2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Preview

England World Cup CelebrationEvery four years the entire world collectively focuses on the greatest international sporting event ever created, The World Cup. Since 1930 the best teams have battled their way through qualification stages to represent their homeland in the hopes of raising the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Sure this amazing tournament is hosted by one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet, but we’ll never let that fact stop us from enjoying the “Beautiful Game” and all of the excitement that each match brings.

The pulse-pounding action is of course complimented by gambling on every match, which is why we have compiled this extensive 2018 FIFA World Cup Betting Preview to help guide you through the murky waters of the tournament. It will give you an in-depth explanation of the best teams to bet on and why, and also tell you the squads that you’ll want to stay away from.

Best Bets for the 2018 World Cup

This isn’t going to come as a surprise to anybody who follows international football, but the two best bets to win the 2018 World Cup are the same countries who are usually there every 4 years: Brazil and Germany. These two soccer powerhouses always come ready for battle and one of them has won the Final in 4 of the last 7 World Cups, and 9 of the entire 20, which is pretty darn crazy when you think about it. It’s even nuttier if you consider that in 6 other World Cups one of them finished as the Runners-up.

Of course, we’re counting West Germany’s achievements prior to unification as victories for Germany as a whole, so feel free to insert any shizer jokes that you may have here… just don’t mention the war, please.

Regardless of your geopolitical leanings, if you’re the type of gambler who likes to brag to their friends that they got it right, putting some money down on either of these teams is always an excellent bet. The winnings won’t make you rich but you’ll have the smug satisfaction of cashing in at the betting window.

For anyone wanting to wager on individual matches throughout the tournament, you should buy 2018 FIFA World Cup picks from us to give yourself a much better chance of winning. We’ll be sending out over 60 individual plays so at $24.99 it’s an absolute steal of a deal.

Favourites to Win the 2018 World Cup

So let’s go deeper into the best bets for the World Cup, as given to us by our international football gambling expert, Liam Mahoney, who recently joined the Sports Information Network as special counsel for this difficult-to-handicap event. There are currently three favourites to win the tournament as well as three “almost-favourites”, with every other squad sitting at 10-1 at best, and it’s not hard to guess the three countries that the bookies love…

Germany +380

Most of the players on this team are already quite familiar with each other due to playing in various domestic leagues, which will of course be good for their general cohesiveness. It’s fair to assume that many of them have even been practicing together in secret to prepare themselves for taking on the world. They’re a strong and disciplined squad with ruthless efficiency – anyone in their way better be prepared for war.

Since losing most of their best comedy writers sometime in the ’30s, Germany has instead focused their attention on the world of athletics. The falling of the Berlin Wall and reunification of East and West brought a new cohesion and chemistry (–insert East German/Soviet steroids joke here–) that has ultimately led to global football dominance.

Brazil +330

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is so good that he’s simply known as “Neymar”, like other one-named superstars such as Maradona or Cher. He’s an absolutely amazing player who will give this squad an opportunity to win anytime he’s in the game. However, as a result of his talents many forget that Gabriel Jesus is right behind him in skill so you actually get a deadly two-pronged attack that’s going to be hard for the opposition to keep at bay.

Brazil are currently the favourites to win it all and the odds will probably stay that way until they’re on a plane back home.

Spain +500

If you’re under 25 you’d have every right to consider Spain as a global football powerhouse since they’ve won 2 of the last 4 big tournaments and have some pretty famous names on their roster. However, you’d technically be misguided about their abilities because this time they’re definitely behind Brazil and Germany in terms of talent.

It’s important to remember that Spain has only ever won 1 World Cup – it just seems like more due to the amount of press coverage they get around the world. Don’t believe the hype.

Longer Shots to Win the World Cup

Unless things in the tournament get really crazy, one of the three teams above should win this thing. However, they play the games for a reason and one of these next three squads might just want it a little more than the others. They are slightly longer shots to win, but all of them have much more than a puncher’s chance.

France +550

Put down your baguettes and grab your berets because France is putting the best squad on the field that they’ve had since Zinedine Zidane head-butted Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup Final in Berlin. That famous outburst not only cost France the victory but caused Zidane to retire in frustration, however, glory could once again be on the horizon.

The French team will undoubtedly benefit from being in the weak Group C, ensuring that they won’t be tested until the knock out rounds, (they should easily go 3-0 against Australia, Peru, and Denmark). This stress-free start could give the young team the confidence they’ll need later on when they’re facing a powerhouse in the final stages…much like the confidence that’s built in innocent stripping mimes as they’re first beginning their sexy careers.

Belgium +700

There’s a joke said in all corners of Europe that basically goes, “Name 3 famous Belgians…and I’ll give you Jean-Claude Van Damme right off the bat.” Well, the Belgians are going to get a bit more respect at this year’s World Cup because their soccer team is no joke. Which again, is a very good thing because just look at this list of notable Belgians – how many have you ever heard of? It’s actually pretty shocking.

Anyway, the Belgian squad is tactically sound but are frequently underrated because they don’t have any hot shot all-star players with big endorsement deals. They simply play good football. They’re a solid bet to go deep that most gamblers will probably miss out on.

Argentina +750

Although currently sitting at higher odds than the previous 5 teams, Argentina should still be considered a good wager, and at +750 to win it all there’s plenty of profit to be made. This will be an emotional journey no matter what the outcome since Lionel Messi has confirmed that this will be his last World Cup performance. He’s already one of the best-decorated players in the world and this is the last accomplishment he needs to complete his already impressive resume.

It’s always hard to bet against a “feel good story” so throw a few bucks on them and be happy if he ends up pulling it off.

Worst World Cup Teams to Bet On

Every four years bookmakers around the globe lick their chops waiting for the dead money to come streaming in from part-time punters who fancy themselves experts just because they’ve watched some English Premiership or a few UEFA Cup games. If this sounds like you, trust us when we say that you’ll be welcome with open arms – you’re the type of bloke that’s bound to make terrible wagers.

So who are some of the worst teams to bet on at the 2018 World Cup? Well there’s really only two main piles that most people will step in this year, because it’s the same two piles every 4 years.

England +1300

We can hear the cries from Manchester to Leicester and back again when the Brits read this section, but it’s for their own good. As a nation they collectively waste billions of Pounds every World Cup betting on their home squad and it simply has to stop. They’re keeping substandard betting shops like Coral and Ladbrokes in business with their blind faith, when that money could be much better invested in toothpaste, real beer, or cooking lessons.

Let us be clear, England will be popular just because they’re England and for absolutely no other good reason. Why does this make them such a bad bet? Because this ensures that there are zero value bets to be had since the North American and British betting shops protect them. Their prices will be artificially deflated since they know that they’re going to be getting that money anyway.

Don’t agree? Well, right now England is currently sitting at around 16 to 18-1, but this inexperienced and overhyped squad should be at 25-1 or even higher. These numbers are a joke and concrete proof that bookies like to play with your emotions and are sometimes more “psychologists” than “lines-makers”.

Don’t you dare step into that steaming pile of sheep’s mess.

Portugal +2000

Similar to the unfounded hysteria surrounding England, Portugal is another terrible wager that people will waste their money on because they’re infatuated with Cristiano Ronaldo – and it’s only cool to feel that way about him if you’re a 14 year old girl daydreaming in Grande Porto.

Portugal never make it past the 2nd round. Never. Their sole job in the tournament every four years is to constantly disappoint their countrymen and break the hearts of sad elderly men who’ve never seen their squad finish higher than 3rd place…and even that meagre accomplishment was over 40 years ago. The whole Portuguese football situation is just pitiful and is often given as the reason that they legalized drugs in 2001 – the collective misery was just too much for the country to bare anymore. Our football team sucks but at least we can bang fat rails and pop pills to ease the pain.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get any action down on Ronaldo, though…

Favourites to Win 2018 Golden Boot

When you look at the long list of players who have been given odds to win the Golden Boot, there’s only one person who sticks out like a sore thumb: Cristiano Ronaldo. He simply has to be considered the favourite to win since this award is given to the player who scores the most goals throughout the tournament and we all know Ronaldo – even if Portugal wins he’s not happy unless he’s scoring. He loves the limelight so you’d better damn well believe he’s going to be trying to rack up the points this year.

Ronaldo is currently around 16 to 1 to win the Golden Boot, with the only other common sense wagers on the board being Lionel Messi or Neymar who are both at 10 to 1 at most shops.

The Sports Information Network’s 2018 World Cup Predictions

Now that we’ve outlined who you should take a look at and who you want to stay away from, it’s time for us to make our predictions on who will win, with the picks again coming from rookie SIN member Liam Mahoney. So without further adieu, The Sports Information Network is officially predicting that Germany will win the 2018 World Cup …so run don’t walk to place your bets on this stern and punctual squad.

We’re then putting Spain as Runners-up with Belgium getting 3rd place.

But you won’t believe who Liam really wanted to put as his number two pick…

Best Long Shot Bet to Win the 2018 World Cup

You already know that we love to throw out some winning long shot bets from time to time and Mr. Mahoney did not disappoint when he broke down his favourite underdog. To preface this pick I should tell you that he constantly dropped history on me throughout our conversation – did you know that European teams usually win when the W.C. is in Europe, and other teams do better outside of Europe?

SIN Russia WarOne could easily argue that these stats are skewed by the fact that it used to take three weeks by boat for teams to go between South America and Europe. However, since airplane travel has become commonplace there is definitely a strong correlation between being a team from the hosting nation going deep into the tournament.

To be fair, it mostly comes down to the fact that the host team is helped by getting seeded as if they’re one of the Top 8 teams in the world regardless as to whether or not they are. As such, instead of being in a group with Spain/Germany/Brazil/France etc., they get to play 2nd/3rd/4th tier teams. 

And who’s hosting the World Cup this year? Well none other than our friendly comrades to the east, Russia! These blustery Bolsheviks can currently be found at many online sportsbooks with fat odds of 50-1, so there’s tons of Rubles to be made if it hits. Think about it – surely influencing the World Cup is a lot easier than influencing an election, no? Putin surely wants a victory for the Motherland more than he wanted to build a vacation home in Crimea, and he’s going to be willing to do whatever it takes.

I mean, how do you seriously bet against Russia in ANYTHING at this point?

So let it be known that Liam wanted to put Russia in the Finals losing to Germany as his pick but I simply wouldn’t let him. You think Putin would ever lose to that squad? This is why they shouldn’t have taken history lessons out of the classrooms.

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