The Future of the Sports Information Network

AG Jumps ShipBy now you’ve no doubt heard that our fearless captain AnonymousGamblr has jumped ship and swam off into the sunset, leaving the Sports Information Network without a leader. I guess technically he was more of a “spokesman” but labels don’t really matter in 2018. Let’s just say that going forward I don’t think we’re going to be fighting with as many people on Twitter.

Since the announcement that AG has become the Head Trader at online sportsbook, we’ve been receiving a lot of messages asking about the future of SIN and whether or not we’ll be selling NFL football picks again this year…as well as requests for World Cup numbers, tennis numbers, golf numbers, and pretty much every other sport in the world that you can bet on. The people who bought last year know that the system works well and they’re worried that they won’t be making as much money without it. So I guess I’ll pull back the curtain and let you all know exactly what’s going on with this website and where it might be heading in the future.

AnonymousGamblr was always supposed to be the mouthpiece for the site due to his knowledge, expertise, and obsession with arguing with people on social media, (just try explaining what Twitter is to Jacques Tannenbaum). The process worked. People came, they bought picks, they won money, and the whole time they were at ease knowing that every week we were going to publish all of our picks on the site and be 100% transparent with our gambling record. Again, this is something that most touts just don’t do – they lie about their records and don’t stand by their numbers. For this reason, we were the greatest paid betting picks service on the internet, and even if you didn’t like A.G. you still had to respect SIN for our transparency. Well fellow degens, the party might not be over.

I’m delighted to inform you all that should* again be offering NFL gambling packages for the 2018 season. I mean, with results like we had, how could we let the betting community down? To refresh your memory…

Final NFL Record for 2017:

Game Lines: 84-61-7 (57.93%)

Props: 741-553-8 (57.26%)

Pretty nice, right?

We get asked all the time if “the network” is really just a collection of AnonymousGamblr’s multiple personalities and not a group of real people who are all gambling experts. Well folks, I’m sad to tell you that we are in fact all real, different people, who each specialize in various sports with the occasional overlap on the more popular ones.

The only thing we might not have made clear from the beginning was that Jacques Tannenbaum was solely responsible for the NFL player prediction model and A.G. provided the game plays. There was a secret battle the whole season to see who would have a better winning percentage between the two and as you can see above, it was A.G. by a hair. You’re not the only ones who are going to miss this 1-2 combo…I made thousands off of them last year. THOUSANDS. (Which I then immediately lost on Bitcoin Cash…don’t forget to use cryptocurrency to gamble online this season, kids!)

So let’s quickly run down the current members of SIN:

  • Jacques Tannenbaum: NFL player prop prediction models
  • Angelo Di Traglia: NBA player prop prediction models
  • Charles Hammer: Webmaster / Terrible Writer / Worse Designer
  • Dick Knotts: Drunken Degenerate Gambler / Occasional Op-Ed Writer
  • League of Shadows: Casual members of The Network who come out of their caves to share gambling plays from time to time. Some work in offshore sportsbooks, some are financial wizards, others have stories you simply wouldn’t believe. Anyway, this group shall never be named or referred to again on this website.

Now with such a huge hole left by the loss of A.G. it only makes sense to bring in new blood. So please allow me to introduce you to Liam Mahoney – the newest member of SIN. You actually already know Liam – he’s the guy behind the NCAA basketball gambling picks that we sold for March Madness. How did they do? We don’t know yet – we were bouncing around the beaches of Costa Rica then and we’re still trying to gather up all the numbers. (Feel free to contact me if you have them.) Anyway, Liam is currently trying to build a regular season version of his NCAAB player prop prediction model, and he *might* also be whipping up some advantage plays for the World Cup – stay tuned.

AG Final DinnerAnd to be fully transparent on my job around here so you know just how valuable I actually am, I have to phone, email, message, and generally harass all of the members above to keep making these models available for public consumption. Trust me when I say that it’s hard. Sure we make money from selling the picks but nothing close to what everyone makes by throwing their own bankrolls down on them, so selling the plays has always been a distant second on their list of priorities. I make it my priority because I want to have the best sports gambling website in the world that brings valuable knowledge to the masses. (Fun fact: someone once told A.G. that this site looked like the virtual equivalent of a “burner phone for a drug dealer” – I’ve never been more proud.)

In addition to Liam coming on board, we also have someone who contacted us who would like to start doing tennis picks for the site – hopefully we can confirm their membership soon and let you all know. The only stipulations being that he has to publish his full list of plays every week to continue our tradition of transparency, and he must love succulent lobster dinners. That’s right, instead of folding The Network, we’re expanding it. Why mess up a good thing?

AG with FriendsSo if there’s anyone else out there who’d like to set sail with us and join the Sports Information Network, here’s your chance. A.G. was always against adding other touts on the site because he wanted to be the star of the show didn’t want to confuse people by offering them too many options for picks packages. Well now he’s gone and things are changing – the more, the merrier. He seems to have Tweefed with most of the other touts out there on Twitter so allow me to confirm that those days are done. This site is now 100% about making money, sharing knowledge, promoting valuable wagering systems, and sticking it to the cocky bookies around the world. If we have multiple NFL touts each with their own system, that only means that there are more numbers for degens to degen on.

This is a serious invitation to anyone out there who has a prediction model, a fancy Excel sheet, a proprietary algorithm, or a winning betting system for any sport: come join The Network. Or if you’re just a fantastic gambler, (there’s maybe a couple hundred of those in the entire world?), you’ll be welcomed aboard too. Again, the only catch is that you have to ultimately publish any plays that you’ve sold. I can make you a page on this website and you can run your own operation – just send me the results for the recaps, or publish them yourself, or whatever.

SIN Expansion

And what if no one wants to join us? Hashtag sad emoji! Well, we’ll just trust the process this season and stick to what made us famous. However, we’ll still need someone to help us with that too, so we’re also looking to bring on a “Research Assistant” to find weak lines every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, and keep track of all our results. (Again, this is very important because we need to be 100% honest with our gambling record.) So if you’re interested in helping out with this, there’s a spot for you at the dinner table.

*Now to get to the above asterix regarding NFL picks this year. Everyone who’s contacted us about the NFL sheet has said that they don’t care about the game line plays, whether or not we find a bunch of advantage bets for them, or anything else – they just want to get their hands on that Tannenbaum Excel File. We obviously understand these feelings but if we can’t send out winning plays to brag about afterwards, what’s the point of touting?

So if we don’t find a Research Assistant for September, we might just say screw it and lock in the members who paid last year and not take on anyone new, (new members = tons of questions = lots of work). Then we would probably just publish the raw results each week without the terrible commentary. Quick and to the point, and the main goal of making other touts jealous would still be achieved.

We were also thinking that we could use some new writers that actually wrote articles that were interesting to people, so if you’re into that type of thing message me and we’ll see if you can put your love of sports gambling to use. But be warnedthe standards are pretty high around here. Also, the pay is terrible.

AnonymousGamblr's Last FeastIf you’re worried that your journalistic skills aren’t sharp enough to get you published on SIN, I’d like to invite you to write for an old website that I honestly have no idea how I ended up with. That’s right, I’m referring to A.G.’s groundbreaking Daily Fantasy Sports site, DFS Doctors!! (I bet you didn’t know that he was the humble Larry Waterhouse in a previous life, did you!?!) Well, with all of the legal sports gambling in the U.S.A. that’s about to go down, I think it’s time to dust this bad boy off and get it humming again.

Just think – one day you could have your personal, heart-felt articles published alongside such literary gems as “MGT Capital Investments Finalizes Sale of DraftDay” and “What Time Does UFC Fight Night 76 Start?” Amazing, right!??!

So if there are any Daily Fantasy Sports enthusiasts out there who want to get in on this website, just drop me a line and we can discuss further. Whether you have DFS prediction models, scientifically-based numbers, special sauces, or just want to write about the industry, there’s a spot for you in the operating room. Seriously, someone please do something with this site – there hasn’t been a forum post in over 2 years and there are still some unanswered questions in the threads. At least go post some clown porn in there to brighten a stranger’s day.

In closing, we wish AnonymousGamblr all the best in his current and future endeavours – we honestly wouldn’t be where we’re at today without him: articles read by dozens of people a week, 1,094 Twitter followers (and dropping), and the best damn tout service on the internet.

Congratulations, A.G. – you only played one season but you’re retiring as the Undisputed Touting Champion of the World.

However, The Network’s voyage continues…


Macho Sunset with Lobster

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