Where to Bet on the 2018 Kentucky Derby

70s German Horse RacingNot many of us are going to make the pilgrimage to Churchill Downs this year to put money down on the 2018 Kentucky Derby – it’s just too much of a hassle dealing with flights and arguing with people who think that Kentucky Bourbon is better than Jack Daniel’s. These people are misguided souls who will just never know what a good drink should taste like. (You’re welcome, Lynchburg.) Staying at home to gamble online is so much easier than dealing with airlines, taxis, over-priced hotels, and the subsequent dent in our wallets before we’ve even placed a wager.

So we did the heavy lifting for you and have compiled our list of where to bet on the 2018 Kentucky Derby from the comfort of your own home – or from the comfort of your cell phone. Up to you. These days there are tons of online sportsbooks who accept players in the U.S.A., but not every one of them will give you the security and service that you demand from a virtual bookie that’s taking your hard-earned money. We’ve done our research and we’re proud to give you the best options out there – scroll down for a deeper dive into why we love our Top 3 so much.

Top 3 U.S.A. Sportsbooks
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First on the list is a rocket ship of an operation that’s recommended by everyone from Joe Rogan to Bill Burr. (Yes – you should absolutely take gambling advice from famous comedians.) Who has these potty-mouthed jesters frothing at the mouth? None other than upstart sportsbook MyBookie.ag, who have quickly made a name for themselves with their gambler-friendly terms and conditions, and low-juice lines. They’re offering a special sign-up bonus for everyone coming in for the Derby and you can be assured that their customer service will treat you with white gloves from the start of the day until the roses are finally awarded.

The second best online sportsbook for horse bettors living in the United States has to be BetOnline since after the race is done you’ll be able to wager on everything from cricket to Japanese currency fluctuations. These guys easily have the largest selection of prop wagers on every North American sport, as well as leagues from around the world that you’ve never even heard of. They’re guaranteed by the Sports Information Network to be 100% safe and secure, and when you win you’ll get paid faster than anyone else in the business. Sweet.

Last on the list we have the dark horse sportsbook of WagerWeb, who have quietly been taking bets from Costa Rica for the last few years and building a loyal following among diehard gamblers. They have a clean website that’s easy to navigate and offer 3 unique welcome bonuses for you to choose from depending on how much free cash and rollover you’re willing to take on. And if you want to stick around after the race and play blackjack, they got you covered there too.

So there you have it – if you’re looking to get down some bets on The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports, this trifecta of U.S. sportsbooks are the only places you want to look. Don’t forget to wear your ridiculous hats…

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