NFL 2017 – Divisional Weekend Recap

NFL Lobster BoilOur picks last week weren’t as wobbly as a 30 yard pass from Nick Foles, but they certainly did waver. We had our first losing week in a long time, but just like fans of the Philadelphia 76ers, you have to trust the system. Our win percentage dropping below 50% wasn’t totally catastrophic though, because if you’ve been with us from Week 1 you’re still way up on the year.

In fairness to ourselves, the number wasn’t a total disaster and things could have been much worse. We know for a fact that many have been consistently buying losing plays from failed touts for years and keep going back for more punishment. Why do they continue to boil bankrolls like fresh Maine lobster? We honestly have no idea – at least if you buy from us you can enjoy the losses with a side of weak comedy and a dinner roll.

So yes, we’re very hard on ourselves because we try to be the best paid gambling advice service on the internet. We’ve been making gains all season and our standards are sky high. However, when partaking in this particular activity, nothing is guaranteed. All we can do is be 100% transparent with our record and hope our members are happy with a win percentage that is usually close to 60% – which is 5% higher than the bar professionals set for themselves. (Yes, we’re going to remind you of this number in every recap.)

AG Lobster TrapThis week also hit hard because we always get down on our plays before sending them out, so the legitimate future of professional prognostication of course had his own money on all of them. Therefore, his wife is just going to have to wait for the new basement remodel he promised her a few months ago. Things are further complicated in the AnonymourGamblr household because since NFL 2017 Week 1, he’s brought home a new flat screen TV, new video game systems, a new stereo, 30 bottles of premium bourbons, and even had a brand new boathouse built in his backyard for his lake rocket. We’re sure she would have divorced him back in October if she knew how to cash out his crypto coins. Oh well, such is married life.

As always, sports betting unit management is one of the most important factors, so be weary of any internet touts who boasts about a “4 Unit Play” or whatnot. This is just a bullet train straight to the poorhouse. That’s why our system based on multiple 1 unit plays has paid dividends all year long – on average, week to week, our picks win. Then if we do happen to have a bad week it’s not the end of the world.

So here are plays sent out that ensured we had a losing record for 2017 NFL Divisional Weekend…again, I’m pretty sure we’re the only tout service that willingly posts their losing records…


NFL Divisional Weekend

Game Lines 3-1-1


Philadelphia +2.5 W

Phi/ATL u40 W

New England -13.5 W

Pittsburgh -7 L

Minnesota -5 P


Props: 20 – 24

Austin Hooper (ATL) Receiving Yards u25.5 -115 W

Nick Foles (PHI) TD Pass u1.5 -145 W

Neslon Agholor (PHI) Receiving Yards u45.5 -115 W

Torrey Smith (PHI) Receiving Yards u22.5 -125 L

Marcus Mariota (TEN) TD Pass u1.5 -200 L

Rishard Matthews (TEN) Receptions u3.5 -120 W

Rishard Matthews (TEN) Receiving Yards u49.5 -135 W

Corey Davis (TEN) Receiving Yards u38.5 -115 L

Eric Decker (TEN) Receiving Yards u35.5 -125 L

Brandin Cooks (NE) Receptions u5.5 -155 W

Nick Foles (PHI) Interception o0.5 -130 L

Matt Ryan (ATL) Interceptions o0.5 -135 L

Austin Hooper (ATL) Receiving Yards u27.5 -130 W

Neslon Agholor (PHI) Receiving Yards u44.5 -130 W

Matt Ryan (ATL) TD Passes o1.5 +125 L

Corey Davis (TEN) Receiving Yards u37.5 -130 L

Eric Decker (TEN) Receiving Yards u34.5 -125 L

Mohamed Sanu (ATL) Receiving Yards +2.5 -115 v Agholor W

Tevin Coleman (ATL) Rushing+Receiving u58.5 -125 L

Devonta Freeman (ATL) Rushing Yards o53.5 -120 L

Mohamed Sanu (ATL) Receptions o4 -110 L

Torrey Smith (PHI) Receptions o2 +160 (Good to +140) W

Blake Bortles (JAX) Completions u18.5 +100 W

Blake Bortles (JAX) Passing Yards u215.5 -115 W

Blake Bortles (JAX) Interception No +140 W

Allen Hurns (JAX) Receiving Yards u32.5 -125 W

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) TD Passes u1.5 +145 (Good to +130) L

Leveon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u45.5 +105 L

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Receptions u5.5 -115 L

Antonio Brown (PIT) Receptions u6 -115 L

Jesse James (PIT) Receiving Yards u23.5 -120 W

Drew Brees (NO) Completions u24.5 -115 L

Alvin Kamara (NO) Rushing u45.5 -125 W

Michael Thomas (NO) Receptions o6 +100 W

Tedd Ginn Jr (NO) Receiving u48.5 -115 L

Blake Bortles (JAX) Completions u18.5 +110 W

Adam Thielen (MIN) Receptions u5.5 -115 L

Drew Brees (NO) TD Passes u1.5 -125 L

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Rushing Yards o88.5 -130 L

LeVeon Bell (PIT) Rushing and Receiving Yards u150.5 -145 L

Leveon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u42.5 +110 L

Jesse James (PIT) Receiving Yards u23.5 –115 W

Michael Thomas (NO) Receiving Yards o66.5 -115 W

Case Keenum (MIN) TD Passes o1.5 +110 L



Game Lines: 82-57-7 (58.99%)

Props: 689-491-7 (58.39%)


So there you have it, a bad week added onto the books and we’re still above the money-making bar of 55%. We of course want better, but we’ll take it for now.

We can’t guarantee winners but we can certainly guarantee honesty.

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