NBA 2017 Mid December Recap

Key Arena Proposal SINThis week the city of Seattle approved one of the stupidest proposals ever submitted for a stadium, (and I should know because I actually follow this stuff closely for some stupid reason). Long story short, Chris Hansen and his group (not the dude waiting in a kitchen for Vegas Dave, I’m talking about the billionaire investor) gave Seattle a gift in the form of a 100% privately funded new stadium downtown and a huge renovation to Key Arena, and the counsellors said, “Mmmm thanks, but no thanks.” Dafuq? Instead they accepted a proposal by Oak View Group to only renovate Key Arena, effectively telling the Hansen group to take their brand new privately funded stadium and stuff it. And if you think this sounds ridiculous, you totally understand the situation…and you’re smarter than certain elected officials in the Pacific Northwest.

It appears as if  Seattle City Council thinks that sports stadiums fall from the sky and aren’t that expensive. Sadly, the citizens of Calgary are soon going to find out just how expensive they can be since the owner of their NHL team claims that he “needs” a new stadium asap. The link here of course is that Seattle would be the only conceivable city that the Flames could quickly move to if tax payers don’t cave in and offer to pay for a new rink. Thanks, Bettman! (He really is the worst commissioner in all of sports.)

Anyway, enough news – lets move on to our NBA results for this past week…

Everyone knows the Sports Information Network is the only paid tout service publishing a full record of picks, win or lose. We do this to ensure transparency and hopefully convince people that even though we’re a bunch of degenerates, we still sell profitable NBA advice based on science, not emotion. This week the results were vanilla, but sometimes vanilla is a pretty tasty flavor.

We actually published an excellent analysis on the occasional value of breaking even a few weeks ago, which turned out to be one of our most-read articles of the year. There’s no need to echo it here, but please go read if missed it the first time around. The TLDR is basically, “sometimes it’s ok to break even”, which is what our formula felt like this week. Technically, it was a losing endeavor after juice was factored in at 54%, which is a hair under the coveted 55% mark all professionals strive for.

Here’s how we kept our head slightly above water this week and protected our luscious 62% winning percentage on props for the season in the process:

Game Lines Week 8: 4-4-1

Props Week 8: 32-26-1


Dec 5

Was/Por 1H u103.5 -110 W

Pho/TO 1H o107.5 -110 L

TJ Warren (PHO) Pts u19 -125 W

Serge Ibaka (TO) Pts o11.5 -115 W

Serge Ibaka (TO) Pts+Rbs o17 -135 W

Jonas Valanciunas (TO) Rbs o7.5 -130 W

Otto Porter Jr (WAS) Pts u16 -115 W

Damian Lillard (POR) Rbs+Asst u11.5 -105 L

TJ Warren (PHO) Pts u18.5 -115 W

Serge Ibaka (TO) Pts o11.5 -115 W

Jonas Valanciunas (TO) Pts+Rbs o17.5 -120 L

Steven Adams (OKC) Pts+Rbs o19 -115 W

Jusuf Nurkic (POR) Pts+Rbs u24 -120 P

Kyle Lowry (TO) Pts o18.5 -110 W


Dec 6

Memphis +2 L

Detroit +4 P

Golden State/Charlotte 1H u109.5 -110 W

Taureen Prince (ATL) Pts u12 -115 L

Kent Bazemore (ATL) Rbs+Asst o6 -115 W

Jonathan Simmons (ORL) Pts u16 -115 W

Victor Oladipo (IND) Rbs+Asst u10 -115 P

Darren Collison (IND) Rbs+Asst u10 -115 W

Tyreke Evans (MEM) Pts u19.5 -135 W

Jeff Green (MEM) Pts u12.5 -125 W

Enes Kanter (NY) Pts o14 +100 L

Harrison Barnes (DAL) Rbs u8 -115 W

Avery Bradley (DET) Pts u15.5 -115 L

Goran Dragic (MIA) Pts u18.5 -125 W

Dennis Schroder (ATL) Pts+Asst u28 -115 L

Victor Oladipo (ORL) Pts+Asst u27.5 -115 L

Bojan Bogdanovic (IND) Pts+Rbs u22 -120 W

DeMarcus Cousins (NO) Pts+Rbs u42.5 -115 L

Goran Dragic (MIA) Pts+Asst u22.5 -115 W

Rudy Gay (SAS) Pts u15 -115 L

Justin Holiday (CHI) pts u15.5 -125 W

Robin Lopez (CHI) Pts u13.5 -110 L

JayMichael Green (MEM) Pts u11.5 +106 W

Marc Gasol (MEM) Pts u20.5 -110 W

Dirk Nowitzki (DAL) Pts o10.5 +100 W

Goran Dragic (MIA) Pts u17.5 -110 W


Dec 7

LA/Philly 1H u111 -110 W

OKC/Brooklyn u214.5 -110 W

Lonzo Ball (LAL) Pts u9 -115 L

Larry Nance Jr (LAL) Pts u9.5 -115 L

Brandon Ingram (LAL) Pts+Rbs+Asst u26 -115 L

Ben Simmons (PHI) Pts+Rbs+Asst u35.5 -115 L

Spencer Dinwiddie (BRK) Pts u14.5 -105 W

Ryan Anderson (HOU) Pts u11.5 -115 L

Derrick Favors (UTA) Pts o12.5 -115 L

Derrick Favors (UTA) Pts+Rbs o19.5 -115 L

Brandon Ingram (LAL) Pts u17.5 -115 L

Kentavious Caldwell Pope (LAL) Pts u15.5 -115 W

Brook Lopez (LAL) Pts+Rbs u18 -115 W

Ben Simmons (PHI) Rbs+Asst u17.5 -115 L

Donovan Mitchell (UTA) Pts+Rbs+Asst u30.5 -110 L


Dec 8

Golden State -5 -110 L

Boston +2.5 L

Justin Holiday (CHI) Pts u14.5 -120 L

Kevin Love (CLE) Rbs u12 -120 W

Gary Harris (DEN) Pts u19.5 -115 W

Kevin Durant (GSW) u29.5 -115 L

Kris Middleton (MIL) Pts+Rbs u25.5 -120 L

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Pts u13.5 -115 L

Kris Dunn (CHI) Pts u13.5 -105 L

Michael Carter Williams (CHA) Pts o8.5 -130 W

Draymond Green (GSW) Pts u12 -130 W

Zach Randolph (SAC) Pts o14.5 -135 W

Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) Rbs o9.5 -130 W

Jaylen Brown (BOS) Pts u14 -115 L


Game Lines Season: 13-13-1 (50%)

Props Season: 105-65-3 (61.8%)


So, these results don’t deserve the popping of champagne, but we’re not exactly relegated to cheeseburgers either. There’s always going to be highs and lows throughout a season and as our record clearly shows, we’ve definitely had more highs. Trust the system.



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