NFL 2018 Week 12 Recap

SIN Empire Strikes Back

Welcome to Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, which saw the bookies smashing our Week 12 numbers and freezing our bankrolls in carbonite, making us the “smirking Han Solo being lowered into a carbon freezing chamber of touts“…which is a distinct downgrade from being the “Jek Porkins of touts“. Feel free to come up with your own Star Wars themed insults and hurl them at us from the safety of Twitter – we love the attention.

Now, this was the worst week of expert gambling picks from Sports Information Network ever released and we were absolutely destroyed…but unfortunately, that’s just the way she goes sometimes. Every professional bettor out there knows that it’s not all puppy dogs and rainbows each week, and that there are always “peaks and valleys” when you directly attack bookmakers and their weak numbers. Although, we might have been the only tout service who sent out the Denver ML? No idea, we only get down on our own advice.

For anyone who needs the reminder, our excellent NFL player prop prediction model is built to yield profits over time and over many bets: it’s simply a law of averages that was proven in the 2017 season over 17+ weeks. This is why we’re up front with everyone who asks us: you need to have a decent-sized bankroll for our system to work and you need to be able to make 30 to 50 plays each week.

SIN Lando Promo ShotSo here are our results for Week 12 courtesy of Terminator X‘s younger brother, SIN Member X. He was actually spending his SIN Winnings (Swinnings) in Mexico for Thanksgiving this weekend and doesn’t really remember getting the picks, staking them, or anything about how he got his money down. This is clearly the proper way to take a vacation.

Anyway, since he’s the only member who sends us selections, we’ll take them to add to our official record – we’re classy like that. And again, we ask all members to please send us results so we can add them into our overall record to get a larger sample size.

As always, Tweet at SIN if any errors occur in the record below. He was hammered when he got down on them, busy AF and hungover when he compiled them and sent them to me, and I was 3 dirty vodka martinis deep when copying them over and formatting them for this embarrassing recap. Accidents happen.

Anyway, the good news is that there’s no way that we could ever do this poorly again, right? RIGHT?!!??

Game Lines: 6-5 (54.5%)

Props: 14-34-2 (29.2%)

Bears/Lions 1H under 23 W
Redskins/Cowboys 1H under 20.5 W
Falcons/Saints 1H under 30 W
Washington Redskins +7 L
Atlanta Falcons ML L
Buffalo Bills +3 W
San Francisco 49’ers +2 L
Denver Broncos ML W
Tennessee Titans +4 L
Oakland Raiders +13 L
Minnesota Vikings -3 W

Jordan Reed under 4.5 receptions L
Ezekiel Elliott under 4.5 receptions L
Cole Beasley under 3.5 receptions W
Cole Beasley under 39.5 receiving yards W
Alvin Kamara under 64.5 rushing yards L
Jared Cook over 40.5 receiving yards L
Jared Cook over 4 receptions L
Michael Crabtree over 31.5 receiving yards L
John Brown over 2.5 receptions L
Lamar Jackson under 76.5 rushing yards W
Evan Engram over 33.5 receiving yards Cancelled
Carson Wentz under 281.5 passing yards W
Nick Chubb under 87.5 rushing yards W
Donte Moncrief over 3 receptions L
Donte Moncrief over 38.5 receiving yards L
Dede Westbrook over 3 receptions L
Kelvin Benjamin over 23.5 receiving yards W
Zay Jones over 32.5 receiving yards L
James White under 74.5 rsh+rcv yards L
Larry Fitzgerald over 49.5 receiving yards L
Dalvin Cook under 68.5 rushing yards W
Dak Prescott under 20.5 completions L
Dak Prescott over 24 rushing yards L
Rob Gronkowski over 4.5 receptions L
Isaiah Crowell over 40 rushing yards L
George Kittle under 6 receptions P
Josh Allen over 170.5 passing yards L
Joe Mixon under 73.5 rushing yards L
Russell Wilson under 20.5 completions L
Chrisitan McCaffrey under 50.5 receiving yards L
Greg Olsen over 3.5 receptions L
Greg olsen over 39.5 receiving yards L
T Y Hilton over 5 recpetions W
Jack Doyle under 4 receptions P
Ben Roethlisberger under 25.5 completions L
Aaron Jones under 72.5 rushing yards W
Drew Brees under 322.5 passing yards W
Amari Cooper under 65.5 receiving yards L
Ezekiel Elliott under 41.5 receiving yards W
Ezekiel Elliott under 108.5 rushing yards L
Jordan Reed under 50.5 receiving yards L
Courtland Sutton over 48.5 receiving yards L
T Y Hilton under 77.5 receeiving yards L
Julian Edelman under 76.5 receiving yards L
Mike Evans under 84.5 receiving yards L
Jameis Winston under 298.5 passing yards L
George Kittle under 80.5 receiving yards W
Blake Bortles over 204.5 passing yards L
Cam Newton over 32.5 rushing yards W
Deshaun Watson over 22.5 rushing yards W
Dion Lewis under 3.5 receptions L

Current Record for 2018 NFL Season

Game Lines: 43-41-2 (51.2%)

Props: 272-238-8 (53.33333333333%)

Since this is our worst week of NFL ever, I will not offend you by putting the PayPal link at the end of this recap to go buy our picks. Go hug a loved one instead. They really do miss you.

Now it’s time for SIN to recover from this great disturbance in the Force, slice open our tauntaun, climb into the warm and gooey innards, and plan our return to greatness…

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