NFL 2017 Week 16 Recap

AG Smashes NFL AnchorThings are really getting heated around the offices of Sports Information Network these days, mostly due to the overflowing lobster pots bubbling in every corner. And while rich trust fund babies were running around Las Vegas like a jackass in heat and getting coverage in major U.S. newspapers, AnonymousGamblr simply sat back and achieved an insane winning percentage on his football plays with the ease of flushing an unclogged toilet.

The major source of heat was Dick Knotts, who came out of retirement after less than one week, incensed by a ridiculous piece of “journalism” that had all of Gambling Twitter outraged over its claims. The finished article looked like a paid advertisement for a douchebag who likes to brag about which celebrities he sat next to at a high rollers table. Do yourself a favor and read about the real future face of gambling now so you’re not surprised when he takes over the touting world.

On to the results: they were great. Yet again, an astounding winning percentage was achieved giving all members who chose to purchase SIN NFL picks a 67% win record on props, and we all celebrated with our best Sunday of the season.(horn toot, back pat).

Now I see why D-Knot stopped writing these recaps – it has to be frustrating to report the best tout record in existence week after week and then still have other touts run their mouths about being the “best in the business”. I really feel sorry for anyone who buys from them – SIN is the only way to go.

Anyways, I always like to receive cash at Christmas and I’m sure our subscribers do too, and now you can get in on the action for free. That’s right – Welcome to Toutmas! Scroll to the bottom of the page for details.

Here’s what you could have had last week for $39…


NFL Week 16

Game Lines: 4-3

Vikings/Packers o40.5 L

Saints -5.5 W

Tampa Bay +10 and ML +260 W,L

Steelers -8, Steelers -14.5 +200 W,W

Eagles -10 L


Props: 42-20

Jacoby Brissett (IND) Rushing Yards u17.5 +110 W

Randall Cobb (GB) Receiving Yards u53.5 +100 W

Jordy Nelson (GB) Receiving Yards o38.5 -105 L

Alex Collins (BAL) Rushing Yards u75.5 -115 W

Case Keenum (MIN) Total TD Passes u1.5 +125 W

Jamaal Williams (GB) Rushing Yards o48.5 +100 W

Case Keenum (MIN) Total TD Passes u1.5 +120 W

Randall Cobb (GB) Receiving Yards u53.5 -135 W

Jordy Nelson (GB) Receiving Yards o38.5 +100 L



Philip Rivers (SD) Passing Yards -45.5 -115 vs NYJ QBs W

Todd Gurley (LAR) Rushing Yards -30.5 -115 v Murray W

Robert Woods (LAR) Receiving Yards -5.5 -115 v Matthews L

Delanie Walker (TEN) Receiving Yards u54.5 -115 W

Mike Evans (TB) Receiving Yards -15.5 -115 v Funchess W

Matt Ryan (ATL) Completions u24 -115 2x W,W

Michael Thomas (NO) Receiving Yards +10.5 -115 v Jones L

Delanie Walker (TEN) Receiving Yards u54.5 -125 W

Rishard Matthews (TEN) Receiving Yards u56.5 -145 W

Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receiving Yards u40.5 +105 W

Mark Ingram (NO) Rushing Yard o70.5 +120 L

Robby Anderson (NYJ) Receiving Yards u58.5 -115 W

Todd Gurley (LAR) Receiving Yards u39.5 -125 L

Sammy Watkins (LAR) Receiving Yards u42.5 -115 W

Jonathan Stewart (CAR) Rushing Yards u60.5 -130 W

Christian McCaffrey (CAR) Rush+Receiving Yards u80.5 -115 W

Matt Ryan (ATL) Completions u22.5 -115 W

Mo Sanu (ATL) Receiving Yards u50.5 -115 W

Kareem Hunt (KC) Receiving Yards u26.5 -115 W

Tyrod Taylor (BUF) Rushing Yards u32.5 -115 W

Charles Clay (BUF) Receiving Yards u38.5 -115 W

Corey Davis (TEN) Receptions u3 -135 L

Mark Ingram (NO) Rushing Yard o69.5 +135 L

Kenny Stills (MIA) Receiving Yards o49.5 +130 W

Rishard Matthews (TEN) Receiving Yards u45.5 +145 L

Michael Thomas (NO) Receiving Yards o75.5 +130 L


Afternoon Games

Paul Richardson (SEA) Receiving Yards o52.5 +100 L

Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) Rushing Yards u108.5 -110 W

Russell Wilson (SEA) Rushing Yards -10.5 -110 v Prescott L

Paul Richardson (SEA) Receiving Yards o47.5 -115 L

Leonard Fournette (JAX) Rushing Yards -10.5 -115 v Hyde L

Dez Bryant (DAL) Receiving Yards +12.2 -130 v Baldwin W

Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) Rushing Yards u110.5 -130 W


Monday Afternoon Football

Martavis Bryant (PIT) Receptions u4.5 -105 W

TJ Yates (HOU) Completions u17.5 -115 W

Lamar Miller (HOU) Rushing Yards u56.5 -115 W

Will Fuller (HOU) Receiving Yards u38.5 -105 W

Leveon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u47.5 +105 W

Juju Smith-Shuster (PIT) Receiving Yards +10.5 -120 v Hopkins W

Leveon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u50.5 -130 W

Juju Smith-Shuster (PIT) Receiving Yards +12.5 -115 v Hopkins W

Leveon Bell (PIT) Receiving Yards u50.5 -115 W

Martavis Bryant (PIT)Receiving Yards  -18.5 -115 v Fuller W

Marshawn Lynch (OAK) Rushing Yards u55.5 -120 L

Seth Roberts (OAK) Receiving Yards u32.5 -120 W

Zach Ertz (PHI) Receiving Yards u60.5 -120 L

Derek Carr (OAK) Rushing Yards o2.5 -115 W

Zach Ertz (PHI) Receiving Yards u59.5 -130 L

Jay Ajayi (PHI) Rushing Yards -12.5 -110 v Lynch L

Nick Foles (PHI) Passing Yards -2.5 -115 v Carr W

Marshawn Lynch (OAK) Rushing Yards u58.5 -135 L

Nelson Agholor (PHI) Receiving Yards -12.5 -115 v Roberts L


Game Lines Season: 76-50-6 (60.3%)

Props Season: 619-428-4 (59.1%)


Anyone who knows anything at all about gambling on sports knows that this record for the season, is absolutely fantastic. Our service is worth every damn penny and you’d better believe prices are going up next year.

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And for anyone who doesn’t understand the image at the beginning of this recap, you’d better do yourself a favor and get educated…

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