NBA 2017 Mid-November Recap

SuperSonics New Arena ProposalWhat happens when the World’s Most Transparent Tout AnonymousGamblr wants to release his NBA gambling record and Dick Knotts is too drunk busy to write a recap? You guessed it – the task falls into the lap of yours truly. Maybe it’s for the best – when you gamble on the NBA it feels more like a business and less like an exciting pass time, (so Dick would probably just write a bunch of nonsense each week and talk about lavish meals). NBA gamblers know that it’s night after night of grinding just to hopefully end up with a 55% win percentage at the end of the week – there just isn’t anything glamorous about regular season betting on pro basketball. That’s not to say that it’s boring, but staying up until 1am EST on a Tuesday night to see if Clint Capela gets more rebounds than Brandon Ingram ain’t exactly the same thing as going on an epic blackjack run in a foreign casino as you scream and high-five strangers.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Why does the Sports Information Network publish recaps of the gambling picks that they send out to their members?” This is a natural question to have since every other tout in the business hides their records with fudged numbers, bells, whistles, and a pile of monkey manure to throw you off the scent of their rancid picks. Well, we publish our gambling picks to be 100% transparent with both our members and our potential subscribers so everyone knows what they’re getting into.

Trust me, if we become terrible at gambling, this website will simply close down, or at least stop selling betting packages. Maybe it could become a forum for AG, Dick, and others to vent about the 1,000 things that piss them off every day? Anyway, if you’re shelling out money for something you have a right to know what you’re buying – it’s just as simple as that. And if you’re still not a believer in our amazing betting systems, please go search our Twitter accounts and try to find one person that’s unhappy with our service – spoiler alert: everyone’s happy.

Oh – and to quickly address the image accompanying this recap, it’s an artist’s rendition of a potential new arena for the Seattle SuperSonics from a few years ago. Why is this here? Because the Seattle SuperSonics need to come back to the NBA as soon as possible to restore order to the professional basketball universe. There are a few people involved in this website who are from the Pacific Northwest and we just haven’t felt right since that team was ripped out of Key Arena, (which was basically the best place in the United States to watch an NBA game). So because I have a voice, (however small), I shall made it be heard and you can expect a lot more SuperSonic Propaganda in these recaps if I keep doing them. Maybe you should all pray that D-Knot runs out of fun money soon and has to take these over.

Anyway, lets get on with the results – here’s what SIN sent out to our members last week:

NBA Week 5

Game Lines: 5-4 (55%)

Props: 27-21-2 (54%)


Nov 14

Game Line: Toronto Raptors +6.5 -110 W

Jonas Valanciunas (TOR) Pts+Rbs o17.5 -115 W

Clint Capela (HOU) Pts+Rbs u24.5 -115 W

LaMarcus Aldridge (SA) Pts+Rbs u30 -115 L

Dennis Smith (DAL) Pts+Rbs u20 -115 L

Dennis Smith (DAL) Pts u15 +110 L

Dirk Nowitzki (DAL) Pts o9.5 -115 W

LaMarcus Aldridge (SA) Pts u21 +115 L

Dirk Nowitzki (DAL) Pts+Rbs o15.5 +110 W

Rondae Hollis Jefferson (BKN) Pts u15.5 -105 L

Jonas Valanciunas (TOR) Pts+Rbs o17.5 +105 W

DeMar DeRozan (TOR) Rbs + Asst o7.5 -125 W

Clint Capela (HOU) Pts+Rbs u24.5 -115 W

Pau Gasol (SA) Pts o10.5 -120 L

Patty Mills (SA) Pts+Rbs+Asst u18.5 -130 L

Dennis Smith (DAL) Pts u15.5 +100 L


Nov 15

Indiana/Memphis o105 -110 W

Toronto +3.5 -110 W

Charlotte +1.5 -110 L

Kristaps Porzingis (NY) Pts u28 -115 W

Dennis Schroder (ATL) Pts + Asst u27 -115 L

Pau Gasol (SA) Pts o10.5 -115 W

Jimmy Butler (MIN) Pts o17 -115 L

Victor Oladipo (IND) Pts u21 -115 P

Aaron Gordon (ORL) Pts + Rbs u25 -115 W

Goran Dragic (MIA) Rbs + Asst o8.5 -135 L

Donovan Mitchell (UTA) Pts u17.5 -115 L

Derrek Favors (UTA) Pts+Rbs u24 -105 W

Enes Kanter (NYK) Pts o13.5 -135 L

Dennis Schroder (ATL) Pts u21 -125 P


Nov 16

Golden State -7 L

Kyrie Irving (BOS) Points u23.5 -115 W

Kyrie Irving (BOS) Rebs+Asst u10.5 +100 L

Clint Capela (HOU) Rebs u11.5 -115 W

Steph Curry (GS) Asst u6.5 +115 W

Kyrie Irving (BOS) Pts u24.5 -115 W

Kyrie Irving (BOS) Pts+Rbs+Asst u34.5 -105 W


Nov 17

Utah/Brooklyn 1H u100.5 L

Miami +5 W

San Antonio ML +100 W

NY Knicks +8 -110 L

Deandre Jordan (LAC) Pts o10.5 -110 W

Kevin Love (CLE) Pts u18.5 -110 L

Blake Griffin (LAC) Rbs+Asst o12.5 -120 W

LaMarcus Aldridge (SA) Pts u20.5 +145 L

Marcin Gortat (WAS) Pts o8.5 -125 W

Tim Hardaway (NY) Pts u18.5 -115 W

Kevin Love (CLE) Pts u18.5 -115 L

LaMarcus Aldridge (SA) Pts+Rbs u30.5 -115 L

Dwight Howard (CHA) Pts+Rbs u26 -115 W

Dennis Smith (DAL) Pts+Asst u23.5 -115 W

Brandon Ingram (LAL) Rbs+Asst u8.5 -115 L

Avery Bradley (DET) Rbs+Asst o5 -115 W

Thaddeus Young (IND) Rbs o5.5 -145 L

Goran Dragic (MIA) Rbs+Asst o8.5 +120 W

Tim Hardaway (NY) Pts u18.5 -115 W

LaMarcus Aldridge (SA) Pts u22.5 -115 L

Dwight Howard (CHA) Rbs u11.5 +105 W

Jimmy Butler (MIN) Pts o16 -115 W


I think that we can all agree that this a solid first effort and hitting the coveted 55% win percentage is a good result for any tout in the business – especially on a sport that they’ve just finalized a new betting system on. Sure we’re used to a 60% win percentage in NFL, (which is absolutely impossible to continue), but the Gambling Gods lash out at those who are greedy. We’ll be ecstatic if we end up with a 55% average at the end of the year, which is the bar for every professional tout. I repeat: we will be ecstatic. 

Anyone wanting to come on this sure-to-be epic gambling journey with us can bounce on over to the NBA Gambling Picks page and sign up for a week, a half season, or the full season. All you need to do is click the link, confirm your PayPal payment, and you’re in. Our pricing structure obviously ensures that those who have faith in the beginning and buy a full season package are rewarded for their convictions.

Ok, that’s all for now – happy gambling and Bring Back Our Sonics!!!


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