaming industry, I answered phones for a popular shop now going by a different name. I was front line customer service, it’s how I got my foot in the door to what has somehow become a lasting “career”.

Most calls were mundane, but every now and then around the holidays you would get the guy calling from his bathroom to find out scores (this was before smart phones). Maybe he was in the shower for added soundproofing or out ‘having a smoke’. At the time I had pity on them, avoiding their families to get down.

Of course, then I didn’t have a family of my own. Now that I have a wife and three kids, I’ve come to realize… not all heroes wear capes.

What better escape from the madness that is Thanksgiving; in-laws, parents, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, kids, cleaning….

“Sorry Honey, the boys are watching football” as all the women glare at the men before heading back in to the kitchen. This may come off as sexist but for many, the holidays are a return to simpler times, where you sat and bonded as men while using televised events to avoid conversation with your wife’s sisters’ boyfriend.

Although, with so many games and obligations, how is a man to find the time to get those edges, thus covering the costs or doubling them, of what is sure to be an expensive weekend.

Countless readers know the heart of your beloved Sports Information Network is located in French Canada, where people here celebrated “Thanksgiving” on Columbus Day like the upside-down folk that Canadians are. I was one of them.

On this Thanksgiving Weekend, jump aboard the AG Tout for what is sure to be a doozy. I have no familial obligations apart from the usual ignoring them while sitting in my basement.

Package includes:

  • NFL Picks for Week 11 (Currently 62% for game lines, 60.4% for props)
  • NBA Picks for Week 6 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Game lines 55.5% Props 56.2%)
  • NCAAF Week 13 (Currently 48.4% )
  • NCAAB (The March Madness King Returns) on Nov 23rd, 24th and 25th.

NCAAF has only been available to NFL Season Pack members until this weekend, and NCAAB is a gift to you all as we won’t be starting that until January.

Join us now, have all the work done for you, for $49.

Sign up, wait for emails, maybe even help the women early on in the day to get that all important praise from elders. Then get to ignoring them all while hiding in the shower.


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