2018 World Cup Betting Picks

Putin World CupThere can be no doubt the Sports Information Network is indeed comprised of the world’s foremost prognostication experts, hell-bent on proving talents to the world. This has arrived in many ways since launching, but wonderful victories simply keep piling up. For example, where else but here last week could you find a $1,052 winning superfecta for Belmont Stakes under a gorgeous image of a flock of My Little Ponies? Folks, the system works. This website might look like a burner phone, but we know what we’re doing.

So fresh off of SIN’s gift of Jacques Tannenbaum’s Belmont superfecta, we’re back in your face to sell you crap you don’t need, (well, if already a professional focusing on international football). That’s right, we’re now expanding our sports gambling handicapping service to include soccer and you really couldn’t be more excited!

Yes, you should be absolutely over the moon because the Sports Information Network 2018 World Cup Pick Package is going to turn the “Beautiful Game” into a moneymaking extravaganza. Just imagine how amazed your friends will be when you tell them who’s going to triumph before the match even starts. What a parlor trick! You’ll be the most popular dude at the party…the sad gatherings full of unemployed people attended at 11am since this year’s tournament is in Russia.

World Cup 2018 Betting Picks

So what kind of picks are being sold for 2018 World Cup? Well, only winning ones, of course! Just kidding, they’ll probably all suck but still be much better than anything you could come up with on your own, (don’t get angry, you know it’s true). Seriously though, focus will be on MoneyLine plays for all qualifiers, as well as knock out rounds, all the way up to finals.

We are guaranteeing a minimum of 60 total plays during the entire tournament, however the final number will hopefully be closer to 70 or more. This is because some live action is being prepared for and we have no way of knowing available lines, so if the bulk of bookmakers are vigilant, there might not be much to feast on.

IMPORTANT: This year’s World Cup is in Russia (you know, because they’re dominating the world at the moment) so matches are going to be early in the morning in North America and run throughout the day. If not able to place action between 8am and 3pm ET when sent out, don’t buy this package, nor any other for that matter.

REALLY IMPORTANT: To clarify what’s being sold, there won’t be any player prop sheets like usual ones for NFL and NBA. These will be game plays only, with some specific props mixed in. For example, at halftime perhaps a juicy prop on Player X scoring another goal appears, or a goalie t0 finish with the shutout, or whatnot. We’ll try to find soft numbers and send them, but…

MOST IMPORTANT: We’re going to do our best to find specific shops to hammer props, but we sell advice globally so we’re just not able to find every place posting weak lines. Therefore, you will be responsible for finding lines yourself and getting down, however, if we’ve already found some, of course this information will be forwarded.

Buy World Cup Gambling Picks

So now you’re literally pulling the hair out of your own head as well as the heads of those around you trying to figure out how you’re going to buy these winning 2018 World Cup picks and get rich from gambling so you can tell your boss to shove it and quit your crappy job. Don’t worry – those feelings are more than natural and you’re not alone.

Hot Fans Grabbing for LobsterAnd how much are we charging for this glorious package stuffed with expert predictions that also makes you appear more attractive to women? Only $24.99 for the entire tournament!! How does that taste? (Answer: it tastes like “freedom”.)

Since we’re guaranteeing a minimum of 60 selections throughout the tournament it equates to less than .50 cents a play, which no one in their right minds can argue with. It’s an absolute steal. To confirm purchases, please email us at sportsinformationnetwork[at]gmail[dot]com and you will be ready to rock and roll.

All transactions are 100% safe and guaranteed, read more about our excellent industry standing on the SIN Twitter account, which most people agree is terrible, but packed with winning picks and photos of lobsters in whacky and hilarious settings. In short, we’ve been around long enough to be trusted with a couple of bucks.

2018 World Cup Gambling Expert

Only one person associated with the Sports Information Network could possibly be tapped for this job, the incomparable Liam Mahoney, prediction expert to the stars. He’s the man who brought amazing March Madness betting picks a few months ago that fans everywhere immediately fell in love with.

I’m sure you all remember this juicy nugget from AnonymousGamblr’s drunken rant professional sales pitch:

Well, our guy can asses these things. Incredibly well. So well in fact, that we can spend an entire article making fun of ourselves when we are supposed to be selling this ground breaking college basketball betting system.

Well now you know our “guy” was Liam Mahoney. Why didn’t he want his name and profile on the site? Because he’s just that type of guy. He’s not in this for fame nor glory, he’s here to challenge himself and take on bookies and believe me when I tell you he takes this stuff very seriously.

In our constant quest to be 100% transparent, I’ll tell you the absolute honest truth about Liam,  he really, really, really doesn’t want to do this. Seriously, I’ve been busting his onions constantly to join The Network and it’s always the same crap, but finally after standing outside his bedroom window with a ghetto blaster, he agreed to be the one to help you light that extra cash in your pocket on fire. What a swell chap!

Why Buy World Cup Picks?

So ya, Liam doesn’t want to do this but I’m making him do it because I’m mad no one thanked us for giving away Jacques Tannenbaum’s WINNING BELMONT SUPERFECTA, or for any of the free NFL and NBA selections we gave away every night this year, or for the modern day pieces of electronic art constantly published on Twitter, otherwise known as SIN Memes.

So my plan is to make Liam do this, (knowing that he’s going to kill the books), offer the package for a ridiculously low price, and then I’m going to publish results at the end and rub everyone’s noses in it who didn’t buy. Sound good? Cool.

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